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Business Process Management 

BizTalk Server  Website | RSS Feed
BizTalk Server 2006 R2 SP1 Now Available!!!  - 29-Jan-2010
BizTalk Server Performance Benchmark Wizard  - 26-Jan-2010

Consumer and Hardware Solutions 

Professional Photography  Website | RSS Feed
Deanne Fitzmaurice on NPR Discussing the Images from Haiti  - 25-Jan-2010

Windows Home Server  Website | RSS Feed
Show us Your Tech – Juan Goni  - 26-Jan-2010


Dynamics CRM  Website | RSS Feed – South African xRM Chapter  - 29-Jan-2010
The Power of Choice and the Firewall  - 28-Jan-2010
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP  - 27-Jan-2010
CRM featured on this week  - 26-Jan-2010
Importing Data from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online - Part 2  - 25-Jan-2010

Dynamics GP  Website | RSS Feed
Feature of the Day: Business Portal Executive Center  - 29-Jan-2010
Feature of the Day: Registration Navigation Panes  - 28-Jan-2010
Feature of the Day: E-mail Attachment Options  - 27-Jan-2010
NOW AVAILABLE: Feature Pack 1 and SDK for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0  - 26-Jan-2010
Feature of the Day: E-mail  - 26-Jan-2010
Feature of the Day: Remember User and Company  - 25-Jan-2010

Dynamics GP for Developers  Website | RSS Feed
Fixed Asset Integration error: "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime"  - 29-Jan-2010
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Beta Released  - 28-Jan-2010
Removing Extender Data when deleting Transactions or Lines  - 27-Jan-2010
Announcing Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2010  - 26-Jan-2010
Increasing the Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Homepage Font Size  - 25-Jan-2010

Dynamics NAV  Website | RSS Feed
Changes Document Now Available  - 27-Jan-2010


Interoperability  Website | RSS Feed
Putting customer feedback into action to advance interoperability  - 29-Jan-2010
New version of Zend Framework adds support for Microsoft Windows Azure  - 28-Jan-2010

Microsoft On The Issues Legal and Policy  Website | RSS Feed
How Can Policymakers Promote Innovation and Strengthen Privacy?  - 29-Jan-2010
Microsoft Celebrates Data Privacy Day  - 29-Jan-2010
Microsoft Reports Results for Second Quarter FY10  - 28-Jan-2010
Realizing the “Buy Once, Play Anywhere” Vision for Digital Media  - 28-Jan-2010
Microsoft & Internet Freedom  - 27-Jan-2010
Public Safety on the Agenda  - 27-Jan-2010
Infusing “service-learning” and technology in the classroom  - 25-Jan-2010

Microsoft Unlimited Potential  Website | RSS Feed
ICT in Africa, A Central Theme at the African Union Heads of State Summit This Month   - 29-Jan-2010

TechNet Magazine  Website | RSS Feed
Understand ReadyBoost and whether it will Speed Up your System  - 29-Jan-2010
Initiate Remote Assistance from a Command Line or a Script  - 29-Jan-2010
Use SchTasks.exe to Create and Manage Tasks  - 27-Jan-2010
Tweak Device Manager for a more Complete View of Devices  - 27-Jan-2010
Check for and Repair Damaged System Files while Windows is Running  - 25-Jan-2010
Use Different Bit Rates for Different Devices when Syncing Music and Video Files  - 25-Jan-2010

The Data Privacy Imperative  Website | RSS Feed
Announcing New Series for Organizations: Data Governance for Privacy, Confidentiality and Compliance  - 28-Jan-2010
Microsoft Releases a Study on Data Privacy Day  - 27-Jan-2010

The Microsoft Blog  Website | RSS Feed
Weekend Reading, January 29  - 30-Jan-2010
Microsoft & Internet Freedom  - 27-Jan-2010
2010 Tech Trends; Microsoft CIO Shares Some Thoughts  - 25-Jan-2010

