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Dynamics CRM in the Field Website | RSS Feed
Dynamics CRM indexes (missing, redundant, and OOB) - 01-Feb-2016

Microsoft Dynamics AX Support Website | RSS Feed
Dynamics Online Payment Services – Common errors and troubleshooting steps - 02-Feb-2016

Dynamics AX in the field Website | RSS Feed
DynamicsPerf 2.0 QUERY ALERTS - 06-Feb-2016
Top 10 actions to troubleshoot performance of MRP - 05-Feb-2016


Accessibility Website | RSS Feed
Accessibility Update for Windows 10 Mail - 01-Feb-2016

The Microsoft Blog Website | RSS Feed
Underwater data, Computer Science for All and the NFL of the future — Weekend Reading: Feb. 5 edition - 05-Feb-2016
Microsoft acquires SwiftKey in support of re-inventing productivity ambition - 03-Feb-2016

Channel9 on MSDN Website | RSS Feed
TWC9: VSCode Insiders, Igniting Ignite, Future Edge, NFL Hololens and more... | This Week On Channel 9 - 05-Feb-2016
Episode 198: Azure Container Service with Ross Gardler | Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover Show - 05-Feb-2016
PowerApps 103 - Creating apps from existing data | Azure Friday - 05-Feb-2016
PowerApps 102 - Creating apps from templates | Azure Friday - 05-Feb-2016
The Maker Show: Episode 1 - Intro to Electronics | The Maker Show - 04-Feb-2016
Office Dev Show - Episode 22 - Add-ins on Word for Mac | Office Dev Show - 04-Feb-2016
Continuous Deployment and Release Management | DevOps Fundamentals - 04-Feb-2016
CodeChat 054 - The Cloud Behind Your IoT Project | CodeChat - 04-Feb-2016
Kinect v2 Finger Tracking - 04-Feb-2016
An early look at Azure Stack and what it means for IT, with Jeffrey Snover | Microsoft Mechanics - 03-Feb-2016
Let's Talk VR - Meet | Just A/VR Show - 02-Feb-2016
Office Add-ins | Web Hack Wednesday - 02-Feb-2016
Tuesdays with Corey: Special Guest Jeffrey Snover talks about Azure Stack | Tuesdays With Corey - 02-Feb-2016
Advanced development features in Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition - 02-Feb-2016
Continuous Integration | DevOps Fundamentals - 02-Feb-2016
Building custom Office 365 apps to manage Lotus F1 Team race crew logistics. | Microsoft Mechanics - 02-Feb-2016
Interview with Abel Wang and Steven St. Jean - 01-Feb-2016
Endpoint Zone Episode 12: Market update, Windows 10, MAM without device enrollment | The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson - 01-Feb-2016
An Introduction to DocFX - 01-Feb-2016
Automate to Migrate | Automate to Migrate - 01-Feb-2016
Defrag Tools #152 - Media eXperience Analyzer part 4: Video Glitch Analysis | Defrag Tools - 01-Feb-2016
Tips on Creating Templates, a new UWP Template and a Prism Pack too! - 01-Feb-2016
Last Week on Channel 9: January 25rd - January 31st, 2016 - 01-Feb-2016

Industry Solutions

Education UK Higher Education Website | RSS Feed
Register for our HE webinar - Microsoft Certification and the Microsoft Imagine Academy - 05-Feb-2016
MOS UK Championships 2016 – first finalists announced as second qualification round opens - 03-Feb-2016

Education UK Schools Website | RSS Feed
BETT 2016 Guest Blog – HP: Creating meaningful connected learning experiences with Office 365 - 05-Feb-2016
Teachers, invite your students to OneNote Class Notebook and get them free Office 365 - 05-Feb-2016
PowerBI drives more informed decision making at The Whitehaven Academy and across Bright Tribe Trust - 04-Feb-2016
MOS UK Championships 2016 – first finalists announced as second qualification round opens - 03-Feb-2016
Au revoir to the Showcase Classroom… For now! - 02-Feb-2016
Microsoft Partner Village Reflections – by Gerald Haigh - 01-Feb-2016

