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Dynamics CRM  Website | RSS Feed
Custom workflow actions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online  - 05-Nov-2010
Importing two or more entities from a Single File  - 04-Nov-2010
Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Error Codes to Enhance Customer Support  - 03-Nov-2010
Get it now: SDK Update 4.0.13  - 02-Nov-2010
Shortcuts Rock for Microsoft Dynamics CRM  - 01-Nov-2010

Dynamics GP for Developers  Website | RSS Feed
Dexterity: Cannot See Table Buffer Values in 10.0 SP5 or 2010 SP1  - 05-Nov-2010
Why does Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 and later use a Data Folder?  - 04-Nov-2010
Backing up and Restoring data when recreating SQL Tables  - 03-Nov-2010
The Windows Phone 7 Killer App  - 01-Nov-2010

Dynamics NAV  Website | RSS Feed
Performance Analyzer 1.0 for Microsoft Dynamics  - 04-Nov-2010
Microsoft Dynamics NAV : Online Maps  - 04-Nov-2010
Test Automation Series 2 - Creation Functions  - 04-Nov-2010
NAV 2009 Tips and Tricks: Create Notifications from Task Pages  - 03-Nov-2010
Integration to Payment Service in NAV 2009 R2   - 02-Nov-2010


Environment Software Enabled Earth  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft IT Implements Power Management strategy with System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3   - 05-Nov-2010
New Study Reveals the Environmental Benefits of Moving to the Cloud   - 04-Nov-2010

Interoperability  Website | RSS Feed
Zend Framework 1.11 Ships  - 02-Nov-2010

TechNet Magazine  Website | RSS Feed
Delegate Control to Users to Work with GPOs  - 05-Nov-2010
Delegate Privileges for Group Policy Management  - 04-Nov-2010
Remote Active Directory Administration with Windows PowerShell  - 02-Nov-2010
Create a New Partition on a Windows 7 Hard Disk  - 01-Nov-2010
Easily Shrink a Volume on a Windows 7 Disk  - 01-Nov-2010

The Microsoft Blog  Website | RSS Feed
Celebrating the launch of Kinect with Boys & Girls Clubs of America  - 03-Nov-2010
Inspiration in Africa – 2010 Worldwide Innovative Teacher Awards announced   - 01-Nov-2010

Working for Microsoft - JobsBlog  Website | RSS Feed
Cloud computing talent: Who is it? (Part 2 of 5)  - 05-Nov-2010
Raphael Mun: translating dreams to Xbox  - 04-Nov-2010
Conferences, Conferences, Conferences  - 02-Nov-2010

Industry Solutions 

Education UK Further Education Community Colleges  Website | RSS Feed
Your complete guide to virtualisation  - 03-Nov-2010
The Microsoft Further Education Briefing 2010 - Cost Saving with IT - 3rd December 2010  - 02-Nov-2010
Webinar on Application Virtualisation - 9th November  - 01-Nov-2010

Education UK Higher Education  Website | RSS Feed
Your complete guide to virtualisation as a free download  - 02-Nov-2010

Education UK Schools  Website | RSS Feed
Webinar recordings for download - System Center for Education  - 05-Nov-2010
Your complete guide to virtualisation as a free download  - 03-Nov-2010

Education UK Teachers K12  Website | RSS Feed
Back from Capetown–Worldwide Innovative Education Forum  - 05-Nov-2010

Health  Website | RSS Feed
Meeting Expectations--Consumers, patients and healthcare  - 05-Nov-2010
Medical “gaming” and simulation—new on Microsoft Health Tech Today  - 01-Nov-2010

Power and Utilities  Website | RSS Feed
Join Microsoft, OSIsoft, and Mainstream Renewable Power for a Complimentary Webcast: "Creating an Adaptive Smart Grid Framework"  - 05-Nov-2010


