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Dynamics CRM Website | RSS Feed
Sending WebHooks with Microsoft Dynamics CRM - 15-Jan-2016
Preview feature: Voice of the Customer surveys - 12-Jan-2016

Microsoft Dynamics AX Support Website | RSS Feed
Production cost estimates for raw materials that use FIFO valuation methodology in Dynamics AX 2012 R3 - 15-Jan-2016
DIXF – Cannot Preview source file – CommunicationException – An error occurred while receiving the HTTP response from DMFServiceHelper.svc - 15-Jan-2016
Standard cost rounding adjustments posted as at system date and not as at the transaction date - 11-Jan-2016


The Microsoft Blog Website | RSS Feed
Bing’s NFL playoff picks, Skype’s big milestone and the new Microsoft Envision event — Weekend Reading: Jan. 15 edition - 15-Jan-2016
Microsoft acquires management, reporting and analytics technology from Event Zero to enhance Skype for Business Online - 13-Jan-2016
Introducing Microsoft Envision, our new event for business leaders - 13-Jan-2016

Channel9 on MSDN Website | RSS Feed
TWC9: Build Registration Opens, ChakraCore Opens, R Server Free for Dev's and more... | This Week On Channel 9 - 15-Jan-2016
Episode 196: Migrating to Mobile Apps with Matthew Henderson | Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover Show - 15-Jan-2016
Your First Band 2 App, via a new Web Tile - 15-Jan-2016
The Ops Team #009 - "Egg-volution" | The Ops Team - 14-Jan-2016
Exchange Online Protection updates - Zero-hour Auto Purge (ZAP), Safety Tips and more | Microsoft Mechanics - 14-Jan-2016
Oculus DK2 + Kinect + Leap Motion + Teddy = Awesome - 14-Jan-2016
Endpoint Zone Episode 11: Year in review and Mobile App Management (MAM) without device enrollment | The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson - 13-Jan-2016
Defrag: Back from the Break with Cortana in the Car, Oculus Pre-Order and more... | The Defrag Show - 13-Jan-2016
Monthly Meetup Dec 2015 - Topic 1: Exponent and React Native - 13-Jan-2016
Get a modern mixer with EarTrumpet - 13-Jan-2016
Ep12: Interview with Laura Rogers, Nathalie Belval and Cathrine Wilhelmsen during the #MVPSummit | GALs - 12-Jan-2016
Hybrid Apps | Web Hack Wednesday - 12-Jan-2016
MVP Summit 2015: Iris Classon | MVP Summit 2015 - 12-Jan-2016
Designing for VR: Environments and Interactions | Just A/VR Show - 12-Jan-2016
Tuesdays with Corey: Security Center preview and Custom RBAC Roles | Tuesdays With Corey - 12-Jan-2016
2 | Nordstrom : Tips for making a DevOps transformation | DevOps Dimension - 11-Jan-2016
Microsoft Tools for Beginner Web Developers - 11-Jan-2016
Defrag Tools #150 - Media eXperience Analyzer part 2: Video Playback Power Saving | Defrag Tools - 11-Jan-2016
Last Week on Channel 9: January 4th - January 10th, 2016 - 11-Jan-2016

Industry Solutions

Education UK Higher Education Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Aspire holds event at UK HQ for female undergraduates - 15-Jan-2016
BETT 2016 Guest Blog: Airhead – Cloud desktops for education - 15-Jan-2016
Who’s who in the BETT 2016 Microsoft Partner Village - 15-Jan-2016
Devices in education eBook – choosing the right device for you - 12-Jan-2016

Education UK Schools Website | RSS Feed
BETT 2016 Guest Blog: SalamanderSoft–Office 365 in action at Hardenhuish School and RWBA - 16-Jan-2016
BETT 2016 Guest Blog: AspiraCloud – cost saving in the cloud - 16-Jan-2016
Redefining Learning Tour Events at Microsoft Showcase Schools – 2016 Schedule - 15-Jan-2016
BETT 2016 Guest Blog: Digital Learning for Wales – equipping children with the skills for employment - 15-Jan-2016
BETT 2016 Guest Blog: Airhead – Cloud desktops for education - 15-Jan-2016
Who’s who in the BETT 2016 Microsoft Partner Village - 15-Jan-2016
Microsoft @ BETT 2016 - 15-Jan-2016
BETT 2016 Guest Blog: Avantador goes international with Skooler - built on Office 365 - 14-Jan-2016
Microsoft and the Department for Education agree new Education Cloud Transition Agreement for UK schools - 14-Jan-2016
BETT 2016 Guest Post: Computing At School – delivering success through CPD - 13-Jan-2016
Devices in education eBook – choosing the right device for you - 12-Jan-2016
BETT 2016 Guest Blog: NetSupport – Managing IT assets in Education - 12-Jan-2016
Tatler Schools Guide 2016 - Personalised Illustrations using Surface Pro 4 - 11-Jan-2016
BETT 2016 Guest Blog: Learning Possibilities Ltd – LP+365 at Townhill Junior School - 11-Jan-2016

