Microsoft Team Blogs Directory UPDATED January-2010

Welcome everyone to 2010.   The Microsoft Team Blogs Directory to remove 32 team blogs which have not been used for a few months and add 7 new ones .   In total there are 239 blogs on the directory here, you can continue to expect a weekly and monthly aggregated post to BlogMS with all the latest news from the Microsoft Product and Support teams.

New Blogs Added:

Consumer and Hardware Solutions  
  Windows Home Server RSS
  The Microsoft Blog RSS
Partner and Customer Resources  
  Windows Partner Blog RSS
Windows Desktop and Embedded  
  Windows Genuine Advantage RSS
Windows Sensor and Location Platform RSS
Windows Live  
  Inside Windows Live RSS
Windows Mobile  
  Windows Mobile Developer RSS

Blogs Archived:

Archived Team Blogs (2010) Last Article
 Windows Home Server TechNetRSSSep-09
 Windows Genuine Advantage TechNetRSSSep-09
 Dynamics MobileRSSSep-09
 Education US Specialist TeamRSSMar-09
 Manufacturing and ResourcesRSSFeb-09
 TechEdRSSBlog Retired
 Microsoft Student Partners ProgramRSSJul-09
 Microsoft Live LabsRSSBlog Retired
 Groove DevelopmentRSSJan-10
 Microsoft Application Threat ModellingRSSJul-09
 Security Vulnerability Research and DefenseRSSFeb-09
 Open Source News FeedRSSJun-09
 Reference Source CodeRSSOct-08
 Visual Studio ExtensibilityRSSOct-09
 SQL Programmability and APIRSSJun-09
 Live Meeting Service DevelopersRSSAug-08
 Windows CE BaseRSSFeb-09
Windows SideShowRSSMay-09
 Windows Live Family SafetyRSSSep-09
 Windows Live FrameItRSSFeb-09
 Windows Live OneCareRSSJul-09
 Windows Live Photo and VideoRSSMar-09
 Windows Live Sky DriveRSSAug-09
 Windows Live SyncRSSNov-09
 Windows Live WriterRSSJan-09
 Inside Office OnlineRSSJun-09
 Office Online Clipart and MediaRSSJun-09
 Office Online TemplatesRSSJun-09

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