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Consumer and Hardware Solutions

Microsoft Surface   Website | RSS Feed
Ken Spencer, Surface, and three questions... - 25-Nov-2008

Windows Home Server   Website | RSS Feed
November 2008 Windows Update for Windows Home Server - 25-Nov-2008
More info on November 2008 update ... - 25-Nov-2008
Windows Home Server Toolkit Version 1.1 - 26-Nov-2008

Xbox Press Releases   Website | RSS Feed
Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Game Studios Announce First Fable II Premium Downloadable Content - 24-Nov-2008
The Guild and Other Independent Entertainment Content Coming to Xbox LIVE This Week - 24-Nov-2008
Microsoft Opens the Flood Gates of Community Game Development in New Regions - 24-Nov-2008
Add Some Much Needed Action to Your Holiday Break with Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix on Xbox LIVE Arcade this Wednesday, Nov. 26 - 25-Nov-2008
Name Change Announced For New Halo 3 Project - 25-Nov-2008
Journey further into the award-winning world of Fallout 3 with Operation: Anchorage; coming exclusively to Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows – LIVE - 25-Nov-2008

Deployment and Service Management

Solution Accelerator Assessment and Planning   Website | RSS Feed
[NEWS!] Simple To Save Cost Calculator from Alinean - 25-Nov-2008
[RTM News!] Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool 2.0 Now Available - 26-Nov-2008

Desktop and Mobile

Windows 7 Engineering   Website | RSS Feed
Accessibility in Windows 7 - 30-Nov-2008

Windows Embedded   Website | RSS Feed
4GB || ! 4GB Memory (RAM) on 32-bit operating system - 24-Nov-2008
Japanese Version of Windows Embedded Standard MSDN Documentation Available! - 26-Nov-2008
Leveraging multi-boot scenarios with Windows Embedded Standard - 28-Nov-2008

Windows Mobile   Website | RSS Feed
Thirsty Developer Podcast About Windows Mobile Application Development - 26-Nov-2008
Mobile Architecture Pocket Guide - 26-Nov-2008

Windows SideShow   Website | RSS Feed
Windows SideShow Device SDK for .NET Micro Framework 3.0 Beta now available - 25-Nov-2008
Windows SideShow Bitmap Driver released on CodePlex! - 26-Nov-2008


Dynamics CRM   Website | RSS Feed
Rolling out CRM: Who should take ownership? - 24-Nov-2008
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Form Reporter - 25-Nov-2008
Inline Grids for Sales Orders in Microsoft Dynamics CRM - 26-Nov-2008
Happy Thanksgiving from the CRM Team - 27-Nov-2008


MSDN Magazine   Website | RSS Feed
Best Practices For Windows Workflow Foundation - 24-Nov-2008
Meeting Richard Ward - 24-Nov-2008
Visual Studio Team System Process Templates - 26-Nov-2008
Advanced Basics: The ObservableCollection Class - 28-Nov-2008

TechNet Magazine   Website | RSS Feed
Interacting with Windows from a Mac Environment - 25-Nov-2008
Windows PowerShell: Build a Better Inventory Tool - 26-Nov-2008
Inside SharePoint: Enterprise Project Management with SharePoint - 27-Nov-2008

Working for Microsoft - JobsBlog   Website | RSS Feed
Intern roundtable - 26-Nov-2008

Industry Solutions

Chemical   Website | RSS Feed
Eastman Chemical Employees Engineer Thousands of Process Improvements Using Easy-To-Use Software - 25-Nov-2008

Education UK Schools   Website | RSS Feed
Know thy reader - part one - 26-Nov-2008
Visiting Microsoft Research in Cambridge - 26-Nov-2008

Manufacturing and Resources   Website | RSS Feed
Chinese Manufacturers Say Unified Communications Essential to Reducing Costs - 24-Nov-2008
Chinese Manufacturers Say Unified Communications Essential to Cost Reduction - 24-Nov-2008

Power and Utilities   Website | RSS Feed
Business Intelligence: Keys to Moving Beyond Global Economic Conditions - 24-Nov-2008

Microsoft Advertising

adCenter Analytics   Website | RSS Feed
7 Biggest Mistakes of Web Analytics - 27-Nov-2008

adCenter for Advertisers   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft adExcellence: Fall Upgrade Trainings - 24-Nov-2008
Microsoft Advertising: Insights Podcast - 10 Minutes With Matt Van Wagner - 25-Nov-2008
Microsoft Advertising Finance Event – London 9th December 08 - 27-Nov-2008
Meet The adCenter Team at SES Chicago 2008 - 28-Nov-2008
Search & Display Research White Paper - 30-Nov-2008

