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Business Process Management

BizTalk Server   Website | RSS Feed
New BizTalk Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Guidance - 20-Jan-2009

Consumer and Hardware Solutions

Microsoft Surface   Website | RSS Feed
Education with nsquared Part Two - 20-Jan-2009
Exploration in Financial Services - 23-Jan-2009

Professional Photography   Website | RSS Feed
The Inauguration and Photosynth - 19-Jan-2009
The longest Day – Episode 4 - 20-Jan-2009
WPPI International Convention & Trade Show - 24-Jan-2009

Response Point   Website | RSS Feed
FYI. The Basics on Quintum Gateways and Microsoft Response Point - 22-Jan-2009
Full Speed Ahead for Response Point - 22-Jan-2009
RSVP for the Microsoft Response Point Solution Seminar - 23-Jan-2009

Windows Home Server   Website | RSS Feed
New Windows Home Server Videos from Canada's Tech Guru - 21-Jan-2009
Story Time with Windows Home Server - 22-Jan-2009
CES 2009: Windows Home Server Update - Channel 10 ( video - 24-Jan-2009

Xbox Press Releases   Website | RSS Feed
Inauguration Commemoration on Xbox LIVE - 20-Jan-2009
Genre Defining Xbox 360 Exclusive “Halo Wars” Goes Gold - 23-Jan-2009
Xbox LIVE Presents $25,000 “13 Days of Gears” Sweepstakes - 23-Jan-2009

Deployment and Service Management

Solution Accelerator Assessment and Planning   Website | RSS Feed
[Partners Webcast Series] Increase Sales Opportunities with Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit - 21-Jan-2009

Solution Accelerator Security and Compliance   Website | RSS Feed
Security in Compliance - 21-Jan-2009

Desktop and Mobile

Windows 7   Website | RSS Feed
General availability for the Windows 7 Beta to end - 24-Jan-2009

Windows 7 Engineering   Website | RSS Feed
Engineering the Windows 7 “Windows Experience Index” - 19-Jan-2009
Follow-up: Accessibility in Windows 7 - 21-Jan-2009
Disk Defragmentation – Background and Engineering the Windows 7 Improvements - 25-Jan-2009

Windows Embedded   Website | RSS Feed
Creating SCCM software update packages - 20-Jan-2009
January 2009 Security Updates for Runtimes Are Available - 23-Jan-2009
Two New Screen Casts About the Windows Embedded Standard Tools - 23-Jan-2009

Windows Mobile   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Tag - 20-Jan-2009

Windows SideShow   Website | RSS Feed
Windows SideShow for Windows Mobile Developer Preview Fix Available - 21-Jan-2009


Dynamics CRM   Website | RSS Feed
List Web Part for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0: Understanding Connections - 19-Jan-2009
Update Rollup 2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 - 20-Jan-2009
Linked Entity Column Data in Advanced Find - 21-Jan-2009
Creating Entity Diagrams in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 - 22-Jan-2009
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Update Rollup Schedule - 23-Jan-2009

Dynamics GP for Developers   Website | RSS Feed
"The stored procedure createSQLTmpTable returned the following results: DBMS: 12" exceptions - 20-Jan-2009
How can I identify the parameters of a Procedure or Function? - 21-Jan-2009
Sending emails with Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) and Dexterity - 22-Jan-2009
Finding out how to call an existing Report - 23-Jan-2009

Dynamics Mobile   Website | RSS Feed
Barcode Scanning With Microsoft Dynamics Mobile - 21-Jan-2009
Where To Get Barcode Drivers - 21-Jan-2009


Interoperability   Website | RSS Feed
Document Interoperability Initiative, document-format implementation notes, and more… - 21-Jan-2009

IT Business Value   Website | RSS Feed
Application Archetypes and Management - 20-Jan-2009

TechNet Magazine   Website | RSS Feed
Security Watch: Malware Inspection at the Perimeter - 20-Jan-2009
Business Intelligence with SharePoint and Excel - 21-Jan-2009
Elevation PowerToys and Windows 7 - 21-Jan-2009
Extra! Extra! More Utilities for You - 22-Jan-2009
SQL Q&A: Backup Compression, Client Redirection with Mirroring, and More - 23-Jan-2009

Working for Microsoft - JobsBlog   Website | RSS Feed
Five ways to fail my phone interview - 20-Jan-2009
Microsoft Hiring Update - 23-Jan-2009

Industry Solutions

Chemical   Website | RSS Feed
OSIsoft’s Microsoft Solution Accelerators On vCampus - 19-Jan-2009

