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Consumer and Hardware Solutions 

Microsoft Surface  Website | RSS Feed
Events in London featuring Microsoft Surface  - 10-Sep-2009
Hard Rock’s new Vegas cafe features Microsoft Surface  - 10-Sep-2009
Surface Developer Tip: The Core Interaction Framework  - 08-Sep-2009

Professional Photography  Website | RSS Feed
Tips from A Pulitzer Prize Winning Photojournalist – on Marc’s Photo Show  - 08-Sep-2009

Xbox Press Releases  Website | RSS Feed
Forza Motorsport 3 Goes Gold and Announces Xbox LIVE Demo on Sept. 24  - 11-Sep-2009
Fall Back With Familiar Titles and New Clothing Trends…. As Games on Demand, Avatar Marketplace and Deals of the Week Take September by Storm on Xbox LIVE  - 08-Sep-2009
Give Back with Fab Xbox 360 “The Beatles: Rock Band” Special Edition Console  - 08-Sep-2009
Join Sonic & Knuckles for a Week of Adventure on Xbox LIVE Arcade  - 08-Sep-2009
Age of Empires® III: Complete Collection: Marches into Retailers September 15  - 08-Sep-2009


Dynamics CRM  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Accelerators – Latest News  - 11-Sep-2009
Updated Dynamics CRM 4.0 Adapter Now Available – Includes Support for BizTalk Server 2009  - 11-Sep-2009
A Plethora of Phone Attributes  - 09-Sep-2009
The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Toolkit  - 08-Sep-2009

Dynamics GP  Website | RSS Feed
Uncovering the Dynamics GP 10.0 SP3 VPC and Extending the Reach demos  - 11-Sep-2009
Information About The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Integration Tool - Now Available!  - 10-Sep-2009

Dynamics GP for Developers  Website | RSS Feed
This Is Perth  - 11-Sep-2009
Microsoft Dynamics ISV Solutions page on PartnerSource  - 10-Sep-2009
Using Integration Manager with Analytical Accounting  - 09-Sep-2009 Turns Four  - 08-Sep-2009
THE Place for All Things Microsoft Dynamics GP … Register Now and Save!  - 07-Sep-2009


Environment Software Enabled Earth  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft’s new R&D Support Lab helps move servers to more energy efficient facility  - 09-Sep-2009
Announcing System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3  - 09-Sep-2009

Interoperability  Website | RSS Feed
Viewing public government data with Windows Azure and PHP: a cloud interoperability scenario using REST  - 10-Sep-2009

Microsoft On The Issues Legal and Policy  Website | RSS Feed
Day 2 Interop -- Discussions at O’Reilly Gov 2.0 Summit  - 11-Sep-2009
Moving a National Broadband Plan Forward  - 10-Sep-2009
Gov 2.0: Mundie and O’Reilly Talk Trends of the Next Wave  - 10-Sep-2009
Microsoft’s Objections to the Proposed Settlement in the Google Books Lawsuits  - 08-Sep-2009

Microsoft Unlimited Potential  Website | RSS Feed
Welcome to mibli powered by OneApp  - 10-Sep-2009
Expanding access to medical research for better healthcare - HINARI   - 09-Sep-2009

XPS XML Paper Specification and Open Packaging  Website | RSS Feed
Printing and Document Features for the Platform Update for Windows Vista  - 10-Sep-2009

Industry Solutions 

Education UK Further Education Community Colleges  Website | RSS Feed
Improving student services, and saving money - How Brockenhurst College did it  - 08-Sep-2009
How fast can Windows 7 go  - 07-Sep-2009

Education UK Schools  Website | RSS Feed
The summer's most popular blog posts  - 07-Sep-2009

Education UK Teachers K12  Website | RSS Feed
Happy Birthday to You – Free Resources for Teachers!  - 10-Sep-2009

Health  Website | RSS Feed
Please take care in selecting an EMR for your practice  - 08-Sep-2009


Internet Explorer  Website | RSS Feed
Guidelines for add-on developers  - 09-Sep-2009

