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Consumer and Hardware Solutions

Microsoft Surface   Website | RSS Feed
Discount pricing on Surface in the US extended - 20-Nov-2008

Professional Photography   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Icon of Imaging – Matthew Jordan Smith - 21-Nov-2008

Response Point   Website | RSS Feed
RP team blogger - 18-Nov-2008
Under the Covers : An In-depth Technical Review of AastraLinkRP : Webinar 12/4/2008 - 18-Nov-2008
The Microsoft TS2 Team and NGT Present - Telephony, VOIP, Digital Voice & Microsoft Response Point Webinars - 18-Nov-2008
Response Point now in Australia and New Zealand - 21-Nov-2008
New Response Point web site - 22-Nov-2008
Leading a Startup in an Enterprise – Lessons learned in creating Microsoft Response Point™ - 22-Nov-2008

Xbox Press Releases   Website | RSS Feed
EUROPE ONLY: Be a star with Xbox 360 this Christmas - 17-Nov-2008
EUROPE ONLY: New bundle for Call of Duty: World at World with Xbox 360 - 17-Nov-2008
EUROPE ONLY: Lara Croft returns in another blockbuster bundle from Xbox 360 - 17-Nov-2008
A New Dawn in Home Entertainment for Everyone Begins Nov. 19 - 18-Nov-2008
Letter from Marc Whitten, General Manager, Xbox LIVE at Microsoft - 19-Nov-2008
Ladies and Gentlemen warm up your vocal chords – Lips is available in stores today - 19-Nov-2008
Xbox 360 Issues the Ultimate Worldwide Casting Call With the Release of You’re in the Movies - 20-Nov-2008
Downloadable Content Available For Lips Beginning Friday Nov. 21 - 20-Nov-2008

Deployment and Service Management

Microsoft Operations Framework   Website | RSS Feed
Announcing MOF 4.0 Companion Guides - 20-Nov-2008

Solution Accelerator Assessment and Planning   Website | RSS Feed
Want to Get a Second Shot? Certification Exam for SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V and more... - 17-Nov-2008
[NEWS!] Microsoft Online Services Now Available! - 17-Nov-2008
50 ways to make Windows Vista faster - WOW! - 20-Nov-2008
[NEWS!] Go Green and Virtual = Save Energy and Money! - 22-Nov-2008

Desktop and Mobile

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack MDOP   Website | RSS Feed
MDOP Comes to Convergence 2008 Copenhagen - 19-Nov-2008

Windows 7 Engineering   Website | RSS Feed
Disk Space - 19-Nov-2008
The Windows 7 Taskbar - 20-Nov-2008

Windows CE Base   Website | RSS Feed
ESC Boston presentations available on MSDN - 18-Nov-2008

Windows Embedded   Website | RSS Feed
TechED EMEA Was in Barcelona Last Week - 18-Nov-2008
Troubleshooting Windows Embedded Standard boot problems - 18-Nov-2008
Service Pack 3 for Windows XP Embedded Now Available for Download! - 18-Nov-2008
Breakout Session Content from ESC Boston is Available For Download - 19-Nov-2008
Windows Embedded/XPe/WES Device Gadget Update - 20-Nov-2008
MSDN Chat coming - Get your questions ready! - 21-Nov-2008

Windows Mobile   Website | RSS Feed
Press, Click, Select or Choose?!? - 18-Nov-2008
Windows Mobile Application Showcase - 19-Nov-2008

Development Shared Source Initiative

CodePlex   Website | RSS Feed
30 Second Survey: Email Notifications for Work Items Updates - 19-Nov-2008
Latest features: Source Control Browser and New Project Directory Search - 21-Nov-2008


Dynamics CRM   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Incubation Week - 17-Nov-2008
Member, Static variable and Thread safety in Plug-in for CRM 4.0 - 18-Nov-2008
Auditing Report Execution using the ReportServer Database - 19-Nov-2008
ASP.NET 2.0.50727.0 Warning Event ID: 1309 due to Request time out - 20-Nov-2008
The Value of Dynamics CRM Platform for ISVs - 21-Nov-2008
Webinar Part 6: Dynamics Mobile as a platform - 21-Nov-2008

Dynamics NAV   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Ships! - 21-Nov-2008


Environment Software Enabled Earth   Website | RSS Feed
Greening your PC - 17-Nov-2008 - Consolidate, Reduce Energy, Reduce Cooling, Reduce Costs - 20-Nov-2008
Smart 2020 - US Addendum - Information and Communications Technology Can Enable Up to 22 Percent Reduction in U.S. Carbon Emissions in 2020 - 20-Nov-2008

