Microsoft Team Blogs Directory UPDATED!

The Microsoft Team Blogs Directory has been increased to 212 team blogs.  The following blogs have been included in the directory.

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  Dynamics Mobile RSS  
  Interoperability RSS  
  IT Business Value RSS  
Office Suite  
  Office Project Support RSS Support Blog
Research and Labs  
  Microsoft Research Machine Translation RSS  
  Windows Security RSS  
Sharepoint Groove Search  
  SharePoint IT Pro Documentation RSS  
Systems Management  
  System Center Mobile Device Manager Support RSS Support Blog
Windows Live  
  Live Framework RSS  

Here are a summary of the articlesl from these blogs from the 1st December 2008:


Dynamics GP for Developers   Website | RSS Feed
Welcome to the Dynamics Confessor Blogspot - 21-Dec-2008
Upcoming Developer Workshops - 22-Dec-2008
Season's Greetings 2008 - 23-Dec-2008
Dexterity: Accessing a form menu from a global script - 30-Dec-2008
Welcome to 2009 & Backups - 04-Jan-2009
Background process is running: Exit Aborted message - 05-Jan-2009
The Importance of Reporting the first Error - 07-Jan-2009
Microsoft Research releases Songsmith - 09-Jan-2009
Modifier - Reading and Writing Data with ADO Example - 12-Jan-2009
WorldMaps Tracking Added - 13-Jan-2009
Hybrid - Adding Named Printers control to Reports using VBA - 14-Jan-2009
eOne.Dynamics.GP.ExcelBuilder.Engine.dll Exception - 15-Jan-2009
Microsoft Dynamics™ GP 10.0 Bootcamp (Australia) - 15-Jan-2009
Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Packs, Hotfixes and Payroll Compliance/Year End Updates May Damage the Modified Reports and Forms - 16-Jan-2009
Passing data from a Business Portal Result Viewer Web Part to Dynamics GP Web Services - 18-Jan-2009

Dynamics Mobile   Website | RSS Feed
DocumentHandler - Behind The Scenes - 11-Dec-2008
DocumentHandlerParameter Best Practices - 18-Dec-2008
Unit Testing DocumentHandlers - 07-Jan-2009
Unit Testing DocumentHandlers With Parameters - 13-Jan-2009


Interoperability   Website | RSS Feed
Welcome - 14-Jan-2009
Apache incubator project, Stonehenge: showcasing Web Services interoperability - 15-Jan-2009

IT Business Value   Website | RSS Feed
Welcome to the IT Business Value Blog - 07-Jan-2009
SOA Adoption Blockers: Service Management is Key - 14-Jan-2009

Office Suite

Office Project Support   Website | RSS Feed
Project Server 2007: Has your cube build stopped working to the schedule? - 09-Dec-2008
Project Server 2007: Anyone be interested in podcasts and/or video on my blog? - 15-Dec-2008
Project Server 2007: Would you rather start your Data Analysis Week on a Monday? - 16-Dec-2008
Good news for SQL Server 2008 users – SQL Server 2005 SP3 is out! - 16-Dec-2008
Project Server 2007: Microsoft Office December 2008 Cumulative Update and KBs Released! - 17-Dec-2008
A New Look for 2009 - 30-Dec-2008
Microsoft Office Project Support PodCast Episode1 - 31-Dec-2008
Project Server 2007: Reading SharePoint ULS logs with Excel - 04-Jan-2009
Project Server 2007: ULS Logs Screencast - downloads now available. - 07-Jan-2009
Project Server 2007: Podcast - Talkthrough of OLAP Cube Building - 12-Jan-2009
Project Server 2007: Can’t find your WSS data in the OLAP cube? - 16-Jan-2009

Research and Labs

Microsoft Research Machine Translation   Website | RSS Feed
Translation User Experience: Guest Blog - 03-Dec-2008
A metal can (can’t it?): Guest Blog - 18-Dec-2008
Testing translation quality: Guest Blog - 02-Jan-2009


Windows Security   Website | RSS Feed
Welcome - 11-Dec-2008
Secure Your Windows and Office 2007 Installations - 15-Dec-2008

SharePoint Groove Search

SharePoint IT Pro Documentation   Website | RSS Feed
Facelift! - 17-Dec-2008
Administrator’s Guide of Topics to Consider before Deployment - 12-Jan-2009

Systems Management

System Center Mobile Device Manager Support   Website | RSS Feed
New and updated Knowledge Base articles for 11-16 through 11-22 - 02-Dec-2008
New Knowledge Base article for 11-30 through 12-6 - 08-Dec-2008
SCMDM: The management console is no longer available after installing the MDM Reporting Services v1.1 reporting snap-in - 09-Dec-2008
The same software package may be installed every time a device connects to a System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 server - 10-Dec-2008
SCMDM: Enrolling a device generates "Unable to enroll this device in the company domain" error - 11-Dec-2008
SCMDM: Set-EnrollmentPermissions returns "Error encountered when delegating container..." - 16-Dec-2008
SCMDM: Enrollment fails if a port other than 443 is used for the Enrollment Service - 17-Dec-2008
SCMDM: Mobile Device Manager setup error: "Failed to determine status of MDM databases on SQL instance" - 18-Dec-2008
Where did all the posts go? - 18-Dec-2008
SCMDM: Enrollment fails with "Unknown error in Enrollment service: System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null" - 05-Jan-2009
New Knowledge Base articles for 12-14 through 12-20 - 06-Jan-2009
System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 Service Pack 1 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 - 07-Jan-2009
Collecting large amount of device inventory information during OMA session causes MDM server to timeout - 08-Jan-2009

Windows Live

Live Framework   Website | RSS Feed
Live Web Cast Coming Dec 8th! Please Join Us. - 01-Dec-2008
What Problems Are We Trying to Solve? - 03-Dec-2008
Live Framework Resource Model--Part 1 - 11-Dec-2008
Connecting Your Web Site to the Live Framework (i.e. Using Delegated Auth) - 16-Dec-2008
Delegated Authentication, Part II: Managing Tokens - 12-Jan-2009

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