Microsoft Advertising 

adCenter Analytics  Website | RSS Feed
Our Advertising Week Social Media Hub Has Launched  - 10-Sep-2009
AdWeek 2009 Is Upon Us: The Future Is Here, It’s Just Not Widely Distributed…..  - 09-Sep-2009
ad:tech London 2009 - It's Back To School For Advertisers Too!  - 08-Sep-2009
Introducing The Microsoft Advertising Institute  - 07-Sep-2009

adCenter for Advertisers  Website | RSS Feed
Top Tips For Maximising Your Time with Microsoft adCenter's Desktop Tool  - 11-Sep-2009
adCenter Ad Preview Now Available: See if Your Ad is Showing on Bing  - 10-Sep-2009
Putting Search to Work with Microsoft Advertising Intelligence  - 09-Sep-2009

Microsoft Conferences and Briefings 

MIX The Next Web Now  Website | RSS Feed
20 Things That Annoy Me  - 11-Sep-2009
Where's My Web Form Content?!  - 09-Sep-2009
From Web, to Real World  - 08-Sep-2009

Microsoft Learning 

Microsoft Learning  Website | RSS Feed
No Brag, Just Facts: IT Pro Salary Survey  - 11-Sep-2009
The Story of the Beta Fish  - 11-Sep-2009
Can’t start a fire…  - 11-Sep-2009
More Happy is Coming!  - 11-Sep-2009
Looking for a few good People Managers  - 10-Sep-2009
Sneak Preview: Windows 7 Inside Out, Foreword by Steven Sinofsky, President Windows Division, Microsoft Corporation  - 08-Sep-2009

Microsoft Press  Website | RSS Feed
Author news: Orin Thomas reporting from TechED Down Under, part 2  - 11-Sep-2009
PDC09 $500 discount ends September 15  - 10-Sep-2009
Reader review: Windows Internals, Fifth Edition  - 09-Sep-2009
Sneak preview: Windows 7 Inside Out, Foreword by Steven Sinofsky, President Windows Division, Microsoft Corporation  - 08-Sep-2009
Ed Wilson: Things a book cannot teach  - 08-Sep-2009

Microsoft Licensing 

Microsoft Licensing In Depth  Website | RSS Feed
New Enrolment for Enterprise Agreement Customers – Enrolment for Core Infrastructure - ECI  - 11-Sep-2009

Microsoft Online Services 

Microsoft Online Services  Website | RSS Feed
Directory Synchronization Failure on Large Distribution Groups  - 10-Sep-2009

Microsoft Press Pass 

Press Pass Press Releases  Website | RSS Feed
James Cash to Retire From Microsoft Board of Directors  - 11-Sep-2009
Microsoft and Partners Help Media Companies Innovate in a Digital World  - 10-Sep-2009
Microsoft Enhances the Digital Cable Experience and Names 2009 Windows Media Center Ultimate Install Winner  - 10-Sep-2009
Microsoft Unveils Company’s Thinnest Keyboard, Designed Exclusively for Bluetooth Computers  - 09-Sep-2009
Tesco and Microsoft Bring Next-Generation Movie Experience to U.K. Consumers  - 09-Sep-2009
Microsoft Raises the Bar for Delivery of Live HD Online Video Using HTTP  - 08-Sep-2009

Press Pass Top Stories  Website | RSS Feed
Support for Technical Community Continues to Evolve  - 10-Sep-2009

Office Applications 

Office 2010  Website | RSS Feed
Live Preview Paste - Get the Results You Want Quickly  - 10-Sep-2009

Office Access  Website | RSS Feed
Access 2007 hotfix package now available  - 10-Sep-2009
Use a validation rule instead of the Required property  - 09-Sep-2009

Office Excel and Excel Services  Website | RSS Feed
Function Improvements in Excel 2010  - 10-Sep-2009
More on Performance Improvements in Excel 2010  - 08-Sep-2009

Office Powerpoint  Website | RSS Feed
The New World of Co-Authoring  - 11-Sep-2009

Office Project  Website | RSS Feed
Tips and Tricks: Project sleuthing with Task Drivers to troubleshoot planning woes  - 11-Sep-2009
Ask a Project PM: And the next topic is…client reporting!  - 08-Sep-2009

Office Project Support  Website | RSS Feed
Off to Phoenix!  - 12-Sep-2009

Office Resource Kit  Website | RSS Feed
Updates for Outlook Junk E-mail Filters September 2009  - 10-Sep-2009
2007 Office system: Resource Centers for IT administrators  - 08-Sep-2009