Microsoft in Education Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft at TCEA 2016 - 15-Jan-2016
Future Ready Schools: Realizing the Vision Now - 14-Jan-2016
7 Reasons to join the Microsoft Educator community - 12-Jan-2016

Microsoft Learning

Microsoft Press Website | RSS Feed
Free ebook: Enterprise Cloud Strategy - 15-Jan-2016
Mark Russinovich on Modern Authentication with Azure Active Directory for Web Applications - 12-Jan-2016
Working with variables, operators, and expressions in Microsoft Visual C# - 12-Jan-2016

Microsoft Online Services

Office 365 for business Website | RSS Feed
Connected on day one—The Kraft Heinz Company creates united workforce quickly and smoothly - 14-Jan-2016
Employee engagement at KLM reaches new heights as crew share expertise on enterprise social platform - 13-Jan-2016
8 ways to successfully lead your mobile workforce - 13-Jan-2016
The Office Small Business Academy series debuts January 26—register today - 11-Jan-2016

Office 365 technology Website | RSS Feed
Leading the way in the fight against dangerous email threats - 14-Jan-2016
What’s new: December 2015 - 11-Jan-2016

Office Applications

Office Outlook Website | RSS Feed
Skype call scheduling and more updates for Outlook for iOS and Android - 13-Jan-2016
Boost your productivity with the new Full Screen view feature in Outlook for Mac - 12-Jan-2016

Office Project Support Website | RSS Feed
January 2016 Project Update Announcement - 13-Jan-2016

Office Sustained Engineering Website | RSS Feed
January 2016 Office Update Release - 12-Jan-2016

Partner and Customer Resources

Microsoft Valuable Professional MVP Award Program Website | RSS Feed
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online - 13-Jan-2016
Securing Windows 10 with BitLocker Drive Encryption - 12-Jan-2016
APGC Community Leaders Forge New Bonds in Japan - 11-Jan-2016

Planning Deployment and Update

Windows Server Update Services Support Website | RSS Feed
January 2016 Security Update Release Summary - 12-Jan-2016

Product Support

Ask Premier Field Engineering - PFE Platforms Website | RSS Feed
Does your win 8.1 /2012 R2/win10 logon hang after a password change? - 11-Jan-2016

Windows Azure Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer preview: January update and roadmap - 14-Jan-2016
Announcing the Azure Automation PowerShell ISE add-on - 14-Jan-2016
SAS Update: Account SAS now supports all storage services - 14-Jan-2016
Helping customers achieve more at the best prices - 14-Jan-2016
What would you do with 100,000 cores? - Big compute at global scale - 14-Jan-2016
Running JavaScript in Azure DocumentDB with Chakra - 14-Jan-2016
Optimize your network infrastructure for Microsoft’s cloud - 14-Jan-2016
Zend Z-Ray for Azure App Service general availability - 13-Jan-2016
Easily enable identity and access management with social logins for B2C apps - 11-Jan-2016
Announcing enhanced migration and disaster recovery for VMware using ASR - 11-Jan-2016
Azure Mobile Engagement integration with VMob drives new retail engagement possibilities - 11-Jan-2016

ConfigMgrDogs Website | RSS Feed
Configuration Manager 1511 (current branch) Supported Configurations - 14-Jan-2016

Research and Labs

Microsoft Research News and Headlines Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft neural net shows deep learning can get way deeper - 14-Jan-2016

Microsoft Research Machine Translation Website | RSS Feed
Skype Translator Available to all Skype for Windows Users - 13-Jan-2016


Microsoft Security Response Center MSRC Website | RSS Feed
January 2016 Security Update Release Summary - 12-Jan-2016

Software and Web Development

Windows App Store Website | RSS Feed
Give your apps more visibility – six recommendations for 2016 - 15-Jan-2016
The Basics of Background Audio - 13-Jan-2016

