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Consumer and Hardware Solutions 

Professional Photography  Website | RSS Feed
The Shutter Sisters “Picture Hope”  - 03-Nov-2009

Xbox Press Releases  Website | RSS Feed
Halo Waypoint Launches Today, Setting the Stage for Exclusive Previews of “Halo Legends” on Xbox LIVE Starting Saturday, Nov. 7  - 05-Nov-2009


Dynamics CRM  Website | RSS Feed
CWR Mobility and Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the Zune HD  - 05-Nov-2009
Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK 4.0.10 is available  - 04-Nov-2009
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Delivers the November 2009 Service Update  - 03-Nov-2009
Introducing the ‘Import Data Wizard’ in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Service Update for Nov 2009  - 02-Nov-2009

Dynamics GP for Developers  Website | RSS Feed
Getting to the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference 2009 Part 1  - 07-Nov-2009
Blog lunch table topic during GP Technical Conference 2009  - 06-Nov-2009
Don't miss the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference 2009  - 05-Nov-2009
Automating or Customizing the Report Destination Window  - 04-Nov-2009
Asus Eee PC and Microsoft Dynamics GP  - 02-Nov-2009

Dynamics NAV  Website | RSS Feed
Using XMLports With Web Services  - 06-Nov-2009
Application Test Toolset for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1   - 06-Nov-2009
Duplicate SPNs in a 3-tier setup and how to locate them  - 05-Nov-2009
How To Install Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 Employee Portal on a 64-bit Operating System  - 04-Nov-2009


Environment Software Enabled Earth  Website | RSS Feed
TechSoup Webcast on Green Tech Tips  - 03-Nov-2009
Intel: Windows 7 improvements gain laptop users an additional 1.4 hours of battery life  - 02-Nov-2009

Interoperability  Website | RSS Feed
Project Apache Stonehenge: progress and roadmap discussed at ApacheCon  - 07-Nov-2009
PHP with Bing Maps  - 04-Nov-2009

Microsoft On The Issues Legal and Policy  Website | RSS Feed
Protecting Our Digital Heritage: Standards, Collaboration and Awareness  - 05-Nov-2009

The Data Privacy Imperative  Website | RSS Feed
Privacy in the Cloud Computing Era: A Microsoft Perspective  - 05-Nov-2009
Peter Cullen on Privacy Accountability  - 04-Nov-2009

Working for Microsoft - JobsBlog  Website | RSS Feed
Our Chief Research and Strategy Officer visits campuses  - 05-Nov-2009
Resume, resume...What did I do with that resume?  - 03-Nov-2009

Industry Solutions 

Education UK Further Education Community Colleges  Website | RSS Feed
Who will be the next Bill Gates  - 05-Nov-2009
Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for Direct Access  - 02-Nov-2009
South East Essex College and DMS do Windows 7  - 02-Nov-2009

Education UK Higher Education  Website | RSS Feed
Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for Direct Access  - 03-Nov-2009
Middlesex University speaks about live@edu  - 02-Nov-2009

Education UK Schools  Website | RSS Feed
Who will be the next Bill Gates  - 06-Nov-2009

Education UK Teachers K12  Website | RSS Feed
Friday afternoon inspiration – ideas from Innovative Teachers  - 06-Nov-2009
Meet our Innovative Schools!  - 06-Nov-2009
Postcard from Brasil – and a gift for you  - 05-Nov-2009

Health  Website | RSS Feed
Leading experts, special guests to be featured on Microsoft “Health Tech Today”  - 05-Nov-2009
First Look: Microsoft “Health Tech Today”  - 03-Nov-2009

Power and Utilities  Website | RSS Feed
Upcoming Webinar Discusses Risk, Efficiency and Compliance for EPC Projects, 11 November  - 07-Nov-2009
ESS-Enabled IHS Ready to Accept the Climate Challenge  - 03-Nov-2009


Internet Explorer  Website | RSS Feed
Participating at W3C’s TPAC 2009  - 03-Nov-2009