Education UK Schools   Website | RSS Feed
The Internet isn’t working - 19-Jan-2009
The London Grid makes a move - 21-Jan-2009
Live@edu – mixing software and online services - 21-Jan-2009
Photosynths made at points in history - 21-Jan-2009
Late at night, at BETT - 22-Jan-2009
Taking a road trip - 23-Jan-2009
Road Trip Part 2 – Shireland Academy - 25-Jan-2009
Road Trip Part 3 – There’s a job on the line - 25-Jan-2009

Health   Website | RSS Feed
Wielding technology’s wonders to improve health in America - 20-Jan-2009
Innovators Wanted! The 2009 Microsoft HUG Awards - 23-Jan-2009

Installation and Update Services

The Deployment Guys   Website | RSS Feed
The Elevation PowerToys and Windows 7 - 21-Jan-2009
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 Deployment White Papers Updated for Service Pack 3 - 21-Jan-2009

Windows Server Update Services Support   Website | RSS Feed
Installing WSUS 3.0 SP1 through Window Server 2008 SP1 Server Manager - 20-Jan-2009

Microsoft Advertising

adCenter Analytics   Website | RSS Feed
Seeing The Magic Behind The Numbers… - 23-Jan-2009

adCenter API for Developers   Website | RSS Feed
January Maintenance of MS adCenter API will Affect Some Calls to Campaign Management API - 22-Jan-2009

adCenter for Advertisers   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Advertising Insights Podcast: Interview with Dixon Jones on PPC for Small Businesses in a Recession - 19-Jan-2009
Hear the Microsoft Advertising Team Speak at SES London 2009 - 20-Jan-2009
Using Dynamic Text in Your Search Ads - 21-Jan-2009
Microsoft adExcellence: Interactive training when you need it - 22-Jan-2009
Valentine’s Day PPC Tips for Dating-Related Advertisers - 23-Jan-2009

Microsoft Online Services

Office Live Workspaces   Website | RSS Feed
Looking ahead and bringing you even more - 23-Jan-2009

Microsoft Press Pass

Press Pass Press Releases   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Named Platinum Technology Sponsor for the New American Home 2009 - 20-Jan-2009
Microsoft Reports Second-Quarter Results - 22-Jan-2009

Press Pass Top Stories   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft IT Training and Certification Help Organizations and Individuals Flourish - 21-Jan-2009

Networking and Remote Access

DHCP Windows Enterprise Networking Group   Website | RSS Feed
Link Layer Based Filtering? - 21-Jan-2009
How to prevent address exhaustion from Secondary Server in split-scope deployment - 22-Jan-2009
How to configure split-scope using wizard - 22-Jan-2009

Network Access Protection   Website | RSS Feed
NPS enhancements in Windows Server 2008 R2 - 19-Jan-2009
TechNet online chat for NAP and NPS is today (Jan 22) at 1:00 PM PST! - 21-Jan-2009
Today's (Jan 22) TechNet online chat for NAP and NPS to be rescheduled - 22-Jan-2009
TechNet online chat for NAP and NPS is rescheduled for Thursday, Jan 29 at 1:00 PM PST - 23-Jan-2009

Routing and Remote Access   Website | RSS Feed
RRAS team wants to hear from you! - 23-Jan-2009

Office Suite

Office Access   Website | RSS Feed
Access Developer Extensions 2007 Updates - 20-Jan-2009
Free Access 14 IW Workshop @ Microsoft - 21-Jan-2009
ADP’s and SQL Server 2008 - 21-Jan-2009

Office Excel and Excel Services   Website | RSS Feed
When a Number is Not a Number - 20-Jan-2009
Repeating a Set of Data - 21-Jan-2009

Office for Mac   Website | RSS Feed
Entourage for Exchange Web Services Beta is Live! - 20-Jan-2009

Office Outlook   Website | RSS Feed
Ahead of the Curve: Feed Outlook with News You Want - 22-Jan-2009

Office Outlook Mobile   Website | RSS Feed
Saving Information to a Contact - 20-Jan-2009

Office Natural Language   Website | RSS Feed
Hotfix für die deutsche Silbentrennung - 22-Jan-2009

Office Project   Website | RSS Feed
Combination Views - 21-Jan-2009
Adding a red/yellow/green progress indicator - 22-Jan-2009

Office Project Support   Website | RSS Feed
Project Server 2007: Walkthrough Videos Now Available on TechNet – Installation and OLAP Configuration - 19-Jan-2009
Project Server 2007: Moving SharePoint Content DBs Between Farms – Screencast and Podcast - 23-Jan-2009

Office Word   Website | RSS Feed
Keyboard Driven Building Block Insertion - 23-Jan-2009