Internet Explorer  Website | RSS Feed
Tuning Add-on Performance: Windows Live Messenger Companion  - 05-Nov-2010
10K Apart  - 03-Nov-2010
Sub-pixel Fonts in IE9  - 03-Nov-2010
XHTML in IE9  - 01-Nov-2010

Microsoft Advertising 

adCenter Analytics  Website | RSS Feed
IAB Engage 2010: Digital Thought-Leadership, Partnerships and Fish and Chips  - 04-Nov-2010
Video: What’s Next in Emerging Media from Microsoft Advertising  - 04-Nov-2010
We’ll be at IAB Engage 2010 Speaking and Tweeting!  - 03-Nov-2010
Interview: Barry Cupples CEO Omnicom Media Group Asia  - 01-Nov-2010

Microsoft Conferences and Briefings 

MIX The Next Web Now  Website | RSS Feed
Like It or Not  - 04-Nov-2010

Microsoft Learning 

Microsoft Certified Master  Website | RSS Feed
Premier Field Engineer, Workshop Author – and now a double SQL MCM  - 02-Nov-2010

Microsoft Learning  Website | RSS Feed
Technical Skills at the Career Conference  - 05-Nov-2010
WELCOME to the new BTL Student Blog!  - 05-Nov-2010
What XAML Information Do You Need?  - 05-Nov-2010
Opportunity Knocks at the Career Conference: The Cloud: SQL Azure, Windows Azure  - 05-Nov-2010
Guest blogger Birgir Gunnlaugsson, IT Manager Advisory Council, discusses "Experience Versus Education and Certification"  - 04-Nov-2010
Great Reviews: Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010: Give Your Data Meaning  - 04-Nov-2010
At the Certified Career Conference, learn how to RULE your inbox  - 04-Nov-2010
Microsoft Dynamics AX VM Refresh Announced   - 03-Nov-2010
New book: Deploying Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway 2010  - 03-Nov-2010
Repaired “Programming Windows Phone 7” ebook  - 02-Nov-2010
Career Factor Casting: Still looking for candidates  - 02-Nov-2010
November Product Release Preview  - 02-Nov-2010
Premier Field Engineer, Workshop Author – and now a double SQL MCM  - 02-Nov-2010
New Book: Deploying Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010  - 02-Nov-2010
Manager to Manager  - 01-Nov-2010
Microsoft Ireland Achieves HETAC Accreditation for its Training Courses & Technical Certifications: A European First  - 01-Nov-2010
Issues with “Programming Windows Phone 7” ebook  - 01-Nov-2010
New book: Deploying Microsoft Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server  - 01-Nov-2010

Microsoft Press  Website | RSS Feed
What XAML Information Do You Need?  - 05-Nov-2010
Great Reviews: Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010: Give Your Data Meaning  - 04-Nov-2010
New book: Deploying Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway 2010  - 03-Nov-2010
Repaired “Programming Windows Phone 7” ebook  - 02-Nov-2010
New book: Deploying Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010  - 02-Nov-2010
Issues with “Programming Windows Phone 7” ebook  - 01-Nov-2010
New book: Deploying Microsoft Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server  - 01-Nov-2010

Microsoft Online Services 

Microsoft Online Services  Website | RSS Feed
This Week in BPOS News 11/5  - 05-Nov-2010
New data shows carbon reduction benefits of cloud computing  - 04-Nov-2010
Getting started with BPOS Part 2 - Configuring the Desktop for BPOS  - 02-Nov-2010

