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Consumer and Hardware Solutions

Microsoft Surface   Website | RSS Feed
Stimulant labs mashup with XRay of an iPhone with Microsoft Surface - 02-Feb-2009
Geotagging follow up - 04-Feb-2009

Professional Photography   Website | RSS Feed
Photowalk San Francisco - Day Two - 03-Feb-2009
PhotoWalk San francisco - DAy One - 04-Feb-2009
Photowalk Los Angeles - 05-Feb-2009
The Longest Day - Episode 7 - 06-Feb-2009
The Longest Day - Episode 8 - 06-Feb-2009

Response Point   Website | RSS Feed
Download SP2 Free Today - 02-Feb-2009
SMB Phone, TotalTel : New Certified Service Providers Announced Today @ IT Expo East - 02-Feb-2009
Follow us on Twitter - 02-Feb-2009
Response Point’s South Beach Blogger’s Ball !!! - 03-Feb-2009
IT Expo East Response Point Keynote - 03-Feb-2009
Response Point Solution Seminar @ IT Expo East - 03-Feb-2009
John Frederiksen interview at TMCNet - 06-Feb-2009

Windows Home Server   Website | RSS Feed
Confessions of a Windows Home Server User - 05-Feb-2009

Xbox Press Releases   Website | RSS Feed
We love the 80’s this month with “R-Type Dimensions” on Xbox LIVE® Arcade …sans cheesy love songs and fashion mullets - 02-Feb-2009
Exclusive “Resident Evil 5” Demo Downloaded By 1.8 Million fans on Xbox LIVE - 02-Feb-2009
Exclusive “Resident Evil 5” Demo Downloaded By 1.8 Million fans on Xbox LIVE - 02-Feb-2009
Meet the Spartans of “Halo Wars” - 03-Feb-2009
Watch, Vote and Win! Commercials From the Biggest Football Game of the Year Come to Xbox LIVE - 03-Feb-2009
“Scene It? Box Office Smash” Celebrates Hollywood with “Award Winners” Game Add-On Pack - 04-Feb-2009
Belt out award-winning songs with the newest “Lips” PDLC - 05-Feb-2009
Microsoft Issues “Call to Battle” With Release of “Halo Wars” Demo and Thrilling New Gameplay Trailer Today - 05-Feb-2009

Deployment and Service Management

Solution Accelerator Assessment and Planning   Website | RSS Feed
First Experience with Windows 7 Beta - 03-Feb-2009
[Video Demo] Free Tool Showcase: Save IT Dollars with Hyper-V Server Consolidation Technology and Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit - 05-Feb-2009
[Video Interview] Microsoft Online Services and Solution Accelerators - 06-Feb-2009
Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit - Technical FAQ - 06-Feb-2009
[NEWS!] New Version of Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit - now compatible with Windows 7 Beta - 06-Feb-2009

Desktop and Mobile

Windows 7   Website | RSS Feed
Ecosystem Readiness Program helps partners develop products for Windows 7 - 02-Feb-2009
Windows 7 Editions Announced - 03-Feb-2009
A closer look at the Windows 7 SKUs - 05-Feb-2009

Windows 7 Engineering   Website | RSS Feed
Update on UAC - 05-Feb-2009
UAC Feedback and Follow-Up - 05-Feb-2009

Windows Embedded   Website | RSS Feed
Embedded OS Deployment with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) - 02-Feb-2009
Improving Application Quality through AppVerifier - 04-Feb-2009
More Russian Screen Casts... - 05-Feb-2009
Write Filters – share your experience with us - 06-Feb-2009

Windows Mobile   Website | RSS Feed
Mobile Manager for Netflix - 04-Feb-2009


Dynamics CRM   Website | RSS Feed
Boost performance with Pre-generated XmlSerializers - 02-Feb-2009
Sign up for Product Update Alerts - 03-Feb-2009
Dynamics Forums updated to the MSDN Forums 3.x Platform - 04-Feb-2009
White Paper: Improving Microsoft Dynamics CRM Performance and Securing Data with Microsoft SQL - 05-Feb-2009
Accelerators and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online - 06-Feb-2009

Dynamics GP for Developers   Website | RSS Feed
Customizing Visual Studio Tools Addin Modules - 02-Feb-2009
Custom Search Engine to Search All Dynamics GP Blogs - 03-Feb-2009
Why are pictures in Dynamics GP limited to 32Kb? - 04-Feb-2009
Dexterity Posts around the Blogsphere - 05-Feb-2009
Creating SQL Views of Extender Data - 06-Feb-2009