Partner Resources

Microsoft on Independent Software Vendors ISVs   Website | RSS Feed
MIX 2009! Register by February 13th and Save $400 - 19-Jan-2009
Grow Revenue and Increase Profitability with the Microsoft ISV Royalty Program - 20-Jan-2009
Set Yourself Apart: Take Your Web Development and Design Skills to the Next Level @ MIX ‘09 - 23-Jan-2009
Microsoft Celebrates Data Privacy Day Worldwide - 23-Jan-2009

Product Support

Hotfix Support The Hot Blog   Website | RSS Feed
Jan.12 - Jan. 18 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows Legacy Products - 19-Jan-2009
Jan. 12 - Jan. 19 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows 6.0 - 20-Jan-2009
Jan. 14 - Jan. 20 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows Developer - 21-Jan-2009
SQL Server 2008 Cumulative update package 3 is Released - 22-Jan-2009
Note, there is no hotfix KB article for Messaging Server this week. (Jan. 16 - Jan. 22) - 23-Jan-2009

Research and Labs

Microsoft Research Machine Translation   Website | RSS Feed
Polish now available on - 23-Jan-2009

Microsoft Research News and Headlines   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Research Helps Novice Musicians Discover Their Inner Songwriters - 19-Jan-2009


Microsoft Connected Information Security Group   Website | RSS Feed
AntiXSS Library V3.0 - Test Harness - 19-Jan-2009

Microsoft Malware Protection Center   Website | RSS Feed
Waledac Trojan Hosted by Fake Obama Website - 20-Jan-2009
Banload – The Other January Addition to MSRT - 23-Jan-2009
Centralized Information About The Conficker Worm - 23-Jan-2009

Microsoft Security Response Center MSRC   Website | RSS Feed
January 22, 2009: MS08-067 Conficker Worm Update - 23-Jan-2009

MSRC Ecosystem Strategy   Website | RSS Feed
New Year, New Security Foo - 23-Jan-2009

Security Bulletins Comprehensive   Website | RSS Feed
MS08-040 – Important: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft SQL Server Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (941203) - Version:1.7 - 21-Jan-2009
MS05-022: Vulnerability in MSN Messenger Could Lead to Remote Code Execution (896597) - Version:2.0 - 21-Jan-2009

Windows Security   Website | RSS Feed
BitLocker on TechNet Radio - 23-Jan-2009

Security Products Forefront

Forefront Product Suite   Website | RSS Feed
Forefront Security for Office Communications Server (FSOCS) Beta 3 is released! - 23-Jan-2009

Server and Infrastructure

Active Directory Services   Website | RSS Feed
New Directory Services KB Articles 1/11-1/17 - 19-Jan-2009
Determine Applied Schema Extensions with AD DS/LDS Schema Analyzer - 20-Jan-2009
Negotiate security support provider behavior - 21-Jan-2009
Microsoft North Carolina, Directory Services Team 3 – Doh! - 21-Jan-2009
Using PORTQRY for troubleshooting - 22-Jan-2009
Windows Server 2008 R2 DFSR Features - 22-Jan-2009

Essential Business Server   Website | RSS Feed
EBS virtualized onto one Sun server - 22-Jan-2009
Microsoft Update Opt-In failed error on EBS 2008 installations. - 23-Jan-2009

IIS and ASP dot NET Support   Website | RSS Feed
Service Principal Name (SPN) checklist for Kerberos authentication with IIS 7.0 - 19-Jan-2009
Maximum number of Application Pools in IIS 6.0 - 22-Jan-2009

Platforms Performance   Website | RSS Feed
Updated News on Internet Explorer 8 - 20-Jan-2009
Two Minute Drill: NMI - 23-Jan-2009

Server Core Ask the Core Team   Website | RSS Feed
Configuring Auditing for a Windows Server 2008 Failover Cluster - 19-Jan-2009
SQL Installation and Reporting Issues with Data Protection Manager - 19-Jan-2009

Small Business Server SBS   Website | RSS Feed
SBS 2008 Update Rollup 1 Releases Today - 19-Jan-2009
How To Enable Verbose Logging For Most SBS 2008 Wizards and Console - 22-Jan-2009
One or More Updates Cannot be Installed Error on SBS 2008 Installations - 23-Jan-2009

Storage   Website | RSS Feed
DFS Replication: What’s new in Windows Server™ 2008 R2 - 19-Jan-2009
Read-only replicated folders on Windows Server 2008 R2 - 21-Jan-2009

Windows Powershell   Website | RSS Feed
Why Should I Test With PowerShell? - 19-Jan-2009
Debugging PowerShell Script Using the ISE Editor - 19-Jan-2009
A Bit More On BITS - 23-Jan-2009
PowerShell Wizard - 25-Jan-2009

Windows Server Division   Website | RSS Feed
Brand New Comprehensive Resource for IIS 7.0 - 22-Jan-2009