Microsoft Press Pass 

Press Pass Press Releases  Website | RSS Feed
Ballmer Statement on Stock Sales  - 05-Nov-2010
Microsoft, Accenture and WSP Environment & Energy Study Shows Significant Energy and Carbon Emissions Reduction Potential From Cloud Computing  - 04-Nov-2010
The Future of Entertainment Starts Today as Kinect for Xbox 360 Leaps and Lands at Retailers Nationwide  - 04-Nov-2010
Microsoft Hosts Leaders From Across Europe to Discuss European Competitiveness  - 04-Nov-2010
LG Owners to Get Free Access to Popular Windows Phone 7 Applications  - 03-Nov-2010
Mark Wahlberg Teams Up With Kinect for Xbox 360 to Support Boys & Girls Clubs of America  - 03-Nov-2010
Microsoft Recognizes Exceptional Vendor Performance  - 02-Nov-2010
Daimler Building New Cloud-Based Collaboration Platform on Microsoft Technologies  - 02-Nov-2010
Your Network Has Arrived: Microsoft Launches Revamped Partner Network  - 01-Nov-2010
Customer Spotlight: Windows 7 Platform to Push the Boundaries of Innovation for 3M  - 01-Nov-2010
Skolkovo Fund and Microsoft Sign Memorandum of Understanding  - 01-Nov-2010

Press Pass Top Stories  Website | RSS Feed
Study: Cloud Cuts Carbon Emissions  - 04-Nov-2010
Microsoft Gives Kinect to Boys & Girls Clubs Nationwide  - 03-Nov-2010
Kinect for Xbox 360: Science Fiction Comes to Your Living Room  - 03-Nov-2010
Microsoft Helps Customers, Partners Harness ‘Cloud Power’  - 01-Nov-2010

Office Applications 

Office Access  Website | RSS Feed
The Office Resource Kit needs you!  - 02-Nov-2010

Office Excel and Excel Services  Website | RSS Feed
Sparklines: tiny charts show the big picture  - 05-Nov-2010
Add Rank to PivotTable  - 02-Nov-2010

Office Sharepoint MOSS and Groove 

SharePoint Developer  Website | RSS Feed
Quick Tip: Find the Four-Part Name for an Assembly  - 05-Nov-2010

SharePoint End User Content Team  Website | RSS Feed
Share your thoughts on SharePoint accessibility  - 04-Nov-2010
SharePoint Designer videos by Asif Rehmani on  - 02-Nov-2010

SharePoint Products and Technologies  Website | RSS Feed
SharePoint 2010 October Cumulative Update Issue: Details and Workaround  - 06-Nov-2010
Critical Information about the SharePoint Server 2010 October Cumulative Update  - 05-Nov-2010

Partner and Customer Resources 

Microsoft Small Medium Business Community  Website | RSS Feed
Hey, where did the Microsoft Partner Network Transition Tool go?!  - 04-Nov-2010
Yes, the Microsoft Big Easy Offer is back and going on now!  - 04-Nov-2010
Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 – Under wraps no more!  - 04-Nov-2010
Simplifying your Microsoft Partner Network membership management – Partner Membership Center  - 03-Nov-2010
Simplifying your Microsoft Partner Network Portal Experience – Your input is important  - 01-Nov-2010
The new Microsoft Partner Network is here!  - 01-Nov-2010

Microsoft Valuable Professional MVP Award Program  Website | RSS Feed
Tech-Ed Europe 2010  - 05-Nov-2010
MVPs Showcase Leadership at Tech*Days Taiwan  - 02-Nov-2010
MVPs Discuss the MVP Award and PDC  - 02-Nov-2010
MVPs for Office and SharePoint 2010: Status Bar Changes in Outlook 2010  - 02-Nov-2010

Startup Zone Emerging Business Team  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft BizSpark celebrates Two Year Anniversary and announces BizSpark Graduation Offer  - 04-Nov-2010
Localytics is Now Available for Windows Phone 7  - 03-Nov-2010

Planning Deployment and Update 

Windows Server Update Services Support  Website | RSS Feed
Advance Notification for the November 2010 Microsoft Security Bulletin release  - 04-Nov-2010
Information on the ConfigMgr 2007 client side process for Software Updates  - 04-Nov-2010
Security Advisory 2458511 is now released  - 03-Nov-2010

Windows Springboard Series  Website | RSS Feed
Coming To TechEd Europe in Berlin?  - 06-Nov-2010
The Springboard Series Tour visits Italy  - 05-Nov-2010
Greeting from the United Kingdom  - 03-Nov-2010
The Springboard Series Tour Visits Helsinki Finland  - 01-Nov-2010

