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Consumer and Hardware Solutions

Microsoft Surface   Website | RSS Feed
GPS Photo Tagging on Microsoft Surface - 30-Dec-2008
Nintendo Wii balance board and Microsoft Surface mashup by Stimulant - 31-Dec-2008

Professional Photography   Website | RSS Feed
The “Albuquerque Photo” - 31-Dec-2008
Best Photos of 2008 - 01-Jan-2009
2009 New Years Photography Resolutions - 02-Jan-2009
The Longest Day - 04-Jan-2009

Response Point   Website | RSS Feed
Windows IT Pro: "Response Point is a hidden gem..." - 04-Jan-2009

Windows Home Server   Website | RSS Feed
HP MediaSmart Server EX485 and EX487 - 29-Dec-2008
More news on HP's new home servers ... - 30-Dec-2008

Desktop and Mobile

Windows 7 Engineering   Website | RSS Feed
At Home with HomeGroup in Windows 7 - 30-Dec-2008

Windows Embedded   Website | RSS Feed
Change Management for Windows Embedded Standard Devices using System Center Configuration Manager - 29-Dec-2008
How to Find New Drivers in Windows Embedded Standard 2009 - 31-Dec-2008
New Year Thoughts - 31-Dec-2008

Windows Embedded Point of Service for dotNET   Website | RSS Feed
Next version of WEPOS is just around the corner.... - 02-Jan-2009


Dynamics CRM   Website | RSS Feed
“Poor man’s” Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - 29-Dec-2008
Just do it – Deleting attributes that are in use by running Workflows - 30-Dec-2008


TechNet Magazine   Website | RSS Feed
Utility Spotlight, Online Edition: Remote Server Administration Tools - 29-Dec-2008

Industry Solutions

Manufacturing and Resources   Website | RSS Feed
Leverage what you have. Engineering re-use more critical than ever for manufacturers. - 02-Jan-2009

Microsoft Press Pass

Press Pass Press Releases   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Commends Chinese Court in Sentencing Ringleaders of World’s Largest Software Counterfeiting Syndicate - 31-Dec-2008
Media Alert: Microsoft Participates in the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show - 02-Jan-2009

Press Pass Top Stories   Website | RSS Feed
Survey: Microsoft Holds Top Patent Portfolio for 2008 - 02-Jan-2009

Networking and Remote Access

DHCP Windows Enterprise Networking Group   Website | RSS Feed
My Mobile Broadband card does not work - 02-Jan-2009

Routing and Remote Access   Website | RSS Feed
The Mobility Manager - managing mobility for VPN reconnect connections (IKEv2 based VPN connections) - 30-Dec-2008

Office Suite

Office Access   Website | RSS Feed
A new hot fix for Access 2007 is now available - 30-Dec-2008

Office for Mac   Website | RSS Feed
how to find your way out from all that email - 30-Dec-2008
It’s a mad, mad, Macworld! - 31-Dec-2008
Happy New Year's Eve - 31-Dec-2008

Partner Resources

Microsoft on Independent Software Vendors ISVs   Website | RSS Feed
Holiday Goodie Bag: Free C# and VB Coding Standards Reference Documents - 29-Dec-2008
Be Better Informed in 2009! - 31-Dec-2008

Product Support

Hotfix Support The Hot Blog   Website | RSS Feed
Dec. 22 - Dec. 28 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows Legacy Products - 29-Dec-2008
Dec. 23 - Dec. 29 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows 6.0 - 30-Dec-2008
Dec. 24 - Dec. 31 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows Developer - 31-Dec-2008
Dec. 25 - Dec. 31 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - SQL Server - 04-Jan-2009
Note, there is no hotfix KB article for Messaging Server this week. (Dec. 26 2008 - Jan. 1 2009) - 04-Jan-2009

Research and Labs

Microsoft Research News and Headlines   Website | RSS Feed
U.K. Behind in Global Rush to Broadband - 31-Dec-2008

Microsoft Research Publications   Website | RSS Feed
Automated Verification of Practical Garbage Collectors - 01-Jan-2009
Dataset Shift in Machine Learning - 01-Jan-2009
Diversifying Search Results - 01-Jan-2009
Efficient multiple-click models in web search - 01-Jan-2009
Environmental Monitoring 2.0 (Demonstration) - 01-Jan-2009
Generating Labels from Clicks - 01-Jan-2009
GrayWulf: Scalable Software Architecture for Data Intensive Computing - 01-Jan-2009
List-Decoding Tensor products and Interleaved codes - 01-Jan-2009


Microsoft Connected Information Security Group   Website | RSS Feed
Merlin: Better Specifications for CAT.NET - 02-Jan-2009
Free MSDN Webcast: Managing Cross-Site Scripting Using CAT.NET and AntiXSS (Level 200) - 04-Jan-2009

