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Business Process Management 

BizTalk Server  Website | RSS Feed
Improved Productivity with BizTalk Server 2010 Mapper  - 24-Aug-2010

Consumer and Hardware Solutions 

Microsoft Surface  Website | RSS Feed digital café  - 26-Aug-2010
Live Presentation: Robot Command and Control on Surface  - 23-Aug-2010


Dynamics CRM  Website | RSS Feed
More on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Error Reporting  - 25-Aug-2010
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support Service Level Agreements  - 24-Aug-2010
What makes you a valuable CRM talent?  - 23-Aug-2010

Dynamics GP  Website | RSS Feed
The Partner Event...  - 23-Aug-2010

Dynamics GP for Developers  Website | RSS Feed
File not found: VBA6.dll error occurs or GP crashes and creates a Watson fault bucket 1474386816  - 27-Aug-2010
Dynamics Support Supports Charity  - 26-Aug-2010
Developing Applications for Windows Phone 7  - 25-Aug-2010
Dynamics GP Customizations Summary  - 24-Aug-2010
Mobile Gaming on Windows Phone 7  - 23-Aug-2010


Environment Software Enabled Earth  Website | RSS Feed
Case Study: IT Firm Delivers Carbon-Data Management Solution on Windows Azure Cloud platform  - 24-Aug-2010

TechNet Magazine  Website | RSS Feed
20 Helpful Search Strings for Finding Special Characters in Word  - 27-Aug-2010
Enable Version Control for SharePoint 2010 Document Libraries  - 27-Aug-2010
Share Custom AutoCorrect Entries with Other Computers and Users  - 25-Aug-2010
More Precise Text Selection in Word and PowerPoint  - 24-Aug-2010
Configure Default Paste Options in Word 2010  - 23-Aug-2010

The Data Privacy Imperative  Website | RSS Feed
Privacy Identity Innovation 2010 (Pii2010) Conference   - 26-Aug-2010
Non-Personal Information - like where you live?   - 26-Aug-2010

Working for Microsoft - JobsBlog  Website | RSS Feed
Interns win top prize for Windows Phone 7 app  - 27-Aug-2010
How to prepare questions for your interview  - 25-Aug-2010
The Top Three hottest new majors for a career in technology  - 23-Aug-2010

Industry Solutions 

Education UK Schools  Website | RSS Feed
The Microsoft Summer Camp 2010 for teachers  - 24-Aug-2010
New Microsoft Office Education Add-Ins - with the correct download link  - 24-Aug-2010

Education UK Teachers K12  Website | RSS Feed
New Office resources for Back to School  - 23-Aug-2010

Financial Services Risk and Compliance  Website | RSS Feed
Sai Sireesh: Solvency II & US Insurance Solvency Framework   - 25-Aug-2010

Life Sciences Developers and Architects  Website | RSS Feed
Connected Health in Action… or “Forgetful Les”  - 27-Aug-2010

Power and Utilities  Website | RSS Feed
Global Partner Conference Sparks New Year for Microsoft in Utilities  - 24-Aug-2010


Internet Explorer  Website | RSS Feed
More on SVG  - 27-Aug-2010
Chakra: Interoperability Means More Than Just Standards  - 26-Aug-2010
Making Sites Look Their Best in Standards Mode  - 24-Aug-2010

Microsoft Advertising 

adCenter Analytics  Website | RSS Feed
Think Visibility 2010 – Microsoft Advertising Speaking on Social Media and Community  - 25-Aug-2010
Microsoft Advertising Asia Digital Showcase Video and Online Marketing Resources  - 24-Aug-2010
Attention Please: Advertising in the Age of Overload  - 23-Aug-2010

adCenter API for Developers  Website | RSS Feed
Scheduled Maintenance May Delay Reports for Up to 24 Hours  - 28-Aug-2010

Microsoft Learning 

Microsoft Certified Master  Website | RSS Feed
UK-based SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert earns SQL Server 2008 MCM Certification  - 24-Aug-2010
Introducing the very first SharePoint 2010 Masters...  - 24-Aug-2010

Microsoft Learning  Website | RSS Feed
MCT Summit York  - 28-Aug-2010
Meet the MSL IT Manager Advisory Council  - 27-Aug-2010
Information Security Professionals needed!  - 26-Aug-2010
Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 Has Launched  - 26-Aug-2010
Do You Work for a Microsoft Partner? We Have a Special Certification Offer Just for You  - 24-Aug-2010
Quality defined?  - 24-Aug-2010
Just Getting Started: Tools for Aspiring IT Pros  - 23-Aug-2010

Microsoft Press  Website | RSS Feed
Hope Springs Eternal  - 27-Aug-2010
Software Requirements, by Karl Wiegers, sells over 100K copies!  - 26-Aug-2010