Office Sustained Engineering  Website | RSS Feed
September 2009 Update Release  - 08-Sep-2009

Office Visio  Website | RSS Feed
SharePoint Conference 2009  - 12-Sep-2009
Introducing Mr. Clarity  - 11-Sep-2009
Creating custom validation rules for Visio 2010  - 10-Sep-2009
Diagram Validation in Visio 2010  - 09-Sep-2009

Office Word  Website | RSS Feed
Co-authoring (i.e. Simultaneous Editing) in Word 2010  - 09-Sep-2009

Office Sharepoint MOSS and Groove 

SharePoint End User Content Team  Website | RSS Feed
Cool Content Friday - Resources for wrangling SharePoint content   - 11-Sep-2009
Records management resources for government organizations  - 11-Sep-2009

SharePoint Products and Technologies  Website | RSS Feed
SharePoint Conference 2009 Update: We’re SELLING OUT FAST!  - 09-Sep-2009
Announcing the release of patterns and practices Developing SharePoint Applications guidance  - 08-Sep-2009

Partner and Customer Resources 

Microsoft Partner Program TS2 Blog  Website | RSS Feed
How long does it take your customer to deploy a new server based business application?  - 10-Sep-2009
Killer Webcast Lineup 5W/25 Series for the SMB Space  - 10-Sep-2009
Windows Server 2008 R2 Schema Extensions  - 07-Sep-2009

Microsoft Small Medium Business Community  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Windows 7 Online Summit – Your Invitation  - 09-Sep-2009
FREE prizes and FREE Microsoft Office giveaway in the 09/09/09 follow me contest!  - 09-Sep-2009
Collection of Windows 7 How To Videos to help you get the most from it  - 08-Sep-2009
Attend a Windows 7 Loadfest for Partners near you & get a FREE copy of Windows 7!  - 08-Sep-2009

Microsoft Valued Professional MVP Award Program  Website | RSS Feed
Indonesian MVP Stays ‘Connected’ with Windows 7  - 11-Sep-2009
Jumping for Joy with Jumplists!  - 11-Sep-2009
MVP Explores Group Policy in Windows 7  - 11-Sep-2009
Extending Windows 7 with Windows Live Essentials  - 10-Sep-2009
MVP Speeds Windows 7 Installation For Netbooks  - 10-Sep-2009
French MVP releases New Windows 7 books!  - 09-Sep-2009
MVP Shines Spotlight on Windows 7 Book  - 09-Sep-2009
MVP Provides Windows 7 Resource Articles for Admins  - 08-Sep-2009
Australian MVP Shares His Favourite Windows 7 Features!  - 08-Sep-2009
Keyboard Krazyness With Windows 7  - 07-Sep-2009
MVPs Quoting Seven Heaven  - 07-Sep-2009

Startup Zone Emerging Business Team  Website | RSS Feed
Startup of the Day - Techsailor  - 11-Sep-2009
How to evaluate startups and suspending disbelief  - 11-Sep-2009
TechStars Boston debuts new startups  - 10-Sep-2009
An elevator pitch in 5 minutes – TechCrunch50 tips  - 08-Sep-2009
Startup of the Day - SimplySim  - 08-Sep-2009

Planning Deployment and Update 

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit  Website | RSS Feed
MDT 2010 is Released!  - 09-Sep-2009

Solution Accelerator Assessment and Planning  Website | RSS Feed
[News!] Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) Launching on Facebook   - 11-Sep-2009
[NEWS!] Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Released to Web!  - 09-Sep-2009

Windows Installer MSI  Website | RSS Feed
Developing for Windows 7  - 11-Sep-2009

Windows Server Update Services Support  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Security Advisory 975497 Released  - 09-Sep-2009
September 2009 Security Bulletin Release  - 08-Sep-2009

Windows Springboard Series  Website | RSS Feed
MDT and WDS help deliver Windows 7 to attendees at TechEd Australia  - 10-Sep-2009
MDT 2010 is released!  - 09-Sep-2009
Windows 7 HomeGroup  - 08-Sep-2009