Microsoft Conferences and Briefings

MIX The Next Web Now   Website | RSS Feed
Embrace Smallness - 24-Nov-2008

TechEd   Website | RSS Feed
The New Microsoft Security Assessment Tool (MSAT) Available for Download - 24-Nov-2008

Microsoft Online Services

Microsoft Online Services   Website | RSS Feed
POP3 Simple Migration Guide - 24-Nov-2008

System Center Online   Website | RSS Feed
AIS 1.5 client update is now available from Microsoft Update - 25-Nov-2008

Microsoft Press Pass

Press Pass Press Releases   Website | RSS Feed
Massive and THQ Sign Multiyear Deal to Enable Dynamic In-Game Advertising Within THQ Titles - 24-Nov-2008
Xbox 360 Survey Reveals - 24-Nov-2008

Office Suite

Office Excel and Excel Services   Website | RSS Feed
Using the Open XML SDK to Work With Excel Files - 25-Nov-2008

Office for Mac   Website | RSS Feed
Providing feedback on the Help content - 24-Nov-2008
Embrace Your Inner Packrat...and Gobble Up a Deal. - 27-Nov-2008

Office Outlook   Website | RSS Feed
Preparing to be away - 25-Nov-2008

Office Project   Website | RSS Feed
Back to basics: Printing your project - 25-Nov-2008

Office Word   Website | RSS Feed

Partner Resources

Microsoft on Independent Software Vendors ISVs   Website | RSS Feed
Doing Business Differently - 26-Nov-2008
Q&A and demo of Factory Talk with Rockwell Automation - 29-Nov-2008

Product Support

Hotfix Support The Hot Blog   Website | RSS Feed
Nov. 17 - Nov 23 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows Legacy Products - 24-Nov-2008
Nov. 18 - Nov. 24 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows 6.0 - 25-Nov-2008
Nov. 19 - Nov. 25 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Developer - 27-Nov-2008
Nov. 20 - Nov. 26 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - SQL Server - 27-Nov-2008
Note, there is no hotfix KB article for Messaging Server this week. (Nov. 21 - Nov. 27) - 28-Nov-2008

Research and Labs

Microsoft Research Downloads   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Image Composite Editor - 28-Nov-2008
Spec# for Visual Studio 2008 - 28-Nov-2008
Pex - 28-Nov-2008
DDR2 DRAM Controller for BEE3 - 30-Nov-2008

Microsoft Research News and Headlines   Website | RSS Feed
The Online Search Party: A Way to Share the Load - 24-Nov-2008
Microsoft Examines Causes of ‘Cyberchondria’ - 25-Nov-2008


Microsoft Malware Protection Center   Website | RSS Feed
More MS08-067 Exploits - 26-Nov-2008

Microsoft Security Response Center MSRC   Website | RSS Feed
MS08-067 Update: November 25 - 26-Nov-2008

Security Bulletins Advisories   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Security Advisory (953839): Cumulative Security Update of ActiveX Kill Bits - 11/25/2008 - 25-Nov-2008

Security Bulletins Comprehensive   Website | RSS Feed
MS06-078: Vulnerability in Windows Media Format Could Allow Remote Code Execution (923689) - Version:6.1 - 25-Nov-2008
MS07-068 - Critical: Vulnerability in Windows Media File Format Could Allow Remote Code Execution (941569 and 944275) - Version:2.3 - 25-Nov-2008
Microsoft Security Advisory (953839): Cumulative Security Update of ActiveX Kill Bits - 25-Nov-2008
MS07-005: Vulnerability in Step-by-Step Interactive Training Could Allow Remote Code Execution (923723) - Version:2.0 - 25-Nov-2008

Security Products Forefront

Forefront Intelligent Application Gateway IAG   Website | RSS Feed
IAG SP2 Goes Virtual - 26-Nov-2008

Forefront Threat Management Gateway ISA Server   Website | RSS Feed
Error 10060 while browsing Internet through ISA Server 2006 - 24-Nov-2008

Server and Infrastructure

Active Directory Services   Website | RSS Feed
New Directory Services KB Articles 11/16-11/23 - 24-Nov-2008
How to Back Up and Restore NTFS and Share Permissions - 24-Nov-2008
Fun with the Kerberos Delegation Web Site - 25-Nov-2008

Advanced Windows Debugging and Troubleshooting   Website | RSS Feed
Debug Fundamentals Exercise 2: Some reverse engineering for Thanksgiving - 26-Nov-2008