MSDN Magazine   Website | RSS Feed
Team System: Team Build 2008 Basics - 17-Nov-2008
The Road To a New Web Site - Your Thoughts Please? - 17-Nov-2008
Unit Testing For Workflows - 19-Nov-2008
Browser Interoperability In Silverlight 2 - 20-Nov-2008
Thread Management and other CLR TidBits - 21-Nov-2008

MSDN Subscriptions   Website | RSS Feed
New Subscriptions RSS Feeds! - 21-Nov-2008

TechNet Magazine   Website | RSS Feed
Sustainable Computing: Power Management Settings for Compliance and a Reduced Footprint - 17-Nov-2008
Understanding Proxy Authentication in AD LDS - 18-Nov-2008
Revisiting the 10 Immutable Laws of Security - 19-Nov-2008
Hey, Scripting Guy! Calculating Server Uptime - 20-Nov-2008
New TechNet Webcasts, Podcasts, and Virtual Labs on SQL Server 2008 and Exchange Server 2007 - 20-Nov-2008

Working for Microsoft - JobsBlog   Website | RSS Feed
Imagine Cup 2009 inspires solutions - 18-Nov-2008
Can I get a job at MS without a degree? - 20-Nov-2008

Industry Solutions

Chemical   Website | RSS Feed
American Chemistry on Facebook - 20-Nov-2008

Education UK Schools   Website | RSS Feed
Improving Information - and controlling it - Capita’s One Conference - 19-Nov-2008

Health   Website | RSS Feed
Windows Mobile – Facilitating Care at Home - 21-Nov-2008
Laying tracks for better health in Japan - 23-Nov-2008

Installation and Update Services

The Deployment Guys   Website | RSS Feed
Back to basics #3 – Branding the deployment and fixing the 0xc000000e problem - 20-Nov-2008
Back to basics #3 – Branding the deployment and fixing the 0xc000000e problem - 20-Nov-2008

Windows Installer MSI   Website | RSS Feed
Take the Windows Application Platform Team survey - 20-Nov-2008

Windows Server Update Services Support   Website | RSS Feed
November 2008 Security Bulletin Webcast Questions and Answers - 17-Nov-2008
Updated Knowledge Base articles for 11-9 through 11-15 - 17-Nov-2008
Didn't pass that Microsoft Certification exam? Get a free second shot - 18-Nov-2008
More on throttling WSUS downloads - 19-Nov-2008
Explaining the detection logic of MS08-052 - 20-Nov-2008

Microsoft Advertising

adCenter Analytics   Website | RSS Feed
The Feedback Loop Gap - 17-Nov-2008

adCenter API for Developers   Website | RSS Feed
adCenter API customer webcast 1 PM PST, Thursday, Nov. 19th, with program manager and API team - 19-Nov-2008

adCenter for Advertisers   Website | RSS Feed
The High Cost of Bad Ads: How Ad Quality Impacts Search Advertising - 18-Nov-2008
Lowering CPC with Match Types and Negative Keywords - 19-Nov-2008
Updating adCenter Bids - Quick and Easy Tips - 20-Nov-2008
Online Information Show 2008 – London – Social Media Seminar - 21-Nov-2008
How To Contact adCenter Support - 23-Nov-2008

Microsoft Conferences and Briefings

MIX The Next Web Now   Website | RSS Feed
Three Examples of People Extending Oomph - 20-Nov-2008

Professional Developers Conference PDC   Website | RSS Feed
Watch keynote build and tear down in 6 minutes - 18-Nov-2008
Supplement your PDC2008 Experience - 20-Nov-2008

Microsoft Online Services

Microsoft Online Services   Website | RSS Feed
Just Announced! Microsoft Online Services are Available for Purchase by Businesses of All Sizes - 17-Nov-2008
Start Planning Your Move to Microsoft Online Services with Free Assessment Tools and Guidance - 22-Nov-2008

Office Live Workspaces   Website | RSS Feed
New Demo Addresses Versioning - 19-Nov-2008