Product Support 

SysInternals  Website | RSS Feed
Mark's presentations from the 2010 Professional Developer's Conference and an interview with Mary-Jo Foley  - 02-Nov-2010
Update: VMMap v3.01  - 01-Nov-2010

Technical Rollup Mailings  Website | RSS Feed
November 2010–Technical Rollup Mail–Security  - 02-Nov-2010
November 2010–Technical Rollup Mail–Internet + Sharepoint  - 02-Nov-2010
November 2010–Technical Rollup Mail - Manageability  - 02-Nov-2010
November 2010–Technical Rollup Mail - Platforms  - 02-Nov-2010
November 2010–Technical Rollup Mail - SQL Server  - 02-Nov-2010
November 2010–Technical Rollup Mail - Unified Communications  - 02-Nov-2010

Research and Labs 

Microsoft Research News and Headlines  Website | RSS Feed
Adding Cabbie Know-How to Online Maps  - 05-Nov-2010
Announcing the F# Compiler + Library Source Code Drop  - 04-Nov-2010
Tuning Smartphone Performance  - 01-Nov-2010

Microsoft Research Publications  Website | RSS Feed
CloudCmp: Comparing Public Cloud Providers  - 03-Nov-2010
The Beehive Ring and Multiring Lock Protocols  - 02-Nov-2010
Surviving Wi-Fi Interference in Low Power ZigBee Networks  - 02-Nov-2010
A Discriminative Lexicon Model for Complex Morphology  - 01-Nov-2010
Finding Similar Users Using Category-Based Location History  - 01-Nov-2010
Language-Based Replay via Data Flow Cut  - 01-Nov-2010
Differential Static Analysis: Opportunities, Applications, and Challenges  - 01-Nov-2010
Network Traffic Characteristics of Data Centers in the Wild  - 01-Nov-2010
T-Drive: Driving Directions Based on Taxi Trajectories  - 01-Nov-2010
Detecting Nearly Duplicated Records in Location Datasets  - 01-Nov-2010
Analytics for Software Development  - 01-Nov-2010
Change Bursts as Defect Predictors  - 01-Nov-2010
Alternating Simulation and IOCO  - 01-Nov-2010
WhoseIsThat: Finding Software Engineers with Codebook (Research Demo)  - 01-Nov-2010
Security Trend Analysis with CVE Topic Models  - 01-Nov-2010
Social Media for Software Engineering  - 01-Nov-2010
An Exploratory Study of Co-located Collaborative Visual Analytics around a Tabletop Display  - 01-Nov-2010
Privacy-preserving Regression Modelling of Participatory Sensing Data  - 01-Nov-2010
Vuvuzelas & Active Learning for Online Classification  - 01-Nov-2010
SecondNet: A Data Center Network Virtualization Architecture with Bandwidth Guarantees  - 01-Nov-2010
ICTCP: Incast Congestion Control for TCP  - 01-Nov-2010
Convergence Analysis of Ranking Measures for Web Search  - 01-Nov-2010


Bing Maps formerly Live Maps  Website | RSS Feed
Changes to Bird’s eye and 3D Maps  - 02-Nov-2010

Bing Search formerly Live Search  Website | RSS Feed
Guest Post: The Commissioner of Tailgating on best football food across the nation  - 05-Nov-2010
Jay-Z finds a new canvas  - 04-Nov-2010
Bing’s new social search features arrive today  - 02-Nov-2010


Microsoft Malware Protection Center  Website | RSS Feed
It’s NOT Koobface! New multi-platform infector  - 03-Nov-2010

Microsoft Security Response Center MSRC  Website | RSS Feed
Advance Notification Service for November 2010 Bulletins  - 04-Nov-2010
Microsoft Releases Security Advisory 2458511  - 03-Nov-2010

