Microsoft Team Blogs – ARCHIVED

The following table provides a list of Microsoft Team Blogs which have been archived from the main directory.  This list was last updated on the 19th January 2010.

Archived Team Blogs (2007)   Last Article
  Infrastructure Optimization (IO) RSS Apr-07
  Windows Custom Domains RSS Nov-07
  Windows Live Alerts RSS Jul-07
  Windows Side Bar  Gadget Corner RSS Apr-07
Archived Team Blogs (2008)   Last Article
  adCentre Labs RSS Oct-08
  Dynamics CRM Online RSS Dec-09
  Enterprise Content Management RSS Dec-08
  Message Queuing RSS Feb-08
  Microsoft dot com Operations RSS Dec-08
Mobile Developer RSS Dec-08
  Office Business Applications RSS Aug-08
  Records Management RSS Feb-08
  RSS Web Feeds RSS Feb-08
  SQL Server Engine RSS Jul-08
  SQL Server Manageability RSS Mar-08
  SQL Server Query Processing RSS Sep-08
  Tablet PC RSS Mar-08
  User State Migration Tool USMT RSS Aug-08
  Visual Studio Code Analysis RSS Nov-08
  Visual Studio Team Architect RSS Jun-08
  Windows Server Performance RSS Dec-08
  Windows Shell RSS Mar-08
  Windows Vista Security RSS Dec-08
Archived Team Blogs (2009)   Last Article
  Live QnA RSS Jun-09
  Microsoft Connected Information Security Group RSS Apr-09
  System Center Manageability RSS Jan-09
  Ultra Mobile PC Project Origami RSS Jul-09
  Windows Live Spaces RSS Apr-09
  Windows Mobile RSS Jul-09
Archived Team Blogs (2010)   Last Article
  Windows Home Server TechNet RSS Sep-09
  Windows Genuine Advantage TechNet RSS Sep-09
  Dynamics Mobile RSS Sep-09
  Education US Specialist Team RSS Mar-09
  Manufacturing and Resources RSS Feb-09
  TechEd RSS Blog Retired
  Groove RSS Nov-08
  Microsoft Student Partners Program RSS Jul-09
  Microsoft Live Labs RSS Blog Retired
  Groove Development RSS Jan-10
  Microsoft Application Threat Modelling RSS Jul-09
  Security Vulnerability Research and Defense RSS Feb-09
  Open Source News Feed RSS Jun-09
  Reference Source Code RSS Oct-08
  Popfly RSS Jul-09
  Visual Studio Extensibility RSS Oct-09
  XML RSS Jun-09
  SQL Programmability and API RSS Jun-09
  Live Meeting Service Developers RSS Aug-08
  Windows CE Base RSS Feb-09
Windows SideShow RSS May-09
  Windows Live Family Safety RSS Sep-09
  Windows Live FrameIt RSS Feb-09
  Windows Live OneCare RSS Jul-09
  Windows Live Photo and Video RSS Mar-09
  Windows Live Sky Drive RSS Aug-09
  Windows Live Sync RSS Nov-09
  Windows Live Writer RSS Jan-09
  Jscript RSS Jun-09
  Inside Office Online RSS Jun-09
  Office Online Clipart and Media RSS Jun-09
  Office Online Templates RSS Jun-09

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