Microsoft Malware Protection Center   Website | RSS Feed
Namaskar from New Delhi - AVAR 2008 - 31-Dec-2008
Just in time for New Year's.... - 01-Jan-2009

Microsoft Security Response Center MSRC   Website | RSS Feed
Questions about Vulnerability Claim in Windows Media Player - 29-Dec-2008
Information on Microsoft Security Advisory 961509 - 30-Dec-2008

Security Bulletins Advisories   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Security Advisory (961509): Research proves feasibility of collision attacks against MD5 - 12/30/2008 - 30-Dec-2008

Security Vulnerability Research and Defense   Website | RSS Feed
Windows Media Player crash not exploitable for code execution - 29-Dec-2008
Information regarding MD5 collisions problem - 30-Dec-2008

Security Products Forefront

Forefront Threat Management Gateway ISA Server   Website | RSS Feed
LDAPs Authentication through ISA Server 2006 - 30-Dec-2008

Server and Infrastructure

Essential Business Server   Website | RSS Feed
How to Renew Your EBS SSL Certificates - 30-Dec-2008

IIS and ASP dot NET Support   Website | RSS Feed
“ASN1 bad tag value met” error when processing a certificate request in IIS 7 - 03-Jan-2009

Server Core Ask the Core Team   Website | RSS Feed
The Four Stages of File Growth - Part 2 - 29-Dec-2008

Small Business Server SBS   Website | RSS Feed
Remotely Administer Additional 2008 Servers - 30-Dec-2008
Introducing the Windows SBS 2008 Answer File - 02-Jan-2009

Windows Powershell   Website | RSS Feed
PowerShell ISE Can Do a Lot More Than You Think - 29-Dec-2008
My PowerShell_ISE Profile - 29-Dec-2008
My Powershell_ISE Profile Part 2 - 31-Dec-2008
PowerShell_ISE Scripting: ConvertTo-Comment - 31-Dec-2008
My 2009 Resolutions - 31-Dec-2008
I'm Changing My Name To Sznarwakowski - 01-Jan-2009
A Module to Create Modules and Advanced Functions - 02-Jan-2009
How and Why to Use Splatting (passing [switch] parameters) - 02-Jan-2009
Get-Verb - 02-Jan-2009
How To Write a Console Application in PowerShell with Add-Type - 03-Jan-2009
Diagnosing Here-Strings With PowerShell_ISE - 04-Jan-2009
Programming PowerShell_ISE - 04-Jan-2009
Extending and/or Modifing Commands with Proxies - 04-Jan-2009

SharePoint Groove Search

Groove Support   Website | RSS Feed
When Groove Administrator email doesn't reach the user - 30-Dec-2008

Unified Communications

Microsoft Exchange   Website | RSS Feed
I am not in the office at the moment... - 30-Dec-2008
Troubleshooting Outlook Web Access Logon Failures in Exchange Server 2007 - 31-Dec-2008

Office Communications Server   Website | RSS Feed
Update for Office Communicator 2005 (KB949280) - 29-Dec-2008
Adrian Maclean - 29-Dec-2008
Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) Program for Office Communications Server 2007 - 29-Dec-2008

Web and Development

Expression Web   Website | RSS Feed
Newer constructs are recommended - 03-Jan-2009

Internet Explorer   Website | RSS Feed
IE Team Chat Schedule - 30-Dec-2008
Happy New Year! - 31-Dec-2008

Visual Basic   Website | RSS Feed
10-4 Episode 2: Welcome to Visual Studio 2010 (Lisa Feigenbaum) - 29-Dec-2008
System.Diagnostics.Process: avoid deadlocks in RedirectStandardInput/Output (Lucian Wischik) - 30-Dec-2008
VB Developer? Read MSDN Magazine? You're in luck! (Lisa Feigenbaum) - 31-Dec-2008
Happy New Year! (Lisa Feigenbaum) - 02-Jan-2009

Visual C++   Website | RSS Feed
Moving Test Hooks Outside Your Product’s Source Code - 29-Dec-2008

Visual Studio Extensibility   Website | RSS Feed
Happy New Year - 03-Jan-2009

Visual Web Developer   Website | RSS Feed
VS 2010 for Web Developer - Videos - 30-Dec-2008
Checkout Tip#24 to Tip#40 on our Tips and Tricks blog - 04-Jan-2009

XML   Website | RSS Feed
XML Schema Designer Content Model View - 02-Jan-2009

Windows Live

Live Mesh   Website | RSS Feed
Best of 2008 -- we're nominated for a Crunchie! - 02-Jan-2009

Live Messenger   Website | RSS Feed
Photo Album: Messenger Holiday Cookies - 1st Attempt - 31-Dec-2008
2008 in Review and how to get 3D Emoticons for Windows Live Messenger - 01-Jan-2009

Live Search   Website | RSS Feed
Farecast 2008 Year in Review and 2009 Predictions - 29-Dec-2008

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