Microsoft Online Services 

Microsoft Online Services  Website | RSS Feed
This Week in BPOS News 8/27  - 27-Aug-2010
More Fun with SharePoint Online: Using Excel and Access with SharePoint Online  - 25-Aug-2010
Activating and Migrating Users to Microsoft Online Services  - 23-Aug-2010

Microsoft Press Pass 

Press Pass Press Releases  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Dynamics Cited as an Order Management Hub Solutions Leader by Independent Research Firm  - 25-Aug-2010
Customer Spotlight: CH2M HILL Expects to Save Millions Moving to Microsoft Virtualization Software  - 25-Aug-2010

Press Pass Top Stories  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Engkoo Helps Teach English to Chinese Internet Users  - 26-Aug-2010
Windows Phoenix Flies for Brief Moment at Flugtag  - 24-Aug-2010
Windows 7 to Turn Up the Decibel(s) at Music Festival  - 23-Aug-2010

Office Applications 

Deployment Support  Website | RSS Feed
Understanding 64-bit versions of Office 2010 and related deployment considerations, advantages, and disadvantages  - 26-Aug-2010

Office Access  Website | RSS Feed
Power Tip: Scale Access Chart objects at runtime  - 26-Aug-2010
Going beyond Web Macros: Using Event Receivers & .NET with Access Services  - 24-Aug-2010
Power Tip: Update front-end database files that have been “pinned” to the taskbar  - 23-Aug-2010

Office Excel and Excel Services  Website | RSS Feed
You Asked: What the heck is Scroll Lock  - 25-Aug-2010

Office Powerpoint  Website | RSS Feed
The PowerPoint Web App Gets Clip Art!  - 27-Aug-2010
New Themes!  - 26-Aug-2010

Office Project Support  Website | RSS Feed
Project Server: Resource Plans and the PSI  - 27-Aug-2010
Project Server: A few AD Sync Gotchas  - 26-Aug-2010
Project Server: Adding Custom Fields to Projects and Tasks using the PSI  - 25-Aug-2010
Project Server 2010: Business Intelligence Center – Behind the Scenes  - 24-Aug-2010

Office Sharepoint MOSS and Groove 

SharePoint End User Content Team  Website | RSS Feed
SharePoint User Adoption: The Four Stage Model  - 27-Aug-2010

Partner and Customer Resources 

Microsoft Small Medium Business Community  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Partner Network Transition Tool  - 27-Aug-2010
What were you doing 15 years ago today? The launch of Windows 95…  - 24-Aug-2010
Microsoft cloud computing & cloud services – So much more than just BPOS  - 23-Aug-2010

Startup Zone Emerging Business Team  Website | RSS Feed
BizSpark Startup of the Day - DashSoft  - 27-Aug-2010
BizSpark Startup of the Day -  - 23-Aug-2010

Planning Deployment and Update 

Windows Server Update Services Support  Website | RSS Feed
Fixing WSUS sync error "WebException: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden."  - 25-Aug-2010

Windows Springboard Series  Website | RSS Feed
Tools To Make Working With Internet Explorer 6 in Windows 7 Easier  - 26-Aug-2010
Improving Your Image: Sector-Based, File-Based, and Sysprep - What Makes the Most Sense? Part 3: Deploy-time Build Automation and Recommendations  - 24-Aug-2010

Product Support 

Hotfix Support The Hot Blog  Website | RSS Feed
Note, there is no hotfix KB article for Messaging Server this week. (Aug. 20 - Aug. 26)  - 27-Aug-2010
Aug. 20 - Aug. 27 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - SQL Server  - 27-Aug-2010
Aug. 20 - Aug. 26 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Developer  - 27-Aug-2010
Aug. 20 - Aug. 26 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows 6/7  - 27-Aug-2010
Aug. 20 - Aug. 26 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows Legacy Products  - 27-Aug-2010

Research and Labs 

Microsoft Connect Recent Connections  Website | RSS Feed
Internet Explorer Feedback Program  - 26-Aug-2010

Microsoft Research News and Headlines  Website | RSS Feed
A Wealth of Award-Winning Talent  - 25-Aug-2010

Microsoft Research Publications  Website | RSS Feed
RePriv: Re-Envisioning In-Browser Privacy  - 27-Aug-2010
A Large Scale Ranker-Based System for Search Query Spelling Correction  - 23-Aug-2010


Bing Maps formerly Live Maps  Website | RSS Feed
End of an Era…and, Beginning Anew  - 27-Aug-2010
Introducing PHP and VB .NET SDKs for Bing Maps Platform  - 26-Aug-2010
Bing Maps and Hotmail come together  - 26-Aug-2010
Switch on the Light - Bing Maps and LightSwitch  - 26-Aug-2010
New Map App: Bing Food Cart Finder  - 24-Aug-2010