MSRC Ecosystem Strategy  Website | RSS Feed Why it’s all about building bridges  - 04-Nov-2010

Security Bulletins Advisories  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Security Advisory (2458511): Vulnerability in Internet Explorer Could Allow Remote Code Execution - 11/3/2010  - 03-Nov-2010

Security Bulletins Comprehensive  Website | RSS Feed
MS10-070 - Important: Vulnerability in ASP.NET Could Allow Information Disclosure (2418042) - Version:2.2  - 03-Nov-2010
MS10-079 - Important: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Word Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2293194) - Version:1.2  - 03-Nov-2010
Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for September 2010  - 03-Nov-2010

Security Products Forefront 

Forefront Threat Management Gateway ISA Server  Website | RSS Feed
Unable to Fail Over from one TMG node to another when using NLB in a Virtual Environment  - 04-Nov-2010
Outlook Anywhere and ActiveSync Http Filter Configuration  - 01-Nov-2010

Software and Web Development 

ADO dotNET  Website | RSS Feed
EF & OData @ SQL PASS and TechEd Europe!  - 05-Nov-2010

The dotNET Endpoint  Website | RSS Feed
WCF WebHttp Service returns HTTP 415 “Unsupported Media Type”  - 01-Nov-2010
WCF Web APIs, HTTP your way  - 01-Nov-2010

Visual Basic  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Help Viewer 1.1 - Updates Planned for Visual Studio 2010 SP1 (Kathleen McGrath)  - 03-Nov-2010

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Support  Website | RSS Feed
New Team Explorer Everywhere Released  - 03-Nov-2010

Visual Web Developer  Website | RSS Feed
Web Deploy: How to see the command executed in Visual Studio during publish  - 04-Nov-2010

XNA Games Development  Website | RSS Feed
XNA Game Studio Connect 4.0 and XBLIG Submission Update  - 06-Nov-2010
XBLIG: 4.0 Submission Opens on App Hub This Friday  - 03-Nov-2010

Software and Web Development Cloud Computing 

Azure SQL Data Services  Website | RSS Feed
Wiki: Understanding Data Storage Offerings on the Windows Azure Platform  - 04-Nov-2010
TechEd Europe 2010  - 03-Nov-2010
Windows Azure Platform Introductory Special Extended to March 31, 2011  - 03-Nov-2010
Wiki: Inside SQL Azure  - 02-Nov-2010
Video: Building Scale-Out Database Solutions on SQL Azure  - 01-Nov-2010

Windows Azure  Website | RSS Feed
Thought Leaders in the Cloud: Talking with Kevin Jackson, Director of Cloud Services at NJVC  - 06-Nov-2010
Thought Leaders in the Cloud: Talking with Kevin Jackson, Director of Cloud Services at NJVC  - 04-Nov-2010
New Windows Azure Whitepapers Now Available  - 04-Nov-2010
Windows Azure Pricing Options  - 04-Nov-2010
Global Alliance with Misys Extends Financial Services Applications to the Cloud with Windows Azure  - 04-Nov-2010
New Windows Azure Firestarter Series Starts November 8, 2010 in Tampa, FL  - 03-Nov-2010
Windows Azure Platform Introductory Special Extended to March 31, 2011  - 03-Nov-2010
Want to Know More About Windows Azure News from PDC10? Here's How!  - 02-Nov-2010
Thought Leaders in the Cloud: Talking with Chris C. Kemp, CTO of NASA  - 01-Nov-2010

SQL and Business Intelligence 

SQL Release Services  Website | RSS Feed
SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 4 Customer Technology Preview Available  - 03-Nov-2010

Systems Center Systems Management 

System Center  Website | RSS Feed
Community Evaluation Program Updates  - 02-Nov-2010

System Center Configuration Manager  Website | RSS Feed
How To Expire Software Updates in System Center Updates Publisher And Synchronize the Expired Updates In Configuration Manager 2007  - 06-Nov-2010

