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Microsoft Live@edu is an entire suite of online hosted services designed for and offered especially to educational institutions at no cost to the institution. It combines rich Microsoft-hosted services, including university-branded Windows Outlook Live, Office Live Workspace and SkyDrive storage to help students manage their studies, share and store information, collaborate with other students in real time and stay connected more easily with friends and family on campus and after they graduate. With enterprise-class hosting that is integrated with the school’s existing infrastructure, Live@edu relieves schools of the burden and cost of maintenance and design of these types of advanced, yet expected, communications services, giving them back time and money for more strategic projects, while offering students access to e-mail and documents via their PCs, mobile phones and online. Outlook live is on Outlook 2010

KEY FEATURES:  Free student email and online tools

  • Provide a co-branded hosted Exchange solution at no cost with Outlook Live (10GB/user)

  • Equip your students for the real world with Microsoft tools

  • Help to keep your students’ data private and promote online safety

  • Excite students with 25GB of online storage on Windows Live SkyDrive

  • Simplify online collaboration and document sharing with Office Live Workspace

  • Give your university a reliable and easy-to-manage Microsoft solution with enhanced security

  • Supported on all popular browsers on Windows or Mac, including Firefox and Safari

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