Microsoft Advertising 

adCenter Analytics  Website | RSS Feed
15 Ways To Grow Your Audience - adtech New York 2009  - 06-Nov-2009
Where's the Metric? - adtech New York 2009  - 06-Nov-2009
The Silent Click - Increase Brand Awareness Online - adtech New York 2009  - 06-Nov-2009
Pepsi, Boondoggle & Europcar Session Videos – Imagine 09  - 06-Nov-2009
Measuring the Effectiveness of Online Brand Advertising at adTech New York  - 06-Nov-2009
Esco Strong on Engagement Mapping – adtech New York 2009  - 06-Nov-2009
Auto Industry Innovating in Digital - Especially In-Game  - 05-Nov-2009
State of the Industry - IAB - adtech New York 2009  - 04-Nov-2009
The Brand New Unveiled  - 04-Nov-2009
Bill Buxton, Martin Raymond & Anna Kirah Presentations - Imagine 09  - 03-Nov-2009
Ben Chapman - Video Interview – BBC Radio 1 & Social Media  - 02-Nov-2009
Event Highlights & Video - Imagine 09  - 02-Nov-2009

adCenter API for Developers  Website | RSS Feed
We've Moved!  - 04-Nov-2009

adCenter for Advertisers  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft adCenter Fall 2009 Upgrade Rolling Out This Weekend  - 07-Nov-2009
Bing Buzz and The Holidays: Advertising on Bing Shopping  - 05-Nov-2009
SEM Beginner Series: Ad Copy Importance, Best Practices and Resources  - 04-Nov-2009
Paid Search Bid Concepts and Strategies (Part III)  - 03-Nov-2009
UK Search Insights: Life After Redundancy - Part 3: Keep Calm and Carry On  - 02-Nov-2009

Microsoft Conferences and Briefings 

Bluehat Security Briefings  Website | RSS Feed
Know thy Enemy  - 06-Nov-2009

MIX The Next Web Now  Website | RSS Feed
When Projects Fall Apart  - 06-Nov-2009
Calculating Risk  - 06-Nov-2009
Who gives a “gosh-darn”?  - 03-Nov-2009

Microsoft IT and GFS 

Microsoft Data Centers  Website | RSS Feed
Presenting our Datacentre Strategy at Tech-Ed EMEA   - 04-Nov-2009

Microsoft Learning 

Microsoft Certified Master  Website | RSS Feed
Testimonial #2 from a SQL MCM (who doesn’t work for Microsoft)  - 03-Nov-2009

Microsoft Learning  Website | RSS Feed
Get on the Bus – Gopas, Prague  - 07-Nov-2009
MCT: Day Zero  - 07-Nov-2009
Resources Available For Test Center Partners  - 06-Nov-2009
Welcome to Microsoft Austria!  - 06-Nov-2009
GOTB in Amsterdam, DELL  - 05-Nov-2009
Get on the Bus! Day 11: Vienna – BRG/BORG Polgarstrasse  - 05-Nov-2009
GOTB in Amsterdam, DELL  - 05-Nov-2009
Elevate America: Mississippi  - 05-Nov-2009
Announcing the Availability of Exam 70-699: Windows Server 2003, MCSA Security Specialization Skills Update  - 04-Nov-2009
The Unusual Suspects  - 03-Nov-2009
GOTB – The Campus, Frankfurt, Germany  - 03-Nov-2009
‘My dad went to a Get on the Bus show and…’  - 03-Nov-2009
The Bus – what’s inside?  - 03-Nov-2009
…and we’re back!  - 03-Nov-2009
Can we fix it? Bus broken…  - 03-Nov-2009
We play Zwolle Stadium  - 03-Nov-2009
GOTB InfoSupport, Veenendaal, NL: Live from the Red Carpet in Veenendaal  - 03-Nov-2009
GOTB InfoSupport, Veenendaal, NL: Live from the Red Carpet in Veenendaal  - 03-Nov-2009
Get on the Bus Day 5: Ghent, Belgium  - 03-Nov-2009
Welcome to Amsterdam Where Orange is the New Blue  - 02-Nov-2009
My First day in the Big Brother Bus  - 02-Nov-2009