Microsoft Press Pass

Press Pass Press Releases   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Expands Virtualization Initiatives With HP - 17-Nov-2008
Exchange Online and SharePoint Online Out of Beta and Ready for Purchase - 17-Nov-2008
Microsoft Collaborates With SingTel to Accelerate the Services-Driven Era for the Telecommunications Industry - 18-Nov-2008
Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 - 18-Nov-2008
A New Dawn in Home Entertainment for Everyone Begins Nov. 19 - 18-Nov-2008
Microsoft Issues First Global Survey of Millennials and Banking Channels - 18-Nov-2008
Microsoft LifeCams and Windows Live Messenger: The Perfect Holiday Side Dishes - 18-Nov-2008
Microsoft Research and Disney•Pixar’s WALL•E Explore the Real Universe - 18-Nov-2008
Microsoft Announces Plans for No-Cost Consumer Security Offering - 18-Nov-2008
Microsoft and Novell Mark Two Years of Interoperability Progress - 19-Nov-2008
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont Saves Nearly a Half-Million Dollars with a Microsoft Partner Compensation Management Solution - 19-Nov-2008
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Puts Business Productivity Centre Stage - 19-Nov-2008
Microsoft Provides Update on Growth Opportunities and Innovation Outlook at Annual Shareholder Meeting - 19-Nov-2008
Microsoft Announces New Zune Pass Music Subscription Model - 20-Nov-2008
Xbox 360 Issues the Ultimate Worldwide Casting Call With the Release of “You’re in the Movies” - 20-Nov-2008
Microsoft, ESRI to Help Improve Homeland Security Operations - 20-Nov-2008
Microsoft Announces Upcoming Events for the Financial Community - 21-Nov-2008

Press Pass Top Stories   Website | RSS Feed
Developers making plans for Windows Azure, Windows 7 - 17-Nov-2008
Banks Need to Innovate Across Channels to Gain Share Amid Economic Downturn, Microsoft Reports From Leading Banking Conference - 18-Nov-2008
Improving Global Access to Core PC Protection - 18-Nov-2008
SQL Server 2008: Turbocharging the Database - 19-Nov-2008

Networking and Remote Access

Microsoft Enterprise Networking   Website | RSS Feed
IPv6 Hardware Address Resolution - 18-Nov-2008
Balancing Act: Dual-NIC Configuration with Windows Server 2008 NLB Clusters - 20-Nov-2008
New Networking-related KB articles for October 21 - October 27 - 21-Nov-2008

Network Access Protection   Website | RSS Feed
"Nortel and Microsoft Discuss Network Access Control" Webcast now available - 21-Nov-2008
NAP in Microsoft Learning Certification courseware - 21-Nov-2008

Office Suite

Office Access   Website | RSS Feed
Access Podcasts - 17-Nov-2008

Office for Mac   Website | RSS Feed
MacBU at MacMania - 19-Nov-2008
you're my favourite - 20-Nov-2008

Office Outlook   Website | RSS Feed
Living in Outlook: Advanced Message Templates - 17-Nov-2008

Office Powerpoint   Website | RSS Feed
How to insert that funny clip you found online - 19-Nov-2008

Office Project   Website | RSS Feed
New Help Content - October/November - 21-Nov-2008

Office Word   Website | RSS Feed
Keyboard Customizations and Macros in WordMail - 18-Nov-2008

Partner Resources

Microsoft on Independent Software Vendors ISVs   Website | RSS Feed
Position Your Company to Shine through Challenging Financial Times - 18-Nov-2008
Baking Security In: SDL Awareness - 20-Nov-2008

Product Support

Hotfix Support The Hot Blog   Website | RSS Feed
Nov. 10 - Nov. 16 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows Legacy Products - 17-Nov-2008
Nov. 11 - Nov. 17 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows 6.0 - 18-Nov-2008
Nov. 12 - Nov. 18 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Developer - 19-Nov-2008
Nov. 13 - Nov. 19 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - SQL Server - 20-Nov-2008
Nov. 14 - Nov. 20 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Messaging Server - 21-Nov-2008

SysInternals   Website | RSS Feed
Updates: Process Explorer v11.3, Handle v3.42 | A new Mark's blog post | 2 New Mark's webcasts: Case of the Unexplained and Inside Windows Server 2008 R2 Virtualization and VHD Improvements - 19-Nov-2008

Research and Labs

Microsoft Live Labs   Website | RSS Feed
Seadragon Ajax - 18-Nov-2008
New: Seadragon Ajax - 19-Nov-2008

Microsoft Research Downloads   Website | RSS Feed
Branch-and-Mincut Algorithm for Image Segmentation - 17-Nov-2008
Bulk-Synchronous GPU Programming Compiler - 17-Nov-2008
Microsoft Research Question-Answering Corpus - 18-Nov-2008
CHESS: Systematic Concurrency-Testing Tool - 19-Nov-2008

Microsoft Research News and Headlines   Website | RSS Feed
Free Rein to Brains Pays Off for Microsoft - 17-Nov-2008
How to (Really) Trust a Mathematical Proof - 17-Nov-2008
Microsoft Research and Disney•Pixar’s WALL•E Explore the Real Universe - 18-Nov-2008
Google Unveils Microsoft U Rank-Like Feature - 21-Nov-2008