Education UK Teachers K12 Website | RSS Feed
Kodu with ComputerXplorers - 02-Feb-2016

Microsoft in Education Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Surface Reaches More Students, Offers Education Discount for Surface 3 - 04-Feb-2016


Internet Explorer Website | RSS Feed
Looking ahead: Microsoft Edge for developers in 2016 - 03-Feb-2016

Microsoft Learning

Microsoft Press Website | RSS Feed
TechNet Radio mini-series: Windows 10 System Center Configuration Manager vNext - 05-Feb-2016
Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step, 8th Edition: Suggested fix for using the projects - 04-Feb-2016
New book: Microsoft Outlook 2016 Step by Step - 04-Feb-2016
New book: Enterprise Mobility with App Management, Office 365, and Threat Mitigation: Beyond BYOD - 03-Feb-2016
“To the Cloud” series: All episodes now available on TechNet Radio - 03-Feb-2016
Adding sound and movement to PowerPoint slides - 02-Feb-2016
Free ebook: Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Mission-Critical Applications, Deeper Insights, Hyperscale Cloud, Preview 2 - 02-Feb-2016
ebook deal of the week: The Definitive Guide to DAX - 01-Feb-2016

Microsoft Online Services

Office 365 for business Website | RSS Feed
Stay secure with Advanced Threat Protection in Office 365 - 05-Feb-2016
Office 365 news roundup - 05-Feb-2016
Get ready for Yammer! - 02-Feb-2016
Join us for the “Driving Business Results with Intelligent Tools” webcast series - 02-Feb-2016

Office 365 technology Website | RSS Feed
How to assess security, compliance and privacy capabilities in Office 365 - 03-Feb-2016
Share your Excel insights with Power BI - 02-Feb-2016
Collaborate in Office—Office tools to collaborate in and out of the classroom - 01-Feb-2016
Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery now enables export to third-party review apps - 01-Feb-2016

Office Applications

Office Excel and Excel Services Website | RSS Feed
3 ways to drive business decisions using the new Excel 2016 charts - 04-Feb-2016

Partner and Customer Resources

Microsoft Valuable Professional MVP Award Program Website | RSS Feed
A Hitchhikers Guide to Search - 02-Feb-2016
With Deep SQL Knowledge, These MVPs Do Extensive Good - 01-Feb-2016

Product Support

SysInternals Website | RSS Feed
Update: Sigcheck v2.5, Process Explorer v16.11, Whois v1.13, RAMMap v1.5 - 02-Feb-2016

Ask Premier Field Engineering - PFE Platforms Website | RSS Feed
Pre-seeding Hyper-V Backups in DPM - 01-Feb-2016
Pre-seeding Hyper-V Backups in DPM - 01-Feb-2016

Windows Azure Website | RSS Feed
The second era of cloud platforms will dwarf the first - 04-Feb-2016
An early look at Azure Stack and what it means for IT - 04-Feb-2016
Load feature is available for Azure CDN - 02-Feb-2016
Is your code ready for the leap year? - 02-Feb-2016
Register now to join the Azure team at Microsoft Ignite 2016 - 02-Feb-2016
Azure Government adds Azure Backup - 01-Feb-2016
Azure Search .NET SDK roadmap - 01-Feb-2016
Azure Site Recovery now available in Azure Government Cloud - 01-Feb-2016
Azure welcomes Parse developers - 01-Feb-2016
Announcing PowerShell v5 support in Azure Automation - 01-Feb-2016
Announcing general availability of Google Widevine license services - 01-Feb-2016
On-premises and cloud hybrid Hadoop data pipelines with Hortonworks and Cortana Analytics - 01-Feb-2016

ConfigMgrDogs Website | RSS Feed
Intune MAM Without Enrollment - 04-Feb-2016

Research and Labs

Microsoft Research News and Headlines Website | RSS Feed
Predicting ocean chemistry using Microsoft Azure - 02-Feb-2016
Microsoft research project puts cloud in ocean for the first time - 01-Feb-2016
Microsoft plumbs ocean’s depths to test underwater data center - 01-Feb-2016