System Center Configuration Manager Support  Website | RSS Feed
Information on the ConfigMgr 2007 client side process for Software Updates  - 04-Nov-2010

System Center Data Protection Manager DPM  Website | RSS Feed
Protect, Unprotect, Protect, Unprotect – Understanding how DPM 2010 retention works  - 03-Nov-2010

Unified Communications 

Microsoft Exchange  Website | RSS Feed
Geek Out With Perry: Why Exchange does migrations instead of in-place upgrades  - 05-Nov-2010
Robert's Rules of Exchange: The Scenario  - 02-Nov-2010

Unified Communications Group  Website | RSS Feed
Wonderware Helps Manufacturers Improve Processes with New Communications Tools  - 05-Nov-2010
GREAT QUESTIONS about last week’s RTM Announcement!   - 02-Nov-2010


Terminal Services  Website | RSS Feed
Testing Microsoft RemoteFX – Get the SP1 Release Candidate!  - 04-Nov-2010

Windows Desktop and Embedded 

Windows Embedded  Website | RSS Feed
October Security Updates for XPe and Standard 2009 Are Now Available on the ECE Site  - 02-Nov-2010

Windows for your Business  Website | RSS Feed
Windows 7 Momentum and Customer Guidance  - 03-Nov-2010
Windows 7 Customers: Boeing, Expedia and BMW Speak at Gartner Symposium Customer Panel  - 01-Nov-2010

Windows Media Center  Website | RSS Feed
#HoustonWinMeet: Houston, we have a Meet-up  - 02-Nov-2010

Windows Live 

Inside Windows Live  Website | RSS Feed
Video Kinect brings Messenger video chat to the Xbox 360  - 04-Nov-2010
Use Hotmail features without changing your email address  - 01-Nov-2010

Windows Mobile 

Windows Mobile  Website | RSS Feed
Windows Phone Radio Episode Seven  - 05-Nov-2010
Concerts, a road trip, Windows Phones on November 8!  - 01-Nov-2010

Windows Server and Infrastructure 

Active Directory Services  Website | RSS Feed
Migrating DFS Namespaces to Preserve Old Domain Names  - 05-Nov-2010
New Directory Services Content 10/24-10/30  - 02-Nov-2010
Common DFSR Configuration Mistakes and Oversights  - 01-Nov-2010

Advanced Windows Debugging and Troubleshooting  Website | RSS Feed
New Joint Citrix/Microsoft Facebook Forum  - 04-Nov-2010

Platforms Performance  Website | RSS Feed
Performance tuning Windows Server 2008 R2 Pt 2  - 05-Nov-2010

Small Business Server SBS  Website | RSS Feed
Case in the corner series: The crashing Add User Wizard  - 04-Nov-2010
Announcing Windows Small Business Server 2011  - 02-Nov-2010

Windows Server Networking and Remote Access 

Microsoft Enterprise Networking  Website | RSS Feed
New Networking-related articles for the week of October 24 – October 30  - 03-Nov-2010

Network Monitor  Website | RSS Feed
Reassembly Made Easier  - 04-Nov-2010

Windows Server Networking Documentation  Website | RSS Feed
New Test Lab Guides blog  - 04-Nov-2010
Networking topics updated in October 2010 based on your feedback  - 03-Nov-2010

Windows Systems Management 

Scripting Hey Scripting Guys  Website | RSS Feed
Weekend Scripter: Clean Up Your PowerShell ISE Profile by Using a Module  - 06-Nov-2010
Using PowerShell to Add a Group of Users to a SQL Database  - 05-Nov-2010
Use PowerShell to Script SQL Database Objects  - 04-Nov-2010
Use PowerShell to Change SQL Server Service Accounts  - 03-Nov-2010
Use PowerShell to obtain SQL Server database sizes  - 02-Nov-2010
Use PowerShell to Collect Server Data and Write to SQL  - 01-Nov-2010

Windows Powershell  Website | RSS Feed
PowerGUI Scripting Challenge  - 06-Nov-2010

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