Microsoft News Summary 1st December to 14th December

416 articles were published across 203 Microsoft Team blogs between the 1st December and 14th December.  Here is my summary of interesting news, software release announcements and key dates for your diary:   Apologies for the delay in posting this – December has been a VERY busy month.


General News


·         Microsoft Operations Framework: Companion Guides: IT Compliance & Software + Services


·         Solution Accelerator Assessment and Planning: Top 10 Microsoft Tools in 2008 - Solutions that Help You Save IT Costs!


·         Microsoft Data Centers - Environment Software Enabled Earth: Microsoft details "Generation 4" data centers, Microsoft's Generation 4 Data Center Vision - the Architects' Perspective


·         Microsoft Continues Innovation in BizTalk Server Product Family


·         Live Mesh Turns Car into Mobile Computing Platform


·         Microsoft Partnership with RSA for Information Protection - 04-Dec-2008


·         Microsoft Online Services: Microsoft Online Services Setup, On-boarding, and Administration, Now Available for Purchase by Businesses of All Sizes! Introducing Microsoft Online Services..., Watch a Demo about the Benefits and Experience of Using Microsoft Online Services



Software Releases – Released to Manufacturing (RTM) / Released to Web (RTW)


·         TechNet Magazine: Utility Spotlight: SyncToy 2.0 - 02-Dec-2008


·         adCenter for Advertisers: Microsoft Advertising: Insights Podcast - Fall '08 Microsoft adCenter Release Overview - 08-Dec-2008

·         Microsoft Deployment Toolkit: A new version is coming soon! - 03-Dec-2008


·         Windows Presentation Foundation WPF SDK: TestApi Released! - 09-Dec-2008


·         Live Sky Drive: SkyDrive: 25 GB of free online storage - 03-Dec-2008


·         Live Photo and Video: Our new Photos web service is LIVE! - 03-Dec-2008


·         Live Spaces: The next version of Windows Live has shipped! - 03-Dec-2008  Answers to frequently asked questions about the latest version of Windows Live - 05-Dec-2008


·         Photosynth: New Feature Updates from Photosynth - 11-Dec-2008


Software Releases – Service Packs (SP) / Cumulative Updates (CU) / Other Updates


·         SysInternals: Updates: Process Monitor v2.03, Autoruns v9.36, Disk Usage v1.33, Process Explorer v11.31 - 11-Dec-2008


·         ProClarity 6.3 SP2 is now available - 02-Dec-2008


·         PerformancePoint Server 2007 SP2 Now Available - 09-Dec-2008


·         Patterns and Practices: Just Released - Community Technology Preview (CTP) of ESB Guidance 2.0 - 12-Dec-2008


Software Releases – Alphas / Betas / Community Technology Previews (CTP) / Release Candidate (RC) / Research Projects


·         BizTalk Server: BizTalk Server 2009 Beta and RFID Mobile GA - 08-Dec-2008


·         Windows Vista: Announcing the Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 Customer Preview Program (CPP) - 02-Dec-2008


·         MIX The Next Web Now: Our First Labs Project: A Microformats Toolkit Called "Oomph" - 05-Dec-2008


·         Microsoft Live Labs: Seadragon Goes Mobile - 13-Dec-2008


·         Microsoft Research Downloads: Microsoft Image Composite Editor 64bit - 03-Dec-2008


·         Microsoft Research Downloads: Infer.NET 2.2 Beta - 05-Dec-2008


·         XML: MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 Beta - 03-Dec-2008


·         Live Mesh: Expanded Live Mesh for Mobile CTP - 09-Dec-2008


Key Dates for your diary – Microsoft Conferences


·         Storage: IFS Plugfest registrations open - 11-Dec-2008



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