Working for Microsoft - JobsBlog  Website | RSS Feed
A Microsoft employee who knows the true meaning of Disaster Response  - 29-Jan-2010
And the Tech Recognition Award goes to...  - 29-Jan-2010
If you build it, they will come  - 26-Jan-2010

Industry Solutions 

Education UK Further Education Community Colleges  Website | RSS Feed
Download the Office 2010 Beta and get a head start  - 28-Jan-2010
Running the cloud  - 28-Jan-2010
Looking for another Microsoft blog – take a look at the directory  - 27-Jan-2010

Education UK Higher Education  Website | RSS Feed
Download the Office 2010 Beta and get a head start  - 26-Jan-2010
Looking for another Microsoft blog – take a look at the directory  - 25-Jan-2010

Education UK Schools  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft at BETT 2010 – the world’s largest Education IT exhibition  - 29-Jan-2010
Top 10 ICT Money Saving Tips – 9 – Stop your email servers  - 27-Jan-2010
New blog header today  - 27-Jan-2010
A new way to add interactivity and quizzes to PowerPoint presentations  - 27-Jan-2010
Top 10 ICT Money Saving Tips – 8 – Stop buying so much software  - 26-Jan-2010
School Closures, Snow Days and Learning Platforms.  - 26-Jan-2010
Download the Office 2010 Beta and find out what makes it good for the classroom  - 25-Jan-2010
Top 10 ICT Money Saving Tips – 7 – Stop printing so much  - 25-Jan-2010
Running the Cloud – statistic overload  - 25-Jan-2010
Safer Internet Day – 9th Feb 2010 – Resources to help prepare  - 25-Jan-2010

Education UK Teachers K12  Website | RSS Feed
InnoVID competition - FAQs  - 27-Jan-2010
Bringing the Partners in Learning Network to your SharePoint site  - 25-Jan-2010

Financial Services Risk and Compliance  Website | RSS Feed
Regulatory Oversight & Compliance of Blogs and Social Networking - Sai Sireesh  - 28-Jan-2010

Health  Website | RSS Feed
A “right-sized” EMR? Tablet PC + Microsoft Office OneNote  - 27-Jan-2010

Power and Utilities  Website | RSS Feed
Bill Gates Offers Thoughts on Energy Recalibration  - 25-Jan-2010

Microsoft Advertising 

adCenter Analytics  Website | RSS Feed
1st Ever Silverlight Ad on MSN for EA Games Mass Effect 2  - 28-Jan-2010
Microsoft and Mediabrands Research Webinar: 5 Things Every Marketer Should Measure  - 27-Jan-2010
New Creative Kid On The Blo(g)ck  - 27-Jan-2010

adCenter API for Developers  Website | RSS Feed
Sandbox still having issues  - 29-Jan-2010
Sandbox+ Environment back online Jan. 25  - 26-Jan-2010

Microsoft Conferences and Briefings 

MIX The Next Web Now  Website | RSS Feed
Kindle vs. iPad vs. Weimaraner  - 29-Jan-2010
Transparency Yeilds Better Results  - 27-Jan-2010
Transparency Yields Better Results  - 27-Jan-2010
HTML5 Video: You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!  - 25-Jan-2010
HTML5 video tag with H.264 codec  - 25-Jan-2010

Microsoft Learning 

Microsoft Learning  Website | RSS Feed
I’m going to Disneyland! (or How to Get Your Quote on a Rollercoaster)  - 30-Jan-2010
Whatever Happened to MCSE? Continuing the Conversation  - 28-Jan-2010
Don’t miss MIX10  - 26-Jan-2010
48 Best free apps from Microsoft  - 26-Jan-2010
Questions to BTL readers  - 26-Jan-2010