Environment Software Enabled Earth   Website | RSS Feed
Chrisitian Belady blog on Data Center Efficiencies - 04-Feb-2009

Interoperability   Website | RSS Feed
Eclipse and Silverlight, another interoperability journey has begun - 07-Feb-2009

Microsoft Data Centers   Website | RSS Feed
What’s the Upside to a Downturn? Recessions Heighten Focus on Efficiency! - 04-Feb-2009

TechNet Magazine   Website | RSS Feed
A Month of SQL Server Tips - Week 4 - 02-Feb-2009
A Month of Windows 7 beta 1 Tips - 02-Feb-2009
Inside SharePoint: Maintaining Security Account Credentials - 03-Feb-2009
Hey, Scripting Guy! Browsing Active Directory - 05-Feb-2009

Working for Microsoft - JobsBlog   Website | RSS Feed
Does unrelated experience look bad on my resume? - 04-Feb-2009

Industry Solutions

Chemical   Website | RSS Feed
Connecting with Someone Who Reached Out To Me Last Week - 05-Feb-2009
More on OSIsoft DOBA Accelerators - 06-Feb-2009

Education UK Schools   Website | RSS Feed
More people turn up to BETT - 02-Feb-2009
Information Security – the detailed guidelines - 02-Feb-2009
A question of security - 04-Feb-2009
OneNote and Learning Styles - 05-Feb-2009
Thank goodness for the stuff that lets me work from home - 05-Feb-2009
Something for the weekend to-do list? - 06-Feb-2009
Analysing data in excel - 06-Feb-2009

Health   Website | RSS Feed
Hospital System Leads the Way with Unified Communications in Clinical Practice - 04-Feb-2009

Power and Utilities   Website | RSS Feed
IDC Energy Insights Whitepaper Highlights Smart Grid Benefits through Spatial Data - 06-Feb-2009

Installation and Update Services

The Deployment Guys   Website | RSS Feed
GImageX Beta for Windows 7 Beta - 04-Feb-2009

Windows Server Update Services Support   Website | RSS Feed
WSUS: Downloadmgr error 0x80072AFC after approving updates - 02-Feb-2009
Unable to Publish Updates using SCUP - Exception occurred during publishing - 05-Feb-2009
Advance Notification for the February security bulletin release - 05-Feb-2009

Microsoft Advertising

adCenter API for Developers   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft adCenter API Top 10 Viewed Topics for January 2009 - 03-Feb-2009

adCenter for Advertisers   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Advertising: Insights Podcast - Managing search campaigns in a down economy. - 02-Feb-2009
3 Quick Tips to Improve Performance with adCenter Reporting - 03-Feb-2009
Last Minute Tips for Valentine's Day - 04-Feb-2009
Downloadable Ads and Keywords for U.S. Real Estate Advertisers - 05-Feb-2009
Fourth Mainline Ad Position Added to the UK Market - 06-Feb-2009

Microsoft Conferences and Briefings

Bluehat Security Briefings   Website | RSS Feed
Gone is the era of yes/no questions - 04-Feb-2009

MIX The Next Web Now   Website | RSS Feed
Visualization is Child’s Play - 03-Feb-2009
Descry - 06-Feb-2009
Descry Source Code, MIX09 and More - 06-Feb-2009

Microsoft Online Services

Microsoft Online Services   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Online - Mail Migration & Directory Synchronization Deep Dive Webcast - 06-Feb-2009

Office Live Workspaces   Website | RSS Feed
New demos make Office Live Workspace even sweeter! - 04-Feb-2009