SharePoint Groove Search

SharePoint IT Pro Documentation   Website | RSS Feed
Using MIS with SharePoint? Blatchington Mill School shows how to do the job. - 19-Jan-2009

SharePoint Products and Technologies   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Business Intelligence strategy update and SharePoint - 23-Jan-2009

SQL and Business Intelligence

SQL Release Services   Website | RSS Feed
Cumulative Update #3 for SQL Server 2008 RTM - 19-Jan-2009

Systems Management

System Center Manageability   Website | RSS Feed
Resetting the health state of your systems using the GreenMachine utility - 20-Jan-2009
ConfigMgr 2007: How to install patches manually on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 - 20-Jan-2009
Four new OpsMgr 2007 KB articles available for the week ending 1/17/2009 - 21-Jan-2009
Six new ConfigMgr 2007 KB articles for the week ending 1/17/2009 - 21-Jan-2009
OpsMgr 2007: Programmatically creating a list of groups - 22-Jan-2009
ConfigMgr 2007 - Asset Intelligence catalog import fails is the SMS provider is on a remote machine - 22-Jan-2009
Anti-virus software may cause script failures in OpsMgr 2007 - 22-Jan-2009
ConfigMgr 2007: Client push may fail when the Management Point is installed on Windows Server 2008 - 22-Jan-2009

System Center Operations Manager   Website | RSS Feed
Troubleshooting Ops Mgr Certificate issues with Powershell - 23-Jan-2009

Unified Communications

Microsoft Exchange   Website | RSS Feed
Entourage, Meet Exchange Web Services: Entourage For Exchange Web Services is Live! - 20-Jan-2009
Announcing the SP1 Release for System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 - 20-Jan-2009
Should You Virtualize Your Exchange 2007 SP1 Environment? - 22-Jan-2009

Office Communications Server   Website | RSS Feed
OCS & PowerShell Webcast - 23-Jan-2009
Round Table Reference Information - 23-Jan-2009

Office Communicator   Website | RSS Feed
Cool Tips and Quick Tricks for Using Microsoft Unified Communications - 20-Jan-2009


SoftGrid   Website | RSS Feed
Sequencing Microsoft Office 2007 Core with Multiple Language Packs via DSC - 20-Jan-2009
Hotfix Package 2 for Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5: December 2008 - 21-Jan-2009
Reducing resource requirements for computers running virtualized Microsoft Office 2007 - 22-Jan-2009
How can I deploy and manage virtual applications for remote users who never connect to my network (or vpn in)? - 23-Jan-2009

Web and Development

Application Consulting and Engineering ACE   Website | RSS Feed
The InfoSec X Prize: Fundamental Change Through Competition - 23-Jan-2009
Vulnerabilities in Web Applications due to improper use of Crypto – Part 3 - 25-Jan-2009

Expression Web   Website | RSS Feed
Understanding and Unleashing the Power of CSS Layouts - 20-Jan-2009
Last day to get Expression programs for half their original sales price is January 31, 2009 - 22-Jan-2009
CSS Layouts without the headache - 23-Jan-2009
Twitter on PHP VERSUS ASP.NET - 23-Jan-2009

Internet Explorer   Website | RSS Feed
January Chat with the Internet Explorer team on Thursday - 19-Jan-2009
Yes, we did... - 21-Jan-2009
Common Issues in Assessing Browser Performance - 23-Jan-2009

The dotNET Endpoint   Website | RSS Feed
The Road to WF 4.0 (Part 1) - 21-Jan-2009
WCF Fix Available - .NET 3.5 SP1 GDR - 22-Jan-2009

Visual Basic   Website | RSS Feed
An Updated Screensaver Example (Matt Gertz) - 24-Jan-2009

XNA Games Development   Website | RSS Feed
Creators Club Communiqué 14 - 21-Jan-2009
Gamefest Moves to 2010 - 21-Jan-2009

Windows Live

Live Photo and Video   Website | RSS Feed
Changing the way you share your photos - 21-Jan-2009

Live QnA   Website | RSS Feed
QnA Update for Nicknames - 20-Jan-2009

Live Search   Website | RSS Feed
Join the inauguration without leaving home - 19-Jan-2009
Which designer will get Michelle Obama's vote? - 19-Jan-2009
Popular New Year’s Resolutions - 24-Jan-2009

Live Search Webmaster Center   Website | RSS Feed
Optimizing your very large site for search — Part 1 - 19-Jan-2009

Photosynth   Website | RSS Feed
Tracking the Pre-Inauguration Photosynth Buzz - 19-Jan-2009
Capturing Inauguration Celebrations: D.C. Area & Worldwide - 19-Jan-2009

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