Office Labs   Website | RSS Feed
StickySorter: A Tool for Organizing Information - 17-Nov-2008


Microsoft Application Threat Modelling   Website | RSS Feed
SDL Threat Modeling Tool Now Available! - 20-Nov-2008

Microsoft Malware Protection Center   Website | RSS Feed
A Quick Update About MS08-067 Exploits - 17-Nov-2008
MSRT Review on Win32/FakeSecSen Rogues - 20-Nov-2008

The Security Development Lifecycle   Website | RSS Feed
Secure Coding Secrets? - 18-Nov-2008

Security Products Forefront

Forefront Product Suite   Website | RSS Feed
Forefront solutions in the new Windows Essential Servers - 18-Nov-2008
"Morro," OneCare and Forefront - 19-Nov-2008

Forefront Server Security   Website | RSS Feed
Getting the Most Out of Your Support Call - 21-Nov-2008

Forefront Threat Management Gateway ISA Server   Website | RSS Feed
ISA UI trick: Move rule several places - 18-Nov-2008
Did you miss it? The Launch of Windows Essential Business Server 2008 - 19-Nov-2008
Error Installing SQL Server 2005 SP2 Security Update 948109 on TMG - 21-Nov-2008

Server and Infrastructure

Active Directory Services   Website | RSS Feed
New Directory Services KB Articles 11/9-11/16 - 17-Nov-2008
Directory Services and more, from Madrid - 18-Nov-2008
Top AskDS Blog Posts - 19-Nov-2008
ADFS: SAML Tokens and Validation Issues when Federated with TFIM - 21-Nov-2008

Advanced Windows Debugging and Troubleshooting   Website | RSS Feed
How to modify an application behavior when you don't have the source - 21-Nov-2008

Commerce Server   Website | RSS Feed
Architecting Rich Internet Ecommerce Applications Using Silverlight & Commerce Server - 21-Nov-2008
CS2007 SP2 Now Supports SQL Server 2008 - 21-Nov-2008

Essential Business Server   Website | RSS Feed
EBS Administration Console Returns “Monitoring Data Not Available” After the Administrator Account Password is Changed or Expires - 17-Nov-2008
How to Change the SCE Run As and Data Warehouse Accounts in EBS - 19-Nov-2008
EBS at Convergence EMEA - 19-Nov-2008
How To Change the Public Certificate used by Windows Essential Business Server for Incoming Web Requests - 19-Nov-2008
How to Reinstall Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway on Windows Essential Business Server Security Server - 21-Nov-2008
The Change IP Wizard does not update System Center Essentials Group Policy Objects in Windows Essential Business Server - 21-Nov-2008

Group Policy   Website | RSS Feed
Do I need to update my server to support new policies? When do I need to separate policies? - 19-Nov-2008
Group Policy in Windows 7 - 20-Nov-2008

IIS and ASP dot NET Support   Website | RSS Feed
Removing an IIS server's IP address from HTTP responses - 18-Nov-2008

Platforms Performance   Website | RSS Feed
Disabling Unnecessary Services? A Word to the Wise - 18-Nov-2008
Desktop Search and Indexing – File Types - 21-Nov-2008

Small Business Server SBS   Website | RSS Feed
Error 0xC004C009 When Activating SBS 2008 - 18-Nov-2008
Windows Live OneCare Announcement - 18-Nov-2008

Storage   Website | RSS Feed
System state restore recommendations - 17-Nov-2008

Windows Powershell   Website | RSS Feed
Verbs vs Nouns by Snapin - 22-Nov-2008
PoshBoard and ConvertTo-HashTable - 23-Nov-2008
ConvertTo-HashTable.ps1 Part 2 - 23-Nov-2008

Windows Server Performance   Website | RSS Feed
Greater than 64 Logical Processor support on Windows Server 2008 R2 - 22-Nov-2008

SharePoint Groove Search

Groove   Website | RSS Feed
Three new technical articles about Groove 2007 available on TechNet & MSDN - 21-Nov-2008

SQL and Business Intelligence

Office Performance Point Server   Website | RSS Feed
Filters for Tabular Data Sources and Tabular Filters Explained - 18-Nov-2008

SQL Release Services   Website | RSS Feed
Cumulative Update #2 for SQL Server 2008 RTM - 19-Nov-2008

SQL Server Security   Website | RSS Feed
SQL Server 2008 Compliance Guide - 18-Nov-2008

Systems Management

System Center   Website | RSS Feed
Operations Manager 2007 R2 Beta Now Available! - 20-Nov-2008