Microsoft Press  Website | RSS Feed
Steve McConnell: Why Requirements Weren't More Prominent in Construx's Classic Mistakes Survey  - 29-Jan-2010
Ed Wilson: On understanding best practices  - 28-Jan-2010
Jeffrey Richter: Excerpt from CLR via C#, Third Edition  - 27-Jan-2010
Happy Birthday to us!  - 27-Jan-2010
William Stanek: On Windows Server 2008 R2  - 26-Jan-2010
Carl Chatfield: Top 10 Problems, #8: Overestimate resource capacity  - 25-Jan-2010

Microsoft Online Services 

Microsoft Online Services  Website | RSS Feed
Response to North America Connectivity Issues  - 29-Jan-2010
What’s the Story with SharePoint Online URLs?  - 27-Jan-2010
Feature of the Week: Use your Windows Mobile phone with Exchange Online  - 27-Jan-2010
Webinar: Using PowerShell with Microsoft Online Services  - 25-Jan-2010
New Sign-In Application and Update Notifications from the Application  - 25-Jan-2010
Disabling End-User Notifications in the Sign-In Application  - 25-Jan-2010

Microsoft Press Pass 

Press Pass Press Releases  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Reports Record Second-Quarter Results  - 28-Jan-2010
Siemens Signs Agreement to License Microsoft HealthVault  - 28-Jan-2010
Microsoft Announces Upcoming Events for the Financial Community  - 27-Jan-2010
Microsoft and Public Safety Partners to Tackle Emerging Public Safety Trends  - 27-Jan-2010
Microsoft Announces Office Winter Games Contest Winners  - 26-Jan-2010
Microsoft and the Corporation for National and Community Service Launch New Initiative to Promote Student Leadership in the Classroom  - 25-Jan-2010

Press Pass Top Stories  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft and Customer Executives Team Up to Improve Interoperability  - 29-Jan-2010
United States Olympic Committee Media Site Shines With Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010  - 27-Jan-2010
Lessons From Haiti for Technology in Public Safety  - 27-Jan-2010
Data Privacy Day: Your Online Reputation Is on the Line  - 27-Jan-2010
E•SPONDER and Microsoft Move Public Safety Into the 21st Century  - 26-Jan-2010
Microsoft Office Contest Winners Ready to Blog From the Winter Games  - 26-Jan-2010
The Man Behind Windows 7’s Fast Start  - 25-Jan-2010


The Office Blog  Website | RSS Feed
Template du Jour: 12-Month Income Statement  - 26-Jan-2010
Talking visuals on audio  - 26-Jan-2010
Jan. 26: Tip of the Day  - 26-Jan-2010
Office 2010 Technology in Action at the Winter Games in Vancouver  - 26-Jan-2010
Keyboard shortcuts - Use = (Office comic)   - 26-Jan-2010
A few words about Seth Godin and his new book Linchpin  - 26-Jan-2010
Excel Geek? Prizes await  - 26-Jan-2010
Search for Savings  - 26-Jan-2010
Template du Jour: Day-to-day Budgeting  - 25-Jan-2010
Watch Top Templates with Doug and Ron: Poker Tournament Calculator  - 25-Jan-2010
Happy Birthday Bubble Wrap  - 25-Jan-2010
It's Monday: does your computer need a new password?   - 25-Jan-2010
Accessing Office Documents Using Your Phone  - 25-Jan-2010
Jan. 25: Tip of the Day  - 25-Jan-2010
Gadget geek alert!  - 25-Jan-2010

Office Applications 

Office 2010  Website | RSS Feed
Check out the InfoPath "5 for forms" Video Demo Series  - 29-Jan-2010
Business Intelligence Features in Excel 2010  - 28-Jan-2010
Office 2010 Technology in Action at the Winter Games in Vancouver  - 26-Jan-2010
Accessing Office Documents Using Your Phone  - 25-Jan-2010

Office Access  Website | RSS Feed
Access 2010: How to write expressions for Web queries, forms, and reports  - 27-Jan-2010
Power Tip: Making forms easier to use and maintain  - 25-Jan-2010