Product Support 

Hotfix Support The Hot Blog  Website | RSS Feed
Sep. 4 - Sep. 10 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Messaging Server  - 11-Sep-2009
Note, there is no hotfix KB article for SQL Server this week. (Sep. 3 - Sep. 9)  - 10-Sep-2009
Sep. 2 - Sep. 8 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Developer  - 09-Sep-2009
Note, there is no hotfix KB article for Windows 6 or Windows 7 this week. (Sep. 1 - Sep. 7)  - 08-Sep-2009
Note, there is no hotfix KB article for Windows Legacy Products this week. (Aug. 30 - Sep. 6)  - 07-Sep-2009

Research and Labs 

Microsoft Research Downloads  Website | RSS Feed
Fast subroutines for Matlab programs  - 07-Sep-2009

Microsoft Research News and Headlines  Website | RSS Feed
Silicon Valley Lab Adds Gödel Winner  - 08-Sep-2009


Bing Search formerly Live Search  Website | RSS Feed
Where Stefan Goes, so Does Bing  - 10-Sep-2009

Bing Webmaster  Website | RSS Feed
The merciless malignancy of malware Part 1 (SEM 101)  - 11-Sep-2009


Microsoft Information Security Tools Team  Website | RSS Feed
How To: Identify Memory Leaks In An Unmanaged Application  - 11-Sep-2009
How To: Adding Lots of Users To AD To Setup Testing Environments  - 10-Sep-2009
Some Useful SQL Queries for Software Testers  - 10-Sep-2009
How to: Restart a Remote Server Using Command Prompt  - 09-Sep-2009
How To Publish an ASP.NET Website from a Command Line  - 08-Sep-2009

Microsoft Malware Protection Center  Website | RSS Feed
Delivering the latest MSRT update  - 09-Sep-2009

Microsoft Security Response Center MSRC  Website | RSS Feed
September 2009 Security Bulletin Webcast Video and Customer Q and A  - 11-Sep-2009
Microsoft Security Advisory 975497 Released  - 09-Sep-2009
September 2009 Security Bulletin Release  - 08-Sep-2009

Security Bulletins Advisories  Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Security Advisory (975497): Vulnerabilities in SMB Could Allow Remote Code Execution - 9/8/2009  - 08-Sep-2009

Security Bulletins Comprehensive  Website | RSS Feed
MS09-048 - Critical: Vulnerabilities in Windows TCP/IP Could Allow Remote Code Execution (967723) - Version:2.1  - 10-Sep-2009
Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for September 2009  - 09-Sep-2009
MS09-049 - Critical: Vulnerability in Wireless LAN AutoConfig Service Could Allow Remote Code Execution (970710) - Version:1.1  - 09-Sep-2009
MS09-045 - Critical: Vulnerability in JScript Scripting Engine Could Allow Remote Code Execution (971961) - Version:1.1  - 09-Sep-2009
MS09-035 - Moderate: Vulnerabilities in Visual Studio Active Template Library Could Allow Remote Code Execution (969706) - Version:2.3  - 08-Sep-2009
Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for August 2009  - 08-Sep-2009
MS09-037 - Critical: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Active Template Library (ATL) Could Allow Remote Code Execution (973908) - Version:2.0  - 08-Sep-2009
MS09-047 - Critical: Vulnerabilities in Windows Media Format Could Allow Remote Code Execution (973812) - Version:1.0  - 08-Sep-2009
MS09-046 - Critical: Vulnerability in DHTML Editing Component ActiveX Control Could Allow Remote Code Execution (956844) - Version:1.0  - 08-Sep-2009

Security Vulnerability Research and Defense  Website | RSS Feed
AutoPlay Windows 7 behavior backported  - 12-Sep-2009
Assessing the risk of the September Critical security bulletins  - 08-Sep-2009
MS09-048: TCP/IP vulnerabilities  - 08-Sep-2009

Security Products Forefront 

Forefront Product Suite  Website | RSS Feed
CERN replaces Symantec with Forefront  - 10-Sep-2009
Video: FPE vs FOPE and Exchange 2010 – Secure messaging with Forefront  - 08-Sep-2009

Forefront Server Security  Website | RSS Feed
Antigen 8.0 End-of-life and Engine Revision  - 10-Sep-2009

Forefront Threat Management Gateway ISA Server  Website | RSS Feed
Forefront TMG Network Inspection System Gets Its First 0-Day Signature Release  - 10-Sep-2009
Behavioral Change on IE7 can affect Outbound access through ISA Server 2006 that is using Redirect on a Deny Rule  - 09-Sep-2009
TMG Network Inspection System (NIS) – “Attention Required” Feature  - 07-Sep-2009
Change Tracking in TMG  - 07-Sep-2009
Web Publishing Test Button and KCD in TMG   - 07-Sep-2009