Microsoft Press Pass

Press Pass Press Releases   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Delivers Next-Generation Store Systems Platform to World’s Leading Pizza Delivery Chain - 02-Feb-2009
New Microsoft Premier Support Offering Provides Mission-Critical IT Support - 03-Feb-2009
Global Content Solution Professionals Back New Microsoft Education Platform for Rich Media - 03-Feb-2009
Watch, Vote and Win! Commercials From the Biggest Football Game of the Year Come to Xbox LIVE - 03-Feb-2009
EMC and Microsoft Extend Strategic Alliance Through 2011 to Deliver Efficient Information Infrastructures and Empower Workers - 03-Feb-2009
Zune Teams Up With MEAN Magazine to Produce New Original Series - 04-Feb-2009
Defense Contractor Arms Itself With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 to Integrate Production and Financial Operations - 04-Feb-2009
Microsoft and Brother Enter Broad Patent Cross-Licensing Agreement - 05-Feb-2009
MSN and BermanBraun Unveil Wonderwall, a New Online Destination for Entertainment and Celebrity Information - 05-Feb-2009
One Million Xbox LIVE Members Download and Activate Netflix on Xbox360 - 05-Feb-2009
Distributor of Books and Library Services Turns a New Leaf With Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM - 05-Feb-2009
Enterprise Customers Choose Microsoft Platform to Run SAP Applications for High-Performance, Multiterabyte Scalability and Low TCO - 05-Feb-2009

Press Pass Top Stories   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Equips Partners for Continued Innovation, Business Growth With Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Readiness Program - 02-Feb-2009
Microsoft Launches Office Communications Server 2007 Release 2 - 03-Feb-2009
Windows 7 Lineup Offers Clear Choice for Consumers and Businesses - 03-Feb-2009
Windows 7 Wins on Netbook PCs - 03-Feb-2009

Networking and Remote Access

Microsoft Enterprise Networking   Website | RSS Feed
RPC Endpoint Mapper in a network trace - 03-Feb-2009
Configuring NLB on Windows Server 2008 as a member of the local Administrators group may not work as expected on standalone servers - 06-Feb-2009

Network Access Protection   Website | RSS Feed
Network Access Protection Design Guide wins big at Society of Technical Communication (STC) awards! - 04-Feb-2009

Office Suite

Office Access   Website | RSS Feed
Access dev kitchen recap - 04-Feb-2009
Code to refresh SharePoint Link Tables - 04-Feb-2009
Early bird special for SharePoint Conference 2008 - 04-Feb-2009

Office Excel and Excel Services   Website | RSS Feed
New Case Study Involving Excel Services - 02-Feb-2009
Quick and Easy Data Access with Excel Services - 06-Feb-2009

Office InfoPath   Website | RSS Feed
New book on SharePoint content types - 02-Feb-2009

Office Outlook   Website | RSS Feed
Living in Outlook: Using Quick Parts - 02-Feb-2009

Office Powerpoint   Website | RSS Feed
Where Do Most Valuable Professionals Hang Out? - 02-Feb-2009

Office Project   Website | RSS Feed
Project Server + PerformancePoint Server - 04-Feb-2009

Office Word   Website | RSS Feed
Managing and Administrating Building Blocks - 03-Feb-2009

Partner Resources

Microsoft on Independent Software Vendors ISVs   Website | RSS Feed
IDC Survey Features How the Microsoft ISV Royalty Licensing Program Can Increase Revenue - 03-Feb-2009
Software Companies Shine with Microsoft Surface™ and Virtual Earth™ Technology at the Superbowl - 03-Feb-2009
As Economy Slows, Education Grows - 04-Feb-2009
MIX09 – Content is King! New Sessions, Exclusive “Objectified” Screening, and Bill Buxton to Keynote! - 05-Feb-2009
MS101 EMEA Partner Conference Less Than Two Weeks Away - 06-Feb-2009

Product Support

Hotfix Support The Hot Blog   Website | RSS Feed
Jan. 19 - Feb 1 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows Legacy Products - 04-Feb-2009
Jan. 20 - Feb. 2 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows 6.0 - 04-Feb-2009
Jan. 21 - Feb. 3 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Developer - 04-Feb-2009
Jan. 22 - Feb. 4 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - SQL Server - 05-Feb-2009
Jan. 23 - Feb. 5 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Messaging Server - 06-Feb-2009

SysInternals   Website | RSS Feed
Updates: Process Explorer v11.33, Autoruns v9.39, ZoomIt v3.02 - 06-Feb-2009

Technical Rollup Mailings   Website | RSS Feed
February 2009 – Technical Rollup Mail - Security - 02-Feb-2009
February 2009 – Technical Rollup Mail - Platforms - 02-Feb-2009
February 2009 – Technical Rollup Mail - Internet - 02-Feb-2009
February 2009 – Technical Rollup Mail – SQL Server - 02-Feb-2009
February 2009 – Technical Rollup Mail – Unified Communications - 02-Feb-2009
February 2009 – Technical Rollup Mail - Manageability - 02-Feb-2009