Bing Search formerly Live Search  Website | RSS Feed
Access the Great Food and Music of Portland with Bing  - 24-Aug-2010
Exciting News From Bing and Yahoo!  - 24-Aug-2010
“Instant Answers” with Bing for Mobile  - 24-Aug-2010

Bing Webmaster  Website | RSS Feed
Crawler improvements—temporary increase in crawl rate  - 27-Aug-2010


Microsoft Malware Protection Center  Website | RSS Feed
Alureon Evolves to 64 Bit  - 28-Aug-2010
Is it a Monet? Looks different from afar...  - 26-Aug-2010

Security Bulletins Advisories  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Security Advisory (2269637): Insecure Library Loading Could Allow Remote Code Execution - 8/23/2010  - 23-Aug-2010

Security Bulletins Comprehensive  Website | RSS Feed
MS10-056 - Critical: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office Word Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2269638) - Version:1.2  - 25-Aug-2010
MS10-054 - Critical: Vulnerabilities in SMB Server Could Allow Remote Code Execution (982214) - Version:1.2  - 25-Aug-2010
MS10-046 - Critical: Vulnerability in Windows Shell Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2286198) - Version:1.2  - 24-Aug-2010
Microsoft Security Advisory (2269637): Insecure Library Loading Could Allow Remote Code Execution  - 23-Aug-2010

The Security Development Lifecycle  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft SDL and the Creative Commons  - 26-Aug-2010

Security Products Forefront 

Forefront Server Security  Website | RSS Feed
Forefront Server Security Management Console (FSSMC) Hotfix Rollup 5 is now available  - 27-Aug-2010
Hotfix Rollup 3 for Antigen 9 for Exchange Service Pack 2 is Now Available  - 27-Aug-2010

Forefront Threat Management Gateway ISA Server  Website | RSS Feed
Crashes (svchost and Internet Explorer) while accessing Internet through ISA Server  - 28-Aug-2010
Hyper-V Update  - 24-Aug-2010
Unable to Receive E-Mails from the Internet using E-Mail Protection feature on Forefront TMG 2010  - 24-Aug-2010

Forefront Unified Application Gateway UAG  Website | RSS Feed
Authenticating to UAG with an email address instead of user ID  - 23-Aug-2010

Software and Web Development 

Robotics Developer Studio  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Surface meets Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio at U. Mass Lowell  - 25-Aug-2010

The dotNET Endpoint  Website | RSS Feed
RESTing from MEF (or The MEF dealer is at REST)  - 24-Aug-2010
AppFabric WCF DataService (C#)  - 23-Aug-2010

Visual C++  Website | RSS Feed
Hilo Update – Introducing “Hilo Annotator”  - 23-Aug-2010

Web Deployment  Website | RSS Feed
Installing Web Applications using Web Deploy, MSBuild, and Powershell  - 24-Aug-2010

Software and Web Development Cloud Computing 

Azure SQL Data Services  Website | RSS Feed
Transferring a SQL Azure Database  - 27-Aug-2010
Creating a Bing Map Tile Server from Windows Azure  - 26-Aug-2010
Microsoft Project Code-Named “Houston” CTP 1 (August 2010 Update)  - 25-Aug-2010
Backing Up Your SQL Azure Database Using Database Copy  - 25-Aug-2010
SQL Azure Service Update 4  - 25-Aug-2010
Using SQL Server Migration Assistant to Move Access Tables to SQL Azure  - 24-Aug-2010
TechEd New Zealand 2010  - 23-Aug-2010

Windows Azure  Website | RSS Feed
Real World Windows Azure: Interview with Juan Carlos Robles Navarro, Senior Software Engineer at AXA Seguros  - 26-Aug-2010
Security Resources Now Available for Windows Azure  - 23-Aug-2010

Systems Center Systems Management 

System Center  Website | RSS Feed
Announcing the Opalis Customer Evaluation Program  - 27-Aug-2010
What Opalis scenario would *you* like to see built and run?  - 26-Aug-2010
Webcast–Using Opalis to perform DR based on an Application State  - 26-Aug-2010

System Center Configuration Manager  Website | RSS Feed
Announcement: Configuration Manager Documentation Library Update for August 2010  - 24-Aug-2010

System Center Configuration Manager Support  Website | RSS Feed
Solution: System Center Configuration Manager 2007 backups fail with Win32 Error = 145  - 26-Aug-2010
Solution: System Center Configuration Manager 2007 prerequisites checker reports WebDAV settings are incorrect  - 26-Aug-2010
The Configuration Manager Documentation Library Update for August 2010 is now live on the web  - 25-Aug-2010
OSD image creation via web page  - 23-Aug-2010