Forefront Unified Application Gateway UAG  Website | RSS Feed
Deep Dive Into DirectAccess – NAT64 and DNS64 In Action  - 08-Sep-2009

Software Development Shared Source Initiative 

CodePlex  Website | RSS Feed
CodePlex Interview on Channel 9  - 07-Sep-2009

Software and Web Development 

Expression Blend and Design  Website | RSS Feed
Silverlight Control Styling Tips Articles  - 10-Sep-2009

Robotics Developer Studio  Website | RSS Feed
Learn Page available on Microsoft Robotics web site  - 09-Sep-2009

Silverlight  Website | RSS Feed
Sunday Night Football: Showtime!  - 10-Sep-2009
Silverlight Delivers Next Gen. Home Video Experience – Without the Disk!  - 09-Sep-2009
Join us at IBC2009 in Amsterdam!  - 09-Sep-2009

Visual C++  Website | RSS Feed
Linker throughput  - 10-Sep-2009

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Support  Website | RSS Feed
Getting TFS support faster from Microsoft: CSS structure revealed  - 09-Sep-2009
CSS TFS HOTFIX Report: Jan – Aug 2009  - 08-Sep-2009

Visual Web Developer  Website | RSS Feed
Program Manager Opportunity on Visual Web Developer  - 11-Sep-2009

Windows Presentation Foundation WPF SDK  Website | RSS Feed
Silverlight delivers online viewing experience for Sunday Night Football  - 10-Sep-2009

XNA Games Development  Website | RSS Feed
PAX 2009… full report coming soon!  - 08-Sep-2009

SQL and Business Intelligence 

Project Astoria Next Generation Data Programability  Website | RSS Feed
More on Using Data Services & Silverlight 3 in xDomain & Out-Of-Browser Scenarios  - 10-Sep-2009
Jumpstart your PHP + ADO.NET Data Services Development  - 09-Sep-2009

SQL Server Development Customer Advisory  Website | RSS Feed
Looking deeper into SQL Server using Minidumps  - 11-Sep-2009

SQL Server Express  Website | RSS Feed
Embedding SQL Server Express Survey  - 08-Sep-2009
General SQL Server Express Survey  - 08-Sep-2009

Systems Center Systems Management 

System Center  Website | RSS Feed
Building Launch Demos, behind the scenes at MS Studios  - 12-Sep-2009
Don't miss End-to-End Monitoring of IT Services in the Datacenter Live Meeting on 9/15  - 08-Sep-2009
Announcing System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3  - 08-Sep-2009

System Center Configuration Manager Support  Website | RSS Feed
Report to find last logon details of each computer using ConfigMgr 2007  - 09-Sep-2009
Announcing System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3  - 08-Sep-2009

System Center Operations Manager Support  Website | RSS Feed
Step by Step for using Certificates to communicate between agents and the OpsMgr 2007 server  - 10-Sep-2009
A few tips on troubleshooting Domain Controllers appearing in a not monitored state  - 09-Sep-2009
Understanding Monitors in OpsMgr 2007 - Part II Aggregate Monitors  - 08-Sep-2009

Unified Communications 

Microsoft Exchange  Website | RSS Feed
What's New in the Exchange Management Console for Exchange Server 2010 - Part 3  - 10-Sep-2009
What's New in the Exchange Management Console for Exchange Server 2010 - Part 2  - 10-Sep-2009
What's New in the Exchange Management Console for Exchange Server 2010 - Part 1  - 09-Sep-2009
Exchange Server 2007 Supportability Matrix  - 09-Sep-2009
Entourage for Mac updated with EWS!!  - 08-Sep-2009

Windows Desktop and Embedded 

Windows Embedded  Website | RSS Feed
Jim Medding talks about Windows Embedded Standard 2011 “Quebec” componentization, its testing challenges and the fun at work  - 11-Sep-2009
Image Builder Wizard – Quick and Easy Embedded OS Creation – Part 2  - 10-Sep-2009
Image Builder Wizard – Quick and Easy Embedded OS Creation – Part 1  - 08-Sep-2009