Research and Labs

Microsoft Research Downloads   Website | RSS Feed
AutoCollage 2008 - 03-Feb-2009

Microsoft Research News and Headlines   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Searches for Group Advantage - 02-Feb-2009


Microsoft Security Response Center MSRC   Website | RSS Feed
February 2009 Advanced Notification - 05-Feb-2009
New Information Pages on Conficker - 07-Feb-2009

MSRC Ecosystem Strategy   Website | RSS Feed
Constants and Change - 03-Feb-2009

Security Vulnerability Research and Defense   Website | RSS Feed
Expanding Horizons - 02-Feb-2009
Preventing the Exploitation of Structured Exception Handler (SEH) Overwrites with SEHOP - 02-Feb-2009

The Security Development Lifecycle   Website | RSS Feed
Clickjacking Defense in IE8 - 06-Feb-2009

Security Products Forefront

Forefront Intelligent Application Gateway IAG   Website | RSS Feed
Enabling SharePoint bookmarking for SharePoint AAM Optimizer in IAG SP1 - 08-Feb-2009

Forefront Product Suite   Website | RSS Feed
Securing Employee Web Use with Forefront Threat Management Gateway - 06-Feb-2009
TMG promotion...and video - 06-Feb-2009

Forefront Threat Management Gateway ISA Server   Website | RSS Feed
How to enable multicast routing with ISA Server - 04-Feb-2009
Another blog about KCD: Tips and Tricks on Kerberos and Delegation (ISA2006): - 05-Feb-2009
WPAD for ISA Server and Windows Media Proxy Server - 06-Feb-2009
Forefront Threat Management Gateway Public Beta Available For Download - 06-Feb-2009
Forefront TMG Beta 2 is Released - 06-Feb-2009

Server and Infrastructure

Active Directory Services   Website | RSS Feed
New Directory Services KB Articles 1/25-1/31 - 02-Feb-2009
How to Hide User Information When Computer is Locked - 06-Feb-2009

Advanced Windows Debugging and Troubleshooting   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Windows Dynamic Cache Service - 06-Feb-2009

Group Policy   Website | RSS Feed
Upcoming Seminar: Derek Melber - 02-Feb-2009
AGPM Planning and Operations Guides posted to the web - 04-Feb-2009

IIS and ASP dot NET Support   Website | RSS Feed
Tag Causes Local Automatic ASP.NET debugging not to work in Visual Studio - 02-Feb-2009
SSL stops working in IIS7 - 06-Feb-2009

Platforms Performance   Website | RSS Feed
Help! My Application only runs on a Single Processor system! - 03-Feb-2009
Deploying Printers and Print Drivers Remotely - 06-Feb-2009

Server Core Ask the Core Team   Website | RSS Feed
How To: Activate Windows Server 2008 Core Edition with MAK key over the phone - 02-Feb-2009
Windows Server Backup 2008 Restore from Network Location - 04-Feb-2009

Small Business Server SBS   Website | RSS Feed
How to Use Outlook to Send Email to a SharePoint Document Library on SBS 2008 - 02-Feb-2009
Catalog of Installation Error Messages in Windows SBS 2008 - 02-Feb-2009

Windows Powershell   Website | RSS Feed
Console Application (Non) Support in the ISE - 04-Feb-2009
Diff between Windows PowerShell versions - 05-Feb-2009
#requires your scripts - 06-Feb-2009

Windows Server Division   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Platform to Run SAP Apps - 05-Feb-2009

SharePoint Groove Search

Groove Support   Website | RSS Feed
Rearranging a Groove-synchronized Windows folder - 03-Feb-2009

SharePoint Developer   Website | RSS Feed
Download: Workflow Development Resources Interactive Map - 05-Feb-2009

SharePoint IT Pro Documentation   Website | RSS Feed
Want your whitepapers in PDF or XPS? - 05-Feb-2009
SharePoint Diagnostics (SPDiag) Tool for SharePoint Products and Technologies - 05-Feb-2009

SharePoint Products and Technologies   Website | RSS Feed
Announcing the SharePoint Conference 2009! - 03-Feb-2009
SharePoint Diagnostics (SPDiag) Tool v1.0 for SharePoint Products and Technologies - 06-Feb-2009