Microsoft Press  Website | RSS Feed
New book: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant  - 06-Nov-2009
Review: Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2008  - 06-Nov-2009
William Stanek: Windows 7: Inside Track, Part 5 “Migrations with Windows Easy Transfer”  - 05-Nov-2009
Quick note: PDC attendees save 25% on certification exams  - 04-Nov-2009
William Stanek: Windows 7: Inside Track, Part 4 “Migrations and Automation”  - 03-Nov-2009
Download ten free Windows 7 chapters  - 02-Nov-2009
Windows 7 Resource Kit Unofficial Support Site  - 02-Nov-2009

Microsoft Licensing 

Microsoft Licensing In Depth  Website | RSS Feed
Exchange 2010 – Available on Volume Licensing…  - 03-Nov-2009

Microsoft Online Services 

Microsoft Online Services  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Online Services at TechEd Europe  - 06-Nov-2009
Service Update: November 2009 Release Availability, Features Announced  - 05-Nov-2009
Use Your Mac with Microsoft Online Services  - 04-Nov-2009
Microsoft Online Services Expands Globally, Adds New Customers, Reduces Pricing  - 02-Nov-2009

Office Live Workspaces  Website | RSS Feed
How to stay motivated when working from home  - 07-Nov-2009
Students: Use Office Live Workspace to share course work, old tests   - 06-Nov-2009

Microsoft Press Pass 

Press Pass Press Releases  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Partners in Learning Announces 2009 Worldwide Innovative Teacher Awards  - 07-Nov-2009
Media Alert: Microsoft Talks “New Efficiency” at Tech•Ed Europe 2009  - 05-Nov-2009
Major Oil and Gas Enterprises Improve Business Performance with Advanced Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Functionality  - 05-Nov-2009
Teachers and Schools Celebrate Success at 2009 Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Education Forum  - 04-Nov-2009
New MSN Designed to Be the Best Home Page on the Web  - 04-Nov-2009
Microsoft Elevates Mission-Critical Commitment With New SQL Server 2008 R2 Premium Editions, Delivery of November CTP  - 03-Nov-2009
Technology Key to Bridging the Gap Between Millennials’ and Baby Boomers’ Banking Needs, Reports Microsoft Study  - 03-Nov-2009
Microsoft Announces New Service Update and Competitive Offer for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online  - 03-Nov-2009
Global Organizations Choose Microsoft Cloud Applications  - 03-Nov-2009
Media Alert: Microsoft Demos “Three Screens and a Cloud” Scenario for Banking  - 02-Nov-2009
Microsoft Report Reveals Resurgence of Worms; Rogue Security Software Still Top Threat  - 02-Nov-2009
OpenX and Microsoft Announce Advertising Technology Partnership  - 02-Nov-2009

Press Pass Top Stories  Website | RSS Feed
Hoops Bring Hope to Children in Philippines  - 04-Nov-2009
Revamped MSN Wants to Be Your New Home Page  - 04-Nov-2009
Young Reporter Visits Microsoft to Learn About the Future of Education  - 02-Nov-2009
Microsoft Women Assemble for Leadership and Development Conference  - 02-Nov-2009
Microsoft CIO Tony Scott Named to CIO Hall of Fame  - 02-Nov-2009

Microsoft Service Management 

Microsoft Operations Framework  Website | RSS Feed
Beta has released for "Getting Started with MOF 4.0"!  - 05-Nov-2009

Office Applications 

Office 2010  Website | RSS Feed
Click-to-Run: Delivering Office in the 21st Century  - 06-Nov-2009
Data Driven Engineering: Tracking Usage to Make Decisions  - 03-Nov-2009
UI Extensibility in Office 2010  - 03-Nov-2009

Office Access  Website | RSS Feed
Displaying Data From Related Tables on a Form  - 06-Nov-2009
A better way to reference tab control pages  - 06-Nov-2009
Access featured on MSNZ Podcast  - 04-Nov-2009
Demo of Access 2010 room bookings database  - 03-Nov-2009

Office Excel and Excel Services  Website | RSS Feed
Excel Services in SharePoint 2010 REST API Syntax  - 06-Nov-2009
Simple Access to Spreadsheet Data Using the Excel Services 2010 REST API  - 05-Nov-2009
Excel Services 2010 Overview  - 04-Nov-2009
Excel Add-In for Manipulating Points on Charts (MPOC)  - 02-Nov-2009

Office for Mac  Website | RSS Feed
The MacBU lands in Denver for EDUCAUSE  - 04-Nov-2009

