Looking to buy Microsoft hardware or software online? The Microsoft Store…

Microsoft Online Store:  The Microsoft Store is an secure online website where you can buy hardware and software.   When you buy software you can download it immediately or order a DVD/CD for delivery.  The store is available in a number of countries and the products for sale do vary by country:

  • Desktop Software including Windows Vista, Microsoft Office for PC and Mac..

  • Xbox Games including Gears of War, Screne It..

  • PC Games including Flight Simulator, Ages of Empires III, Gears of War..

  • Hardware including: Xbox Consoles and Accessories, Zune Music Player, Mice, Keyboards, Webcams, headsets..

  • Home and Reference Software including: Microsoft Works, Auto Collage, SongSmith, Microsoft Math

  • Design and Development Software including: Express Web, Visual Studio

  • Business Software including: Windows Server, SQL Server, Windows Web Server

Retail Stores: On the 12th February Microsoft announced it's plans to create a better PC and Microsoft retail purchase experience for consumers worldwide through the development and opening of the company’s own retail stores.   So you could well see a Microsoft Store on your shopping center..


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