Commerce Server   Website | RSS Feed
TechEd EMEA recap and exclusive interview - 24-Nov-2008
Commerce Server 2007 code name "Mojave" November 2008 Community Technology Preview (CTP) is available for Download from the Microsoft Connect Site. - 25-Nov-2008

Essential Business Server   Website | RSS Feed
ISVs supporting EBS - 24-Nov-2008
Happy Thanksgiving from the EBS Team - 26-Nov-2008
Remote monitoring, management and reporting for EBS - 26-Nov-2008

Server Core Ask the Core Team   Website | RSS Feed
Installing A VM Operating System Using a Legacy Network Adapter and PXE-boot - 25-Nov-2008

Small Business Server SBS   Website | RSS Feed
How to Setup Anti-Spam in Exchange 2007 When Using a Mail Hosting Company - 24-Nov-2008
Introduction to the Fix My Network Wizard (FNCW) - 26-Nov-2008

SharePoint Groove Search

SharePoint Designer   Website | RSS Feed
Locking Down SharePoint Designer - 25-Nov-2008

SQL and Business Intelligence

SQL Performance Engineering   Website | RSS Feed
Windows Server 2008 + SQL Server 2008 = Geo-replication Benefits - 25-Nov-2008

SQL Server User Education   Website | RSS Feed
SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Technical Reference Guide Now Available - 25-Nov-2008

Unified Communications

Microsoft Exchange   Website | RSS Feed
Do you have what it takes to become a Microsoft Certified Master? - 26-Nov-2008

Office Communicator   Website | RSS Feed
Communicator goes Mobile - 26-Nov-2008

Web and Development

ADO dotNET   Website | RSS Feed
Working With Large Models In Entity Framework – Part 1 - 24-Nov-2008
Working With Large Models In Entity Framework – Part 2 - 25-Nov-2008

Application Consulting and Engineering ACE   Website | RSS Feed
Vulnerabilities in Web Applications due to improper use of Crypto – Part 2 - 29-Nov-2008

Expression Blend and Design   Website | RSS Feed
Deep Zoom Composer Updated: Seadragon Ajax Support, New API, and more! - 25-Nov-2008
Hello DeepZoomTools.DLL : Deep Zoom Image Tile Generation Made Easy - 26-Nov-2008

Mobile Developer   Website | RSS Feed
Checkout these two articles - 25-Nov-2008

Popfly   Website | RSS Feed
A big change is coming today… - 24-Nov-2008

The dotNET Endpoint   Website | RSS Feed
New RESTful .NET book available - 25-Nov-2008

Visual Basic   Website | RSS Feed
Tutorial: Functional Programming with Visual Basic 9.0 (Lisa Feigenbaum) - 25-Nov-2008
Spain User Group Tour: All Good Things Must Come to An End (Lisa Feigenbaum) - 25-Nov-2008
Panel: Developers moving to VB.Net for projects using XML (Lisa Feigenbaum) - 25-Nov-2008
Channel 9 Interview: WPF Drag-Drop Data Binding in Visual Studio 2010 (Beth Massi) - 26-Nov-2008

Visual Web Developer   Website | RSS Feed
Web Platform Installer - 25-Nov-2008
Where to get the Localized Languages of Silverlight 2 Tools - 26-Nov-2008
Spell checker update 2.2: full support for VS 2008 SP1, simpler setup and a few bug fixes - 29-Nov-2008

Windows Presentation Foundation WPF SDK   Website | RSS Feed
A DataGrid sample using XML data - 25-Nov-2008

Windows SDK   Website | RSS Feed
How should installation and patching work in future versions of Windows? - 24-Nov-2008

Windows Live

Live Mail Hotmail   Website | RSS Feed
Your guide to Hotmail's fall 2008 updates - 25-Nov-2008

Live OneCare   Website | RSS Feed
Facts about OneCare - 24-Nov-2008

Live QnA   Website | RSS Feed
T Time with Omid - 26-Nov-2008

Live Search   Website | RSS Feed
Fly over the river and through the woods with Farecast - 24-Nov-2008
Webmaster tools now sniffing for malware - 25-Nov-2008

Live Search Webmaster Center   Website | RSS Feed
Live Search Webmaster Center Fall Update - 25-Nov-2008

Live Spaces   Website | RSS Feed
Connect with your real world friends and family with the new Windows Live profile - 26-Nov-2008

Photosynth   Website | RSS Feed
Creative Uses of Photosynth in Science - 24-Nov-2008

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