Office Powerpoint  Website | RSS Feed
Free PowerPoint Design Intervention  - 02-Nov-2009

Office Project  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Project 2010 Session at Tech Ed Europe 2009  - 04-Nov-2009
Project 2010 Technical Resources  - 03-Nov-2009
Project 2010: Introducing Web Based Project Editing  - 02-Nov-2009

Office Visio  Website | RSS Feed
Embedding a Web Drawing in a SharePoint Page  - 06-Nov-2009
Publishing Diagrams to Visio Services  - 03-Nov-2009

Office Online 

Inside Office Online  Website | RSS Feed
Office OFFline comic pick of the week for 11/6/09  - 06-Nov-2009
Who’s falling for Internet scams? Not my readers  - 05-Nov-2009
Top Templates: Big Idea business cards for Word 2007  - 04-Nov-2009
Watch Top Templates with Doug + Ron: Certificates of Completion  - 02-Nov-2009

Office Sharepoint MOSS and Groove 

Performance Point Server  Website | RSS Feed
New Features in PerformancePoint Services 2010  - 05-Nov-2009

SharePoint Designer  Website | RSS Feed
SharePoint Designer 2010 New Shell Tour  - 02-Nov-2009

SharePoint End User Content Team  Website | RSS Feed
Busy Saturdays for SharePoint  - 07-Nov-2009
Speed dating and gambling on an otherwise quiet week - Friday Cool Content  - 07-Nov-2009

SharePoint IT Pro Documentation  Website | RSS Feed
New SharePoint Server 2010 (Beta) Content  - 07-Nov-2009
Support your DBA!  - 06-Nov-2009
The new Business Intelligence Resource Center for SharePoint Server 2010  - 05-Nov-2009

Partner and Customer Resources 

Microsoft Partner Program TS2 Blog  Website | RSS Feed
Seamless Execution under Windows XP Mode  - 06-Nov-2009
Windows 7 Promotional Material  - 02-Nov-2009
Windows 7 Feature Comparison  - 02-Nov-2009

Microsoft Small Medium Business Community  Website | RSS Feed
Support for Exchange 2007 on Windows Server 2008 R2 coming  - 06-Nov-2009
The Big Easy Partner Subsidy Program is back!  - 05-Nov-2009
Check out the new Microsoft Partner Network Community website!  - 05-Nov-2009
The New MSN Homepage with the best of Bing, social network access and more  - 04-Nov-2009
Microsoft expands Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) coverage and cuts prices!  - 03-Nov-2009
More Answers from Windows 7 Upgrade Install Hack post  - 02-Nov-2009
Identity of the Windows 7 Upgrade “Hack” Revealed and more!  - 02-Nov-2009
Are Beta, RC, and RTM codes full product licenses to upgrade to Windows 7 from?  - 02-Nov-2009
What versions of Windows qualify for the Windows 7 Retail Box upgrade?  - 02-Nov-2009

Microsoft Valuable Professional MVP Award Program  Website | RSS Feed
MVP Releases Windows 7 Inside Out Book  - 06-Nov-2009
MVP Helps User with the Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder  - 06-Nov-2009
Japanese MVP Publishes Three Windows 7 Books!  - 05-Nov-2009
Microsoft MVPs Attend Windows 7 Launch Party in NYC!  - 05-Nov-2009
Malaysian MVPs Help Jumpstart Microsoft Student Partner Boot Camp!  - 05-Nov-2009
MVPs Release Office 2008 Book for the Mac  - 04-Nov-2009
Client App Dev MVP releases the Razre WPF Application Framework  - 03-Nov-2009
MVP Is “Engineering In The Cloud”  - 02-Nov-2009

Startup Zone Emerging Business Team  Website | RSS Feed
Startup of the Day - mySkin  - 06-Nov-2009
TechStars 2009 Reunion was a Blast  - 05-Nov-2009
Acate – “The best tech incubator in Brazil”   - 04-Nov-2009
Acate – “The best tech incubator in Brazil”   - 04-Nov-2009
Failure is NOT an option – Why this can be a bad mantra  - 04-Nov-2009
Startup of the Day - BuzzMinder  - 03-Nov-2009
My Interview with Bryan Menell from the Collaboratory at Dachis Group  - 02-Nov-2009