Office Excel and Excel Services  Website | RSS Feed
Programmability Improvements in Excel 2010  - 28-Jan-2010
Table Improvements in Excel 2010  - 26-Jan-2010

Office InfoPath  Website | RSS Feed
Sign up now for the InfoPath 2010 Academy Live Series!  - 29-Jan-2010
Create a SharePoint list using InfoPath 2010  - 28-Jan-2010
Announcing the InfoPath 2010 Academy Live Series!  - 26-Jan-2010

Office Powerpoint  Website | RSS Feed
Behind the Scenes: Accessibility in PowerPoint 2010  - 26-Jan-2010

Office Project  Website | RSS Feed
Task Statusing and the new Grid  - 28-Jan-2010
Tips and Tricks: Change the table quickly  - 25-Jan-2010
Project 2010: Copy and Paste  - 25-Jan-2010

Office Visio  Website | RSS Feed
Container, List and Callout API in Visio 2010  - 27-Jan-2010

Office Word  Website | RSS Feed
The Why Behind Our Styles and Lists Designs  - 28-Jan-2010

Office Sharepoint MOSS and Groove 

SharePoint Developer  Website | RSS Feed
How to Create a Web Part with a Contextual Tab  - 29-Jan-2010

SharePoint End User Content Team  Website | RSS Feed
Create list relationships by using lookup and unique columns (SharePoint 2010)  - 28-Jan-2010
What's new in PerformancePoint Dashboards and Web Parts  - 25-Jan-2010

SharePoint Products and Technologies  Website | RSS Feed
December 2009 Cumulative Update Packages for SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0  - 29-Jan-2010

Partner and Customer Resources 

Microsoft Partner Program TS2 Blog  Website | RSS Feed
Managing Virtual Machines without Domain Administrator Credentials  - 28-Jan-2010
How do I change the Disk Witness in Quorum  - 25-Jan-2010

Microsoft Small Medium Business Community  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) Webcasts for Partners – Register today!  - 27-Jan-2010
Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center Update and Resources  - 25-Jan-2010

Startup Zone Emerging Business Team  Website | RSS Feed
And the winner is…  - 30-Jan-2010
What the VCs had to say about the Microsoft BizSpark startups at Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 SocialFest  - 29-Jan-2010
Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 SocialFest – A Sneak Peak at What Startups are Cooking Up!  - 28-Jan-2010
Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 SocialFest – Sidney Minassian shares how Liaise helps Transform Email into Actionable Interactions  - 27-Jan-2010
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 SocialFest – From Award Winning Text Mining to a Comprehensive Competitive Intelligence Service  - 26-Jan-2010
Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 SocialFest – Alex Mermod talks about MindUp which helps make email interactions more efficient  - 25-Jan-2010

Product Support 

Hotfix Support The Hot Blog  Website | RSS Feed
Jan. 22 - Jan. 29 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Messaging Server  - 29-Jan-2010
Jan. 21 - Jan. 27 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - SQL Server  - 28-Jan-2010
Jan. 20 - Jan. 26 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Developer  - 27-Jan-2010
Jan. 19 - Jan. 25 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows 6/7  - 26-Jan-2010
Jan. 18 - Jan. 24 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows Legacy Products  - 25-Jan-2010

Research and Labs 

Microsoft Research Downloads  Website | RSS Feed
TLA Toolbox: Windows 32-bit  - 28-Jan-2010

Microsoft Research Machine Translation  Website | RSS Feed
Updating the Haitian Creole Translation system  - 30-Jan-2010

Microsoft Research News and Headlines  Website | RSS Feed
Search Microsoft  - 29-Jan-2010
Microsoft’s Rhapsody  - 29-Jan-2010
Chuck  - 26-Jan-2010
Helping People Get to the Party  - 25-Jan-2010
Bing Translator Now Supports Haitian Creole  - 25-Jan-2010
Video: Pictionaire Multitouch Table Blends Physical Objects with Digital Work  - 25-Jan-2010