System Center Manageability   Website | RSS Feed
OpsMgr 2007: How to search the entire database for a string value or GUID - 17-Nov-2008
New and updated Knowledge Base articles for 11-9 through 11-15 - 17-Nov-2008
Didn't pass that Microsoft Certification exam? Get a free second shot - 18-Nov-2008
ConfigMgr 2007: PC does not join the domain if the Computers container is specified as the Domain OU - 18-Nov-2008
ConfigMgr 2007: Status Message 2407 in SMS_SQL_MONITOR after upgrade from SMS 2003 - 19-Nov-2008
OpsMgr 2007: Reporting console returns error "Client found response content type of 'text/html', but expected 'text/xml'" - 19-Nov-2008
OpsMgr 2007: The DBCreatewizard utility fails with a BadImageformatException when run on a 64-bit OS - 19-Nov-2008
OpsMgr 2007: Reporting Fails With "Unable to get the Management Server Action Account" - 19-Nov-2008
ConfigMgr 2007: OS Deployment of Windows Vista/Server 2008 ends up on D: instead of C: - 20-Nov-2008
The System Center Mobile Device Manager Support Team blog is now live - 20-Nov-2008
OpsMgr 2007: R2 beta is now available - 20-Nov-2008
OpsMgr 2007: Viewing Alert and Event data generates HTTP 401 error if using an account beginning with "!" - 20-Nov-2008

Unified Communications

Microsoft Exchange   Website | RSS Feed
Update Rollup 5 for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 is almost out-the-door - 18-Nov-2008
Optimize Your Communications Environment with Exchange Server 2007 - 20-Nov-2008
Update Rollup 5 for Exchange 2007 SP1 is now released - 21-Nov-2008


SoftGrid   Website | RSS Feed
Didn't pass that Microsoft Certification exam? Get a free second shot - 18-Nov-2008
"Invalid mount point specified” error message on App-V 4.5 Command Line Interface (CLI) Sequencer - 18-Nov-2008
The Application Virtualization 4.5 client may fail to open a Microsoft Office document after completing a Desktop Refresh - 19-Nov-2008
App-V server install error "The Installation program was unable to create the required IIS virtual directory" - 19-Nov-2008
When launching an App-V application you may receive error XXXXXX-XXXXXX0A-00000121 - 20-Nov-2008

Terminal Services   Website | RSS Feed
WinHEC 2008: Remote Desktop Services and Calista - 20-Nov-2008

Windows Virtualization   Website | RSS Feed
Guest post: Moving VM automation and inventory beyond Excel files - 19-Nov-2008
Guest post: - Saving Energy While Reducing Your Carbon Footprint and Costs in the Process - 20-Nov-2008

Web and Development

Expression Blend and Design   Website | RSS Feed
2.5D UserControl for Silverlight 2 - 18-Nov-2008

Internet Explorer   Website | RSS Feed
IE8: What’s After Beta 2 - 19-Nov-2008

Visual Basic   Website | RSS Feed
Romeo and Juliette and Windows Azure (Lucian Wischik) - 17-Nov-2008
Visual Basic en España (Lisa Feigenbaum) - 17-Nov-2008
My *V*Birthday with VB friends in Spain! (Lisa Feigenbaum) - 18-Nov-2008
Installing the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 as a Prerequisite (Mary Lee) - 18-Nov-2008
Drag-drop data binding for WPF in Visual Studio 2010 (Milind Lele) - 19-Nov-2008

Visual C++   Website | RSS Feed
Stupid Lambda Tricks - 18-Nov-2008
printf(“Hello MSBuild!\n”); - 21-Nov-2008
Soma Blog: VC++ Enhancements in VS 2010 - 21-Nov-2008

Visual Web Developer   Website | RSS Feed
JScript IntelliSense FAQ - 18-Nov-2008
Workaround for a slow closing of Web projects - 21-Nov-2008

Windows Presentation Foundation WPF SDK   Website | RSS Feed
Discuss! Is there confusion about styles versus templates? - 19-Nov-2008
Silverlight Toolkit and F1 Help - 20-Nov-2008

Windows SDK   Website | RSS Feed
How should 64- and 32-bit apps work on future Operating Systems? - 21-Nov-2008

XML   Website | RSS Feed
MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 Beta Coming Soon! - 18-Nov-2008

XNA Games Development   Website | RSS Feed
Creators Club Communiqué 09 - 19-Nov-2008
Xbox LIVE Community Games is Open for Business! - 20-Nov-2008

Windows Live

Live Mesh   Website | RSS Feed
Developers, meet the Live Framework blog - 21-Nov-