Microsoft Team Blogs Directory Updated – July 2009

There are 244 blogs and feeds in the Microsoft Team Blogs Directory.   A number of blogs have been archived

  Working for Microsoft - JobsBlog RSS blog feed updated
Microsoft IT and GFS new category
  Microsoft Data Centers RSS moved
  Microsoft Global Foundation Services RSS new
  Microsoft IT Showcase RSS moved
Microsoft Learning new category
  Microsoft Certified Master RSS new
  Microsoft Learning RSS new
  Microsoft Press RSS moved
Microsoft Service Management new category
  Microsoft Operations Framework RSS moved
Planning Deployment and Update renamed
  Solution Accelerator Assessment and Planning RSS moved
  Solution Accelerator Security and Compliance RSS moved
  Windows Springboard Series RSS new
Search renamed
  Microsoft Enterprise Search RSS new
Security Products Forefront
  Forefront Unified Application Gateway UAG RSS renamed

The following blogs have been archived, you can find a full-list of archived blogs here.

Archived Team Blogs   Last Article
adCentre Labs RSS Oct-08
  Microsoft dot com Operations RSS Dec-08
  Mobile Developer RSS Dec-08
  RSS Web Feeds RSS Feb-08
  SQL Server Engine RSS Jul-08
  SQL Server Manageability RSS Mar-08
  SQL Server Query Processing RSS Sep-08
  Ultra Mobile PC Project Origami RSS Unknown
  User State Migration Tool USMT RSS Aug-08
  Visual Studio Code Analysis RSS Nov-08
  Visual Studio Team Architect RSS Jun-08
  Windows Server Performance RSS Dec-08

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