Microsoft Research Publications  Website | RSS Feed
Local Verification of Global Invariants in Concurrent Programs  - 26-Jan-2010
JSMeter: Measuring JavaScript Behavior in the Wild  - 26-Jan-2010
Virtual Compass: relative positioning to sense mobile social interactions  - 25-Jan-2010


Bing Maps formerly Live Maps  Website | RSS Feed
Bing Maps Challenge, Win $100 Gift Card  - 25-Jan-2010

Bing Search formerly Live Search  Website | RSS Feed
The Twist Show and Free T-shirt Friday  - 29-Jan-2010
Exploring Mars With Bing  - 29-Jan-2010
Simplifying Money Matters with Bing  - 28-Jan-2010
Dr Bing: Giving Free Reign to Head and Heart  - 25-Jan-2010


Microsoft Information Security Tools Team  Website | RSS Feed
How To: View The Header of an EXE/DLL  - 28-Jan-2010

MSRC Ecosystem Strategy  Website | RSS Feed
There were dragons. Everywhere.  - 28-Jan-2010

Security Bulletins Comprehensive  Website | RSS Feed
MS09-073 - Important: Vulnerability in WordPad and Office Text Converters Could Allow Remote Code Execution (975539) - Version:2.1  - 27-Jan-2010
MS10-002 - Critical: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (978207) - Version:1.1  - 27-Jan-2010

Security Products Forefront 

Forefront Client Security  Website | RSS Feed
Scanning removable drives  - 29-Jan-2010
Ever wonder what's in a definition update?  - 28-Jan-2010

Forefront Product Suite  Website | RSS Feed
Windows IT Pro mag on TMG: "A winner."  - 29-Jan-2010
Softpedia interview with MSFT's Tony Trivison on RMS and data protection.  - 25-Jan-2010

Forefront Server Security  Website | RSS Feed
TechNet Edge video about Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server  - 28-Jan-2010

Software and Web Development 

ADO dotNET  Website | RSS Feed
The Entity Framework team is hiring!  - 27-Jan-2010
Announcing the Entity Framework POCO Template update for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2  - 25-Jan-2010

Application Consulting and Engineering ACE  Website | RSS Feed
Using the Business Impact Analysis  - 26-Jan-2010

Developer Division Performance and Engineering  Website | RSS Feed
Statistical Process Control Techniques in Performance Monitoring and Alerting  - 27-Jan-2010

The dotNET Endpoint  Website | RSS Feed
Integrating ASP.NET Output Caching with WCF WebHttp Services  - 28-Jan-2010
Using Routes to Compose WCF WebHttp Services  - 25-Jan-2010

Visual Basic  Website | RSS Feed
What didn't get into VB10: a wish-list for future versions of VB  - 28-Jan-2010
The many cases of ByRef  - 26-Jan-2010

Visual C++  Website | RSS Feed
Precompiled Header Files in Visual Studio 2010  - 26-Jan-2010
How to read/write the new Visual C++ project properties  - 26-Jan-2010

Windows 7 for Developers  Website | RSS Feed
I Can Feel You – Using the Windows 7 Sensor Platform  - 29-Jan-2010

XNA Games Development  Website | RSS Feed
Creators Club Communiqué 39  - 29-Jan-2010

Software and Web Development Cloud Computing 

Windows Azure  Website | RSS Feed
Latest Zend Framework Adds Support for Windows Azure  - 28-Jan-2010
Try Windows Azure at No Charge  - 27-Jan-2010
Jordan Brand Social Mosaic Goes Live with Windows Azure Cloud Services  - 26-Jan-2010
Do You Have A Great Windows Azure Idea?  - 25-Jan-2010

SQL and Business Intelligence 

Microsoft Sync Framework  Website | RSS Feed
Sending Email Notifications Using SQL Azure Data Sync  - 28-Jan-2010
How to Synchronize from SQL Azure to SQL Server using Visual Basic  - 25-Jan-2010