Planning Deployment and Update 

Solution Accelerator Security and Compliance  Website | RSS Feed
Now Available: Security Baselines for Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8!  - 02-Nov-2009

Windows Server Update Services Support  Website | RSS Feed
Advance Notification for the November 2009 Security Bulletin Release  - 05-Nov-2009
Automatic FixIt: You receive error 401.1 when you browse a Web site that uses Integrated Authentication and is hosted on IIS 5.1 or a later version  - 05-Nov-2009
Update released for MS09-054  - 03-Nov-2009
Upgrading WSUS Service Pack 1 to Service Pack 2  - 02-Nov-2009

Windows Springboard Series  Website | RSS Feed
Part 3: Application Management and Preparing for a Windows 7 Deployment  - 05-Nov-2009
Part 2: Migrating User Files and Settings from Windows XP to Windows 7  - 04-Nov-2009
Migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 - Guidance for IT pros  - 03-Nov-2009
Part 1 – Migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7  - 03-Nov-2009

Product Support 

SysInternals  Website | RSS Feed
Updates: Disk2vhd v1.3, Sigcheck v1.61, Process Monitor v2.8, LiveKd v3.12 and a new Mark's blog post  - 03-Nov-2009

Research and Labs 

Microsoft Connect Recent Connections  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit  - 04-Nov-2009

Microsoft Live Labs  Website | RSS Feed
Thumbtack  - 03-Nov-2009

Microsoft Research News and Headlines  Website | RSS Feed
Fast and Flexible: Microsoft and Trinity College  - 06-Nov-2009
Life-Logging Camera Brings New Hope for Memory-Loss Patients  - 05-Nov-2009
Microsoft Doubles Down on Links with Japanese Academia  - 05-Nov-2009
Making Car Infotainment Simple, Natural  - 05-Nov-2009
Usable Security: How to Get It  - 03-Nov-2009
RFID-Based Enterprise Intelligence  - 02-Nov-2009

Microsoft Research Publications  Website | RSS Feed
Map-Matching for Low-Sampling-Rate GPS Trajectories  - 04-Nov-2009
Model-Based Testing of Web Applications using NModel  - 02-Nov-2009

Office Labs  Website | RSS Feed
The Office Labs Giving Campaign Auction  - 02-Nov-2009


Bing Maps formerly Live Maps  Website | RSS Feed’s Mobile Efforts with Bing Maps  - 05-Nov-2009
Bing Maps Globally Sponsors NAVTEQ’s 2010 LBS Challenge  - 04-Nov-2009
Bing Maps on the New MSN Homepage  - 04-Nov-2009
Bing Maps Imagery Release, October 2009  - 03-Nov-2009
The Weather Network Broadcasts with Bing Maps  - 03-Nov-2009
MapPoint Presence at 2009 SQL Server Pass Summit  - 02-Nov-2009 Adds “Futures” on Bing Maps  - 02-Nov-2009

Bing Search formerly Live Search  Website | RSS Feed
It’s Friday and Stefan is Back! And so is Free T-shirt Friday  - 06-Nov-2009
Everyone Could Use Some Extra Cash and A Free Trip!  - 06-Nov-2009
MSN and Bing - a Match Made in Redmond  - 04-Nov-2009
Mobile Madness Round 2… Then and Now  - 02-Nov-2009

Bing Webmaster  Website | RSS Feed
Robots speaking many languages  - 05-Nov-2009
MSNBot 1.1 is retired  - 04-Nov-2009
Fixing 404 File Not Found frustrations (SEM 101)  - 04-Nov-2009


Microsoft Information Security Tools Team  Website | RSS Feed
Web Application Configuration Analyzer – WACA CTP Release Coming Soon  - 06-Nov-2009
How To: Web Service Load Testing Using VSTS 2010  - 04-Nov-2009
How To: Use Perfmon in Windows 7  - 04-Nov-2009
Double Hop Windows Authentication with IIS Hosted WCF Service  - 04-Nov-2009

Microsoft Malware Protection Center  Website | RSS Feed
Greetings from Tokyo…   - 06-Nov-2009
The Low-Down on Daonol  - 04-Nov-2009
Security Intelligence Report v7 is Now Available  - 02-Nov-2009