Visual Studio Team Blog Website | RSS Feed
Unit Testing Apache Cordova Apps with Visual Studio, Part 2 - 13-Jan-2016
Unit Testing Apache Cordova Apps with Visual Studio, Part 1 - 11-Jan-2016

Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server Blog Website | RSS Feed
Identities and Work Item Tracking in TFS 2015 - 13-Jan-2016
VSTS Process Customization futures (January 2016) - 11-Jan-2016
Dashboards Futures (January 2016) - 11-Jan-2016
Java Experience Futures (January 2016) - 11-Jan-2016
VSTS New work item form futures (January 2016) - 11-Jan-2016
Git Experience Futures (January 2016) - 11-Jan-2016
How we plan to enable creating Multiple Collections per Account - 11-Jan-2016
SonarQube Integration Update and 2016H1 Plans - 11-Jan-2016
Announcing Reporting Capabilities for Visual Studio Team Services - 11-Jan-2016

Premier Support for Developers Website | RSS Feed
If I Remove or Don’t Use Internet Explorer 8, 9, or 10, Can I Avoid Upgrading to Internet Explorer 11? - 12-Jan-2016

Software and Web Development Cloud Computing

Windows Azure Storage Team Blog Website | RSS Feed
(Cross-Post) SAS Update: Account SAS Now Supports All Storage Services - 12-Jan-2016

Systems Center Systems Management

System Center Website | RSS Feed
System Center 2016 Technical Preview 4 Recap - 11-Jan-2016

System Center Configuration Manager Website | RSS Feed
Support for Mac OS X 10.11 in Configuration Manager - 13-Jan-2016

System Center Configuration Manager Support Website | RSS Feed
Support for Mac OS X 10.11 in Configuration Manager - 13-Jan-2016

System Center Operations Manager Website | RSS Feed
Still seeing large EventParameter tables after applying the latest Update Rollup for Microsoft Operations Manager? Here’s the fix. - 11-Jan-2016

System Center Virtual Machine Manager Website | RSS Feed
KB: How to retain the database when you reinstall Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager - 14-Jan-2016
How to deploy Software Load Balancer using Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager Tech Preview 4 - 13-Jan-2016


Remote Desktop Services formerly Terminal Services Website | RSS Feed
December updates to Azure RemoteApp - 13-Jan-2016
Remote Desktop Preview now available on Windows 10 Mobile and Continuum - 12-Jan-2016
Operational Management Suite (OMS) integration with Azure RemoteApp - 11-Jan-2016
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 10 AVC/H.264 improvements in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview - 11-Jan-2016

Windows Desktop and Embedded

Kinect for Windows Website | RSS Feed
Gaming for the greater good - 13-Jan-2016

Windows Server and Infrastructure

Active Directory Services Website | RSS Feed
Does your logon hang after a password change on win 8.1 /2012 R2/win10? - 11-Jan-2016

Windows Systems Management

Scripting Hey Scripting Guys Website | RSS Feed
PowerTip: Find Processes by Using Wildcard Characters - 16-Jan-2016
Weekend Scripter: PowerShell Saturday in Tampa,FL, March 19, 2016 - 16-Jan-2016
PowerTip: Use PowerShell to Find Command Line of Processes - 15-Jan-2016
Working with Windows Startup Processes and PowerShell - 15-Jan-2016
PowerTip: Find PowerShell Cmdlets that Work with CSVs - 14-Jan-2016
Use PowerShell to Work with Data from MS OMS - 14-Jan-2016
PowerTip: Find Help about PowerShell Pipelines - 13-Jan-2016
Incorporating Pipelined Input into PowerShell Functions - 12-Jan-2016
PowerTip: Find List of PowerShell Functions - 12-Jan-2016
Introduction to Advanced PowerShell Functions - 11-Jan-2016
Introduction to Advanced PowerShell Functions - 11-Jan-2016
PowerTip: Identify PowerShell Version - 11-Jan-2016


Extreme Windows Blog Website | RSS Feed
Windows 10 Embracing Silicon Innovation - 15-Jan-2016
Continuum for Phones: Making the Phone Work Like a PC - 14-Jan-2016
Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 11099 - 13-Jan-2016
Two new tables based on Star Wars: The Force Awakens added to Pinball FX2 for Windows 10 - 12-Jan-2016
Congratulations to our partners on an award-winning CES - 11-Jan-2016

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