Systems Center Systems Management 

System Center  Website | RSS Feed
Application Compatibility Toolkit Connector Update  - 30-Jan-2010
Monitor the Health & Performance of Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010  - 28-Jan-2010
Operations Management Pack for Windows 2008 R2 Direct Access Server Now Available  - 28-Jan-2010
Happy Data Privacy Day … from System Center  - 28-Jan-2010
The War on Cost…..need answers?  - 28-Jan-2010 Chat, this morning: Join us!  - 28-Jan-2010
Configuration Manager and Windows 7: A success story to share  - 27-Jan-2010
Upcoming Influencers Live Meeting (2.2.10 at 10:00 am PST): SharePoint and System Center  - 27-Jan-2010
New Consolidated Updates for System Center Operations Manager 2007 (R2 and SP1)  - 26-Jan-2010
Live Expert Chat TODAY (8am to 11am Pacific): Get answers to all your System Management questions  - 26-Jan-2010
Quick Blog link for you  - 25-Jan-2010

System Center Configuration Manager  Website | RSS Feed
Announcement: Configuration Manager Documentation Library Update for January 2010  - 29-Jan-2010
Things you need to know when using Windows Embedded Standard 2009  - 25-Jan-2010

System Center Configuration Manager Support  Website | RSS Feed
Create a Robust, Integrated Reporting Solution with SQL Server Reporting Services and System Center Configuration Manager  - 28-Jan-2010
ConfigMgr 2007: How to move the Site Database  - 28-Jan-2010
New Hotfix: The Distribution Manager does not honor the "Number of retries" and "Delay before retrying (minutes)" retry settings on SCCM 2007 SP1 site servers  - 26-Jan-2010

System Center Essentials  Website | RSS Feed
Virtualize with System Center Essentials 2010 RC and Receive a Free Gift  - 25-Jan-2010

System Center Service Manager  Website | RSS Feed
Inserting links to Review/Manual Activities in notifications.  - 28-Jan-2010
How to Look Up the Management Group Name  - 25-Jan-2010

System Center Virtual Machine Manager  Website | RSS Feed
The VMMCA and why it's important in troubleshooting VMM issues  - 27-Jan-2010
SCVMM Solution: P2V conversion may fail with error ID 3101 and "Unknown error 0x80041001"  - 26-Jan-2010

Unified Communications 

Microsoft Exchange  Website | RSS Feed
Released: Update Rollup 2 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2  - 29-Jan-2010
Interception and Redirection of Messages Using Transport Rules or Journaling  - 28-Jan-2010
Protecting Exchange 2010 DAG (Single Site) Using Data Protection Manager 2010  - 26-Jan-2010

Office Communications Server  Website | RSS Feed
Free Instructor-Led Training for end-users: Introduction to Office Communicator  - 25-Jan-2010


Dynamic Data Center Alliance  Website | RSS Feed
Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters: An Update on Momentum and the Road Ahead  - 28-Jan-2010

Med-V Enterprise Desktop Virtualization  Website | RSS Feed
MED-V Solution: Error When Starting Workspace: "Reply Message Didn't Arrive on Time"  - 28-Jan-2010
"Last Restart" component in the MED-V virtual machine setup script is not needed and will increase workspace first time setup time  - 27-Jan-2010
MED-V Solution: Error in VM Prerequisite Wizard: "An unsupported version of Virtual Machine Additions is installed"  - 26-Jan-2010

Terminal Services  Website | RSS Feed
VIDEO: How to Install MS VDI on as Single Server using Windows 7 Guests  - 25-Jan-2010

Windows Virtualization  Website | RSS Feed
RT: Happy Data Privacy Day from System Center  - 28-Jan-2010
SQL Server is a Great Workload to Consolidate on Microsoft Virtualization  - 26-Jan-2010
Hyper-V Network Command Line Tool NVSPBIND Now Available Externally  - 26-Jan-2010