Microsoft Security Response Center MSRC  Website | RSS Feed
November 2009 Bulletin Release Advance Notification   - 05-Nov-2009
Update released for MS09-054  - 02-Nov-2009

Security Bulletins Comprehensive  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for November 2009  - 05-Nov-2009
MS09-044 - Critical: Vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop Connection Could Allow Remote Code Execution (970927) - Version:2.1  - 04-Nov-2009
Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for October 2009  - 04-Nov-2009
MS09-062 - Critical: Vulnerabilities in GDI+ Could Allow Remote Code Execution (957488) - Version:2.1  - 04-Nov-2009
MS09-061 - Critical: Vulnerabilities in the Microsoft .NET Common Language Runtime Could Allow Remote Code Execution (974378) - Version:1.2  - 04-Nov-2009
MS09-060 - Critical: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Active Template Library (ATL) ActiveX Controls for Microsoft Office Could Allow Remote Code Execution (973965) - Version:1.2  - 04-Nov-2009
MS09-055 - Critical: Cumulative Security Update of ActiveX Kill Bits (973525) - Version:1.2  - 04-Nov-2009
MS09-054 - Critical: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (974455) - Version:2.0  - 02-Nov-2009

The Security Development Lifecycle  Website | RSS Feed
SDL at TechEd Europe and Platforma  - 05-Nov-2009
SIR Volume 7 Released  - 04-Nov-2009

Windows Security  Website | RSS Feed
Windows 7 Vulnerability Claims  - 07-Nov-2009
New Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Released  - 02-Nov-2009

Security Products Forefront 

Forefront Product Suite  Website | RSS Feed
Developers: Try out the Windows Identity Foundation Release Candidate  - 06-Nov-2009
Action by Dec 1 - keep your protection current!  - 04-Nov-2009
Forefront secure messaging screencast & interview  - 04-Nov-2009
Microsoft Security Intelligence Report   - 02-Nov-2009

Forefront Server Security  Website | RSS Feed
Join the Forefront Protection 2010 for SharePoint TAP Program  - 05-Nov-2009

Forefront Threat Management Gateway ISA Server  Website | RSS Feed
Forefront TMG Client  - 03-Nov-2009
Creating a Web Access Policy for Your Organization  - 03-Nov-2009
Management Pack for Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 Release Candidate Now Available  - 02-Nov-2009

Software and Web Development 

ADO dotNET  Website | RSS Feed
Foreign Key Relationships in the Entity Framework  - 06-Nov-2009
Model First with the Entity Framework 4  - 05-Nov-2009
ADO.Net Entity Framework Community Technology Preview Released!  - 04-Nov-2009

Developer Division Performance and Engineering  Website | RSS Feed
Improving the Start-up Performance of the WPF and Silverlight Designer in Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2  - 02-Nov-2009

JDBC Driver  Website | RSS Feed
JDBC at 2009 PASS Summit Unite  - 06-Nov-2009

Silverlight  Website | RSS Feed
The XXI Olympic Winter Games on Brought to you in Full HD With Silverlight and Smooth Streaming  - 05-Nov-2009

The dotNET Endpoint  Website | RSS Feed
New Beta 2 docs to help with code migration (from .NET 3.x and .NET 4 Beta 1)  - 02-Nov-2009

Visual Basic  Website | RSS Feed
Linking Zune media items with LinQ, Part 2 (Matt Gertz)  - 07-Nov-2009
Linking Zune media items with LinQ, Part 1 (Matt Gertz)  - 06-Nov-2009
Spot the Bug! – Much ado about Nothing… Part 2! (Jonathan Aneja)  - 06-Nov-2009
Spot the Bug! – Much Ado about Nothing… (Jonathan Aneja)  - 04-Nov-2009

Visual C++  Website | RSS Feed
Visual C++ Code Generation in Visual Studio 2010  - 02-Nov-2009

Software and Web Development Cloud Computing 

Azure dotNET Services  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft .NET Services November CTP Release  - 05-Nov-2009

Azure SQL Data Services  Website | RSS Feed
SQL Azure Portal issue this week  - 06-Nov-2009

