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The Microsoft Team Blogs directory has been updated today (5th May), the changes are as follows:

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  Microsoft On The Issues Legal and Policy RSS new
Microsoft Online Services    
  Office Live Workspaces RSS updated
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  Startup Zone Emerging Business Team RSS updated
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  Microsoft Connect Recent Connections RSS new
  Microsoft Research AutoCollage RSS new
  Microsoft Information Security Tools Team RSS new
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Here are the articles from these blogs in the past month:


Accessibility   Website | RSS Feed
Real-time info about Web4All Conference - 22-Apr-2009

Microsoft On The Issues Legal and Policy   Website | RSS Feed
Tear Down the Walls and Liberate the Data - 04-Apr-2009
The Facts About the So-Called “Microsoft Bridge” - 07-Apr-2009
Microsoft Applauds the DREAM Act - 08-Apr-2009
Fulfilling our Pledge to Bolster America’s Workforce - 13-Apr-2009
Keeping Citizens Safe through Solidarity - 15-Apr-2009
Why Earth Day Matters to Microsoft - 22-Apr-2009
Schools, Libraries, Hospitals Should be Top Priority for Broadband Funds - 23-Apr-2009
Obama Names Craig Mundie to Sci-Tech Advisory Council - 27-Apr-2009
Following Through on Our Commitment to Interoperability - 28-Apr-2009
History Doesn’t Have to Repeat Itself - 01-May-2009

Microsoft Online Services

Office Live Workspaces   Website | RSS Feed
Office Live Workspace is nominated for another Webware 100! - 07-Apr-2009
Resume help for college students - 08-Apr-2009
Collaborate online this Earth Day - 23-Apr-2009
Be the hero of your study group - 29-Apr-2009
Vote for Office Live in the Webware awards! - 30-Apr-2009

Partner and Customer Resources

Startup Zone Emerging Business Team   Website | RSS Feed
Startup of the Day - - 24-Apr-2009
Announcing Mobile Incubation Week, European Edition! - 24-Apr-2009
SmartTouch SMS Browser - Redefining How We Will All Use SMS - 26-Apr-2009
Investing in Entrepreneurship Education - 27-Apr-2009
European Business Angels - 27-Apr-2009
Startup of the Day - Ecovadis - 28-Apr-2009
Grant us a piece - 28-Apr-2009
Startup of the Day - ColdLight - 01-May-2009
Czech Mate - 03-May-2009
The Azure Services Platform Challenge – new CloudApp() - 04-May-2009

Research and Labs

Microsoft Connect Recent Connections   Website | RSS Feed
Theme Builder - 05-May-2009
Active Directory Best Practice Analyzer (AD BPA) - 05-May-2009
INTERACT2009 - 05-May-2009
Windows Live Translation Feedback - 05-May-2009
Help Reference Library - 05-May-2009
Information Security Tools - 05-May-2009
Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios - 05-May-2009
Microsoft Codename "Oslo" Public Connect - 05-May-2009
Microsoft Codename "Dublin" Feedback - 05-May-2009
Data Platform Development - 05-May-2009
Microsoft Services Connector - 05-May-2009
Microsoft Code Name "Geneva" Claims Based Access Platform - 05-May-2009
DOVO for Partners - 05-May-2009
Live Framework CTP Developer Connection - 05-May-2009
Microsoft HealthVault - 05-May-2009
Visual Studio and .NET Framework - Japanese - 05-May-2009
User Group Support Services - 05-May-2009
Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework - 05-May-2009
Windows Live Dev Connect - 05-May-2009
Windows Mobile Developer Experience - 05-May-2009
Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express Beta - 05-May-2009
Windows Server 2008 R2 Migration - 05-May-2009
Outlook Live - 05-May-2009
System Center (Operations Manager, Service Manager & Essentials) - 05-May-2009
Windows Feature Pack for Storage 1.0 - 05-May-2009
SharePoint Community - 05-May-2009
Expression Studio - 05-May-2009
Duet Insiders - 05-May-2009
Live Mesh Beta - 05-May-2009
Windows Server 2008 Feedback - 05-May-2009
AE SWAT Application Compatibility Team - 05-May-2009
Microsoft Office Groove - 05-May-2009
Windows SideShow - 05-May-2009
Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit BETA PROGRAM - 05-May-2009
TAP/RDP Framework - 05-May-2009
.NET Micro Framework - 05-May-2009
Microsoft Office Publisher Beta - 05-May-2009
XNA Game Studio - 05-May-2009
Windows Hardware Developer Central - 05-May-2009
Network Monitor 3 - 05-May-2009
Phoenix - 05-May-2009
Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) - 05-May-2009
Visual Studio and .NET Framework - - 05-May-2009
Windows Workflow Foundation technology feedback - 05-May-2009
Windows Embedded Standard - 05-May-2009
Windows Live OneCare - 05-May-2009
Internet Explorer Beta Feedback - 05-May-2009
Microsoft Dynamics - 05-May-2009
Microsoft Game Studios Beta Program - 05-May-2009
Microsoft Update CTP Program - 05-May-2009