Windows Desktop and Embedded 

Windows Embedded  Website | RSS Feed
Custom Dialog Filters, Part 1  - 27-Jan-2010
Managing and Servicing your Distribution Share  - 25-Jan-2010

Windows Embedded Point of Service for dotNET  Website | RSS Feed
Help Define the Requirements for the Next Version of Windows Embedded POSReady  - 25-Jan-2010

Windows for your Business  Website | RSS Feed
Energy Companies Powering Up with Windows 7  - 28-Jan-2010

Windows Sensor and Location Platform  Website | RSS Feed
The Sensor and Location Drill Down - Part 2: The Sensor API  - 27-Jan-2010

Windows Live 

Windows Live Team General News  Website | RSS Feed
Be more productive with Hotmail in 2010!  - 29-Jan-2010

Windows Mobile 

Microsoft Tag  Website | RSS Feed
Tag at Conferenes   - 28-Jan-2010
Luna TagGen for Mobile  - 26-Jan-2010

Windows Server and Infrastructure 

Active Directory Services  Website | RSS Feed
It’s Lucha Libre Friday  - 29-Jan-2010
DCDIAG Advertising test with error 81  - 27-Jan-2010
New Directory Services KB Articles/Blogs 1/10-1/23  - 25-Jan-2010

Clustering and High Availability  Website | RSS Feed
New Cluster Docs for Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) & Migration  - 26-Jan-2010

Platforms Performance  Website | RSS Feed
VMMap - A Peek Inside Virtual Memory  - 29-Jan-2010
What’s new in Windows PowerShell 2.0  - 26-Jan-2010

Server Core  Website | RSS Feed
Network Binding Management  - 28-Jan-2010

Server Core Ask the Core Team  Website | RSS Feed
Cluster Migration Wizard, is this the only way to migrate shares on a Cluster?  - 25-Jan-2010

Small Business Server SBS  Website | RSS Feed
Exchange 2007 Activation Tool is available for Small Business Server 2008  - 26-Jan-2010
Business Backup with SBS and Windows 7  - 25-Jan-2010

Windows Server Networking and Remote Access 

Microsoft Enterprise Networking  Website | RSS Feed
A Windows Server 2008 R2 Virtual Machine may crash with a blue screen after configuring NLB on it  - 29-Jan-2010
New Networking-related KB articles for the week of January 17 – January 23  - 28-Jan-2010

Windows Server Networking Documentation  Website | RSS Feed
New DirectAccess management pack published  - 29-Jan-2010
New overview videos for the DirectAccess test lab documents are now available  - 28-Jan-2010
Windows Server networking documentation brings home the awards!  - 26-Jan-2010

Windows Systems Management 

Scripting Hey Scripting Guys  Website | RSS Feed
Hey, Scripting Guy! Quick-Hits Friday: The Scripting Guys Respond to a Bunch of Questions (1/29/09)  - 29-Jan-2010
Hey, Scripting Guy! How Can I Create Managed Service Accounts?  - 28-Jan-2010
Dandelions, VCR Clocks, and Last Logon Times: These Are a Few of Our Least Favorite Things  - 27-Jan-2010
Hey, Scripting Guy! Can I Use Windows PowerShell to Manage AD DS Security Groups?  - 27-Jan-2010
Hey, Scripting Guy! How Can I Create Users and Organizational Units with Active Directory Domain Services Cmdlets?  - 26-Jan-2010
Hey, Scripting Guy! What's Up with Active Directory Domain Services Cmdlets?   - 25-Jan-2010

Windows Management Infrastructure  Website | RSS Feed
Quick and Dirty Large Scale Event forwarding for Windows   - 28-Jan-2010

Windows Powershell  Website | RSS Feed
The PowerScripting Centennial  - 26-Jan-2010
Use The Right Version of PowerShell.  - 25-Jan-2010

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