Windows Azure  Website | RSS Feed
Introducing the Windows Azure Content Delivery Network  - 05-Nov-2009
Accessing Windows Azure Blobs Using Custom Storage Domain Names  - 05-Nov-2009

SQL and Business Intelligence 

Microsoft Sync Framework  Website | RSS Feed
SQL Pass Conference & Synchronization to SQL Azure  - 04-Nov-2009
New whitepaper: Minimum Database Permissions Requirements for Microsoft Sync Framework  - 02-Nov-2009

Project Astoria Next Generation Data Programability  Website | RSS Feed
Enabling X-Domain access to your Data Services  - 06-Nov-2009

Systems Center Systems Management 

System Center  Website | RSS Feed
Chatting with Brad, Part 4  - 04-Nov-2009
Technet Webcast Rescheduled today….  - 04-Nov-2009

System Center Configuration Manager Support  Website | RSS Feed
Automatic FixIt: You receive error 401.1 when you browse a Web site that uses Integrated Authentication and is hosted on IIS 5.1 or a later version  - 05-Nov-2009
Some ConfigMgr 2007 clients never install packages, report status of “Waiting on content”  - 04-Nov-2009

System Center Essentials  Website | RSS Feed
Support for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 in System Center Essentials 2007 SP1  - 06-Nov-2009
Remote Console Connection & Certificates  - 05-Nov-2009
SCE 2010 Podcast on Virtualization  - 03-Nov-2009

System Center Mobile Device Manager Support  Website | RSS Feed
Automatic FixIt: You receive error 401.1 when you browse a Web site that uses Integrated Authentication and is hosted on IIS 5.1 or a later version  - 05-Nov-2009
Software Distribution 8041 warning  - 02-Nov-2009

System Center Operations Manager  Website | RSS Feed
Marcin@Work - System Center Operations Manager 2007 Tools and Management Packs  - 03-Nov-2009

System Center Operations Manager Support  Website | RSS Feed
Automatic FixIt: You receive error 401.1 when you browse a Web site that uses Integrated Authentication and is hosted on IIS 5.1 or a later version  - 05-Nov-2009

System Center Service Manager  Website | RSS Feed
Overview of Problem Management in Service Manager  - 02-Nov-2009
Implementing Sample Helpdesk Scenario in Incident Management - 2  - 02-Nov-2009
Implementing Sample Helpdesk Scenario in Incident Management - 1  - 02-Nov-2009

System Center Virtual Machine Manager  Website | RSS Feed
TechNet Webcast: Microsoft Virtualization Best Practices for Exchange Server  - 02-Nov-2009

Unified Communications 

Microsoft Exchange  Website | RSS Feed
Learn about the Exchange 2010 Developer Story Today!  - 05-Nov-2009
Lifetime Products and why they chose to move to Exchange 2010  - 05-Nov-2009
Supporting Exchange 2007 on Windows Server 2008 R2  - 04-Nov-2009
Programmatic Access via Remote PowerShell in Exchange Server 2010  - 02-Nov-2009


Dynamic Data Center Alliance  Website | RSS Feed
Hostway launches an on-demand, dedicated virtualization offering on the Microsoft Platform with Hyper-V, System Center and Dynamic Data Center Toolkit  - 04-Nov-2009
Hostway launches an on-demand, dedicated virtualization offering on the Microsoft Platform with Hyper-V, System Center and Dynamic Data Center Toolkit  - 03-Nov-2009

Med-V Enterprise Desktop Virtualization  Website | RSS Feed
Using Variables to Manage the Naming of your Persistent MED-V Workspaces  - 04-Nov-2009

Terminal Services  Website | RSS Feed
Announcing the launch of Remote Desktop Services Script Center to ease management  - 04-Nov-2009
Windows 7 with RDP7: Best OS for VDI  - 03-Nov-2009

Windows Virtualization  Website | RSS Feed
Visual Studio Lab Management 2010 beta 2  - 06-Nov-2009
Re-blog: Microsoft Site Recovery Solution Launch  - 04-Nov-2009

Windows Desktop and Embedded 

Windows 7  Website | RSS Feed
Windows 7 sales exceed Vista sales by 234%  - 05-Nov-2009
Internet TV & Netflix Comes to Windows Media Center in Windows 7  - 02-Nov-2009