SQL and Business Intelligence

ProClarity   Website | RSS Feed
Windows Vista Install Issue - Repeatedly Prompted to Update Installer - 04-Feb-2009

SQL Server Compact   Website | RSS Feed
Overview of SqlCeReplication methods - LoadProperties and SaveProperties - 06-Feb-2009

SQL Server User Education   Website | RSS Feed
SQL Server 2008 Books Online January 2009 Update Now Released - 02-Feb-2009

Systems Management

System Center Manageability   Website | RSS Feed
This is the last week for the SMSandMOM blog - 02-Feb-2009

System Center Mobile Device Manager Support   Website | RSS Feed
Online Event: Microsoft Secure Remote Access Solutions - 05-Feb-2009

System Center Operations Manager   Website | RSS Feed
Your feedback requested: Operations Manager 2007 Management Pack Quality Survey - 02-Feb-2009
Operations Manager and PerformancePoint Server - 04-Feb-2009

System Center Service Manager   Website | RSS Feed
Active Directory Connector Part 2 - 02-Feb-2009
Service Manager and PowerShell - 06-Feb-2009
Creating product guidance - 07-Feb-2009

Unified Communications

Microsoft Exchange   Website | RSS Feed
Got Checklists? - 02-Feb-2009
Update Rollup 6 for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 to be released on February 10th 2009 - 06-Feb-2009


App-V formally SoftGrid   Website | RSS Feed
App-V client generates "Could not connect to stream URL" error - 02-Feb-2009
Opening a DOC from a SharePoint site may generate an error if Word is virtualized - 05-Feb-2009

Terminal Services   Website | RSS Feed
The Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Resource Kit is now available! - 04-Feb-2009

Windows Virtualization   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft and EMC renew their (virtualization) vows - 04-Feb-2009
Guest Post: The Green Benefits We've Experienced with a Virtualized Data Center - 04-Feb-2009
Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Security Guide – beta now available - 06-Feb-2009

Web and Development

Application Consulting and Engineering ACE   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft IT Solutions: Full Drive Encryption using BitLocker - 07-Feb-2009

Internet Explorer   Website | RSS Feed
Birth of a Security Feature: ClickJacking Defense - 03-Feb-2009
Personalize IE8 through Services - 03-Feb-2009
Suggested Sites & Privacy - 05-Feb-2009
Compatibility List FAQ - 06-Feb-2009

The dotNET Endpoint   Website | RSS Feed
A Week with the Field - 03-Feb-2009

Visual C++   Website | RSS Feed
Rvalue References: C++0x Features in VC10, Part 2 - 03-Feb-2009

Visual Web Developer   Website | RSS Feed
Web Deployment with VS 2010 and IIS - 04-Feb-2009

Web Deployment   Website | RSS Feed
Visual Studio 2010 deployment features (including MS Deploy) - 04-Feb-2009

Windows SDK   Website | RSS Feed
Released: Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1: Beta - 03-Feb-2009

XNA Games Development   Website | RSS Feed
Creators Club Communiqué 16 - 04-Feb-2009

Windows Azure Cloud Computing

Azure Cloud Computing Tools   Website | RSS Feed
Using an existing Web App as a Windows Azure Web Role - 06-Feb-2009

Azure Live Services   Website | RSS Feed
Live Framework Tools January CTP Released - 02-Feb-2009

Windows Live

Live Framework   Website | RSS Feed
Live Framework Tools January CTP - 02-Feb-2009

Live Mail Hotmail   Website | RSS Feed
Automatic “Add to Calendar” from your Web Content - 03-Feb-2009
Using Windows Live Calendar with Microsoft Office Outlook - 04-Feb-2009
Whoa, cool new features! - 06-Feb-2009

Live Mesh   Website | RSS Feed
Help us improve Live Mesh! - 04-Feb-2009

Live Search   Website | RSS Feed
Instant Answers in your IE8 search box! - 03-Feb-2009
The most popular how-to searches of 2008 - 03-Feb-2009
Fly like a bird…over Paris - 04-Feb-2009
Searching for a 40% discount! - 05-Feb-2009
Searching for snow? We can find it. - 06-Feb-2009

Live Search Webmaster Center   Website | RSS Feed
Optimizing your very large site for Search — Part 3 - 03-Feb-2009
On the road to Santa Clara - 06-Feb-2009

Live Spaces   Website | RSS Feed
Changes to Spaces header - 05-Feb-2009

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