Windows Embedded Point of Service for dotNET  Website | RSS Feed
USB Boot Tricks and Tips  - 11-Sep-2009

Windows Live 

Windows Live Family Safety  Website | RSS Feed
Thank you for participating in this blog - what's next!  - 11-Sep-2009

Windows Live Hotmail  Website | RSS Feed
Improved ways to remember birthdays  - 11-Sep-2009

Windows Live Sky Drive  Website | RSS Feed
September 2009  - 08-Sep-2009

Windows Live Team General News  Website | RSS Feed
Your better-looking, faster to load and more fun to share!  - 10-Sep-2009
President Obama’s Back to School challenge – Movie Maker is here to help!  - 09-Sep-2009

Windows Mobile 

Microsoft Tag  Website | RSS Feed
Tag in Amsterdam  - 10-Sep-2009

Windows Server and Infrastructure 

Active Directory Services  Website | RSS Feed
Managed Service Accounts: Understanding, Implementing, Best Practices, and Troubleshooting  - 10-Sep-2009
Comment problems  - 09-Sep-2009

Advanced Windows Debugging and Troubleshooting  Website | RSS Feed
Exploring and Decoding ETW Providers using Event Log Channels  - 08-Sep-2009

Clustering and High Availability  Website | RSS Feed
PowerShell for Failover Clustering: Changing Values of a Cluster Object  - 11-Sep-2009

Commerce Server  Website | RSS Feed
New feature : Adjust the level of protection provided by Security Server in Windows Essential Business Server 2008  - 10-Sep-2009

Group Policy  Website | RSS Feed
Group Policy Preferences Client-Side Extension Hotfix Rollup Released  - 09-Sep-2009
Migration Tables do not work with Group Policy Preferences   - 09-Sep-2009
Fun with Security Settings  - 08-Sep-2009

Platforms Performance  Website | RSS Feed
Windows 7 Application Compatibility: Virtual Roundtable with Mark Russinovich (Part 2)  - 08-Sep-2009

Small Business Server SBS  Website | RSS Feed
Why Small Businesses Use Windows Small Business Server  - 10-Sep-2009
SBS 2008 Update Rollup 3 (KB 969121) Installation Failure  - 08-Sep-2009

Windows Server Networking and Remote Access 

Microsoft Enterprise Networking  Website | RSS Feed
New Networking-related KB articles for the week of August 30 – September 5  - 10-Sep-2009
Microsoft Security Advisory 975497 Released  - 09-Sep-2009

Network Monitor  Website | RSS Feed
Chained Captures and Stitching Them Back Together  - 09-Sep-2009

Windows Server Networking Documentation  Website | RSS Feed
"Understanding IPv6 Transition Technologies" presentation at the Seattle Windows Networking Users Group  - 11-Sep-2009

Windows Systems Management 

Scripting Hey Scripting Guys  Website | RSS Feed
Hey, Scripting Guy! Quick-Hits Friday: The Scripting Guys Respond to a Bunch of Questions (9/11/09)  - 11-Sep-2009
Hey, Scripting Guy! Can I Determine Which Servers Have Specific Hotfixes Installed?  - 10-Sep-2009
Hey, Scripting Guy! Can I Create New Folders in a Sequentially Numbered Series?  - 09-Sep-2009
Hey, Scripting Guy! Can I Delete All Files from Nested Folders and Subfolders?  - 08-Sep-2009
Hey, Scripting Guy! How Can I Learn Windows PowerShell?  - 07-Sep-2009

Windows Management Infrastructure  Website | RSS Feed
Windows Management Framework RC available on XP and Server 2003  - 11-Sep-2009
Help Us Improve Microsoft Windows Management Framework   - 08-Sep-2009

Windows Powershell  Website | RSS Feed
The Glory of Quick and Dirty Scripting  - 12-Sep-2009
What’s New in PowerShell V2 - By Joel “Jaykul” Bennett  - 12-Sep-2009
Analyzing Weblog Data Using the Admin Development Model  - 11-Sep-2009
XP and W2K3 Release Candidate Versions of PowerShell are Now Available for Download  - 10-Sep-2009
New and Improved PowerShell Connect Site  - 09-Sep-2009
Help Us Improve Microsoft Windows Management Framework   - 08-Sep-2009
Learn Windows PowerShell 2.0 with PowerGUI  - 07-Sep-2009

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