Microsoft Research Machine Translation Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Translator API and Hub Feedback and Support has Moved - 02-Feb-2016

Microsoft Research Publications Website | RSS Feed
A Dual Embedding Space Model for Document Ranking - 04-Feb-2016
TeleTourist: Immersive Telepresence Tourism for Mobility-Restricted Participants - 01-Feb-2016
Unfolding Temporal Dynamics: Predicting Social Media Popularity Using Multi-scale Temporal Decomposition - 01-Feb-2016
The Crowd is a Collaborative Network - 01-Feb-2016
Remixing as a Pathway to Computational Thinking - 01-Feb-2016
Exploring Multiple Feature Spaces for Novel Entity Discovery - 01-Feb-2016
Storia: Summarizing Social Media Content based on Narrative Theory using Crowdsourcing - 01-Feb-2016
Characterizing Dietary Choices, Nutrition, and Language in Food Deserts via Social Media - 01-Feb-2016
Botivist: Calling Volunteers to Action using Online Bots - 01-Feb-2016
Scaling Relational Inference Using Proofs and Refutations - 01-Feb-2016
Multi-view Machines - 01-Feb-2016
Collective Noise Contrastive Estimation for Policy Transfer Learning - 01-Feb-2016
Industrial Technology Advances: Deep learning --- from speech recognition to language and multimodal processing - 01-Feb-2016
Robust and Efficient Multiple Alignment of Unsynchronized Meeting Recordings - 01-Feb-2016
Uncovering Bugs in Distributed Storage Systems during Testing (not in Production!) - 01-Feb-2016
Parameter Estimation for Generalized Thurstone Choice Models - 01-Feb-2016

Software and Web Development

Windows App Store Website | RSS Feed
What is Windows Remote Arduino and What Can It Do? - 04-Feb-2016
Windows Store Trends – February 2016 - 04-Feb-2016
Help Increase Your Windows App Usage, Retention, and Monetization with Azure Mobile Engagement - 03-Feb-2016

Visual Studio Team Blog Website | RSS Feed
Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.2 - 04-Feb-2016
Free Visual Studio Dev Essentials Program now includes $300 in Azure credits and Exclusive Xamarin University access - 03-Feb-2016

Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server Blog Website | RSS Feed
Scripts to import and export process templates from TFS - 03-Feb-2016
Join the Java Tools Challenge – Help make Java great with Visual Studio Team Services and win your share of >$80K in prizes - 03-Feb-2016

SQL and Business Intelligence

Gemini Website | RSS Feed
What’s new for SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services in CTP3.3 - 03-Feb-2016

Systems Center Systems Management

System Center Website | RSS Feed
Get even more from System Center - 02-Feb-2016

System Center Configuration Manager Support Website | RSS Feed
HOTFIX: "Browse Windows App Packages" dialog box is missing from System Center Configuration Manager version 1511 - 02-Feb-2016

Unified Communications

Microsoft Exchange Website | RSS Feed
Exchange Public Folder Mailbox Limit Increased from 100 to 1,000 - 01-Feb-2016

Windows Systems Management

Scripting Hey Scripting Guys Website | RSS Feed
PowerTip: Learn about PowerShell default parameter values - 02-Feb-2016
Convert a web page into objects for easy scraping with PowerShell - 02-Feb-2016
PowerTip: Get password from PowerShell credential object - 01-Feb-2016
February community PowerShell spotlight - 01-Feb-2016

PowerShell Team Blog Website | RSS Feed
Azure DSC Extension Data Collection - 02-Feb-2016


Extreme Windows Blog Website | RSS Feed
Windows Store Weekly: 5 new titles to check out this weekend - 05-Feb-2016
Minecraft update: Journey to the West skin pack available - 04-Feb-2016
Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14257 - 03-Feb-2016
Salesforce Showcases Salesforce Lightning for Continuum on Windows 10 - 02-Feb-2016
Hand of Fate is here for Windows 10 - 01-Feb-2016
Announcing Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10586.71 - 01-Feb-2016
Five Great Ways To Get Super Bowl Savvy This Week - 01-Feb-2016

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