System Center Data Protection Manager DPM  Website | RSS Feed
How to properly configure DPM 2010 for successful client side recoveries  - 25-Aug-2010

System Center Essentials  Website | RSS Feed
How to use the Maintenance Mode Tool to schedule weekly maintenance modes for computer groups  - 23-Aug-2010

System Center Service Manager  Website | RSS Feed
How Microsoft Does Service Manager - MPSD  - 26-Aug-2010
Automating IT: SCSM, SCCM, SCOM, SCVMM, Opalis – Better Together  - 26-Aug-2010
Workflow/Notification Subscription NotEqual Criteria Across Pre/Post Condition  - 25-Aug-2010

System Center Virtual Machine Manager  Website | RSS Feed
New Solution: P2V fails with Error 2912 0x80072F0C with System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008  - 23-Aug-2010

Unified Communications 

Microsoft Exchange  Website | RSS Feed
Effects of Throttling on Your Deployment in Exchange 2010 SP1  - 27-Aug-2010
The Future of Exchange Starts Here: Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Is Now Available  - 25-Aug-2010
Exchange 2010 SP1: Database Integrity checking  - 23-Aug-2010

Office Communicator  Website | RSS Feed
Introduction to Communicator “14”  - 23-Aug-2010


Windows Virtualization  Website | RSS Feed
Why Does Microsoft exhibit at VMworld?  - 24-Aug-2010

Windows Desktop and Embedded 

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack MDOP  Website | RSS Feed
New AGPM and DaRT Videos  - 23-Aug-2010

Windows Embedded  Website | RSS Feed
Windows Embedded Standard 2009 SDI Loader Error on Windows 7 Development Systems  - 27-Aug-2010
August 2010 Security Updates for XPe and Standard 2009 Available on ECE  - 24-Aug-2010

Windows Live 

Inside Windows Live  Website | RSS Feed
Windows Live Sync to be named Windows Live Mesh  - 27-Aug-2010
Updates to Office Web Apps  - 24-Aug-2010

Windows Server and Infrastructure 

Active Directory Services  Website | RSS Feed
No more yellow banner (and the gallery of things that are not work)  - 28-Aug-2010
How Not to Interview  - 26-Aug-2010
Don’t mess about with USMT’s included manifests!  - 25-Aug-2010
Forcing Afterhours User Logoffs  - 24-Aug-2010
New Directory Services Content 8/15-8/21  - 23-Aug-2010
Moving Your Organization from a Single Microsoft CA to a Microsoft Recommended PKI  - 23-Aug-2010

Advanced Windows Debugging and Troubleshooting  Website | RSS Feed
Expanding Netmon to aid in debugging  - 26-Aug-2010

Clustering and High Availability  Website | RSS Feed
Creating a Cluster Resource DLL (Part 5): Logs  - 24-Aug-2010

Platforms Performance  Website | RSS Feed
ACT: Suppressing Elevation Prompts for Legacy Applications  - 27-Aug-2010

Server Core Ask the Core Team  Website | RSS Feed
NTFS File Attributes  - 25-Aug-2010
Using Multiple Client Access Points (CAP) in a Windows Server 2008 (R2) Failover Cluster  - 24-Aug-2010

Small Business Server SBS  Website | RSS Feed
Want to learn more about Small Business Server Code Name “Aurora”?  - 23-Aug-2010

Windows Server Networking and Remote Access 

Microsoft Enterprise Networking  Website | RSS Feed
New Networking-related articles for the week of August 15 – August 21  - 26-Aug-2010

Network Monitor  Website | RSS Feed
Trouble Accessing Some Fields with API  - 24-Aug-2010

Windows Server Networking Documentation  Website | RSS Feed
New Test Lab Troubleshooting Scenario template in the TechNet Wiki  - 25-Aug-2010

Windows Systems Management 

Scripting Hey Scripting Guys  Website | RSS Feed
Change Colors Used by the Windows PowerShell ISE  - 28-Aug-2010
Quick-Hits Friday: The Scripting Guys Respond to a Bunch of Questions (8/27/10)  - 27-Aug-2010
Query Active Directory with PowerShell and Run WMI Commands  - 26-Aug-2010
Query Active Directory and Ping Each Computer in the Domain by Using PowerShell  - 25-Aug-2010
Use the PowerShell [adsiSearcher] Type Accelerator to Search Active Directory  - 24-Aug-2010
Use the DirectorySearcher .NET Class and PowerShell to Search Active Directory  - 23-Aug-2010

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