Windows Embedded  Website | RSS Feed
October 2009 Security Database Updates are Available  - 04-Nov-2009

Windows Media Center  Website | RSS Feed
Digital Cable Advisor now available  - 06-Nov-2009

Windows Live 

Windows Live Messenger  Website | RSS Feed
Upgrade from Windows Live Messenger 8.5  - 06-Nov-2009

Windows Live Sync  Website | RSS Feed
Windows Live Sync: now on Snow Leopard  - 02-Nov-2009

Windows Live Team General News  Website | RSS Feed
Windows Live Movie Maker – what changed in the new version, and why  - 06-Nov-2009
Favorites syncing on Windows Live Toolbar temporarily turned off  - 06-Nov-2009
Get more from Windows 7 – top things to do after you upgrade  - 04-Nov-2009
Hello Zune HD enthusiasts! Connect your Zune with Movie Maker using custom profiles  - 03-Nov-2009

Windows Mobile 

Microsoft Tag  Website | RSS Feed
Those Darn Whippersnappers!  - 04-Nov-2009
Microsoft Tag & Auchan  - 04-Nov-2009

Windows Server and Infrastructure 

Active Directory Services  Website | RSS Feed
New Directory Services KB Articles/Blogs 10/25-10/31  - 04-Nov-2009
Auditing Password and Account Lockout Policy on Windows Server 2008 and R2  - 02-Nov-2009

Clustering and High Availability  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Site Recovery Solutions Featuring Windows Server 2008 R2 Failover Clustering  - 04-Nov-2009

Commerce Server  Website | RSS Feed
Site to site VPN and Windows Essential Business Server  - 06-Nov-2009
OWA Address Book "Could not connect to a directory server” errors on EBS  - 05-Nov-2009
How to Enable Exchange 2007 Autodiscover in EBS 2008  - 04-Nov-2009

Group Policy  Website | RSS Feed
Group Policy Cmdlets in Windows PowerShell Released!  - 03-Nov-2009
Group Policy Preferences : Colorful and Mysteriously Powerful, just like Windows 7  - 02-Nov-2009

IIS and ASP dot NET Support  Website | RSS Feed
Configuring FTP 7.5 with Host Header and SSL  - 06-Nov-2009

Platforms Performance  Website | RSS Feed
Ten Tips and Tricks for Server Baselines  - 06-Nov-2009
Just Me … and my Profile … (Part 2)  - 03-Nov-2009

Windows Public Key Infrastructure PKI  Website | RSS Feed
Certificate Revocation Checking Whitepaper  - 07-Nov-2009

Windows Server Division  Website | RSS Feed
Berlin 2009: Old Walls, New Platforms  - 06-Nov-2009
New release from Citrix supports Windows Server 2008 R2  - 04-Nov-2009

Windows Server Networking and Remote Access 

Microsoft Enterprise Networking  Website | RSS Feed
New Networking-related KB articles for the week of October 25 – October 31  - 05-Nov-2009

Windows Server Networking Documentation  Website | RSS Feed
DirectAccess presentation at the Seattle Windows Networking Users Group  - 06-Nov-2009
Networking topics updated in October 2009 based on your feedback  - 02-Nov-2009

Windows Systems Management 

Scripting Hey Scripting Guys  Website | RSS Feed
Hey, Scripting Guy! Quick-Hits Friday: The Scripting Guys Respond to a Bunch of Questions (11/6/09)  - 06-Nov-2009
Hey, Scripting Guy! Can I Start an Event Based on When a Registry Value Is Changed?  - 05-Nov-2009
Hey, Scripting Guy! Can I Format a Portable Drive When It Is Inserted Into a Computer?  - 04-Nov-2009
Hey, Scripting Guy! Can I Be Informed When a Portable Drive Is Added by My Computer?  - 03-Nov-2009
Hey, Scripting Guy! How Can I Write an Event-Driven Script?  - 02-Nov-2009

Windows Powershell  Website | RSS Feed
PowerPack Challenge  - 05-Nov-2009
Why is Get-ChildItem so Slow?  - 04-Nov-2009
Workaround for Add-Member on plain .Net objects  - 03-Nov-2009

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