Microsoft Information Security Tools Team   Website | RSS Feed
Welcome to the Microsoft IT Information Security Tools Team Blog - 16-Apr-2009

Software and Web Development

Robotics Developer Studio   Website | RSS Feed
RDS 2008 Standard Edition and CCR and DSS Toolkit 2008 available on MSDN - 22-Apr-2009

Silverlight   Website | RSS Feed
What is Silverlight? (Part 1 of many) - 24-Apr-2009
Getting Started with Silverlight - 24-Apr-2009
13th Annual Webby Awards powered by Silverlight - 27-Apr-2009
Microsoft Previews Great WPF and Silverlight Apps with Facebook OpenStreams API - 27-Apr-2009
NAB Recap- Las Vegas, April 20-23, 2009 - 28-Apr-2009
DeepZoomPix: Experience Your Photos Like Never Before - 29-Apr-2009
Product Feature Highlight: Expression Blend 3 – Behaviors - 29-Apr-2009
Share, Inspire, Admire: Expression Community Gallery for Designers & Developers - 01-May-2009
Kelley Blue Book Perfect Car Finder - 02-May-2009
Moonlight 2.0 Preview Released - 05-May-2009

Unified Communications

Unified Communications Group   Website | RSS Feed
VoiceCon Orlando: It's a Wrap - 04-Apr-2009
(Another) Survey Says: Exchange Is Clearly Leading Lotus Notes - 10-Apr-2009
Exchange 2010 Beta—The future of UC is here! - 15-Apr-2009
Educational Institutions Make Smart Decisions with Unified Communications - 28-Apr-2009

Windows Desktop and Embedded

Windows for your Business   Website | RSS Feed
Announcing the Availability of MDOP 2009 - 01-Apr-2009
Windows 7: A New Approach to Securing Today’s Enterprise - 20-Apr-2009
Coming Soon: Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC - 25-Apr-2009
How MED-V v2 Helps You Manage Windows XP Mode - 29-Apr-2009

Windows Mobile

Microsoft Tag   Website | RSS Feed
Showcase - Sacramento Book Review - 02-Apr-2009
Set Sail With Tag - 10-Apr-2009
We’re on NY1 - 15-Apr-2009
Take A Deeper Look At Microsoft Tag - 17-Apr-2009
Save The Critters! - 21-Apr-2009
Eco Friendly Marketing: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words - 22-Apr-2009
Microsoft Tag Team Releases Ability To Create Custom Tags - 27-Apr-2009

Office Outlook Mobile   Website | RSS Feed
How to Remove Company Directory Search History List - 11-Apr-2009

Windows Mobile   Website | RSS Feed
The Road to Tech Ed 2009 - 06-Apr-2009
Twisted Pixels #2 – Doing Graphics! - 07-Apr-2009
Samsung’s Web Site for Windows Mobile Developers - 13-Apr-2009
Twisted Pixels #3 – Memory Mysteries - 17-Apr-2009
Resolving Common Crashes Seen in Windows Mobile Watson data - 20-Apr-2009
New Technical Articles on Windows Mobile Application Development have been published on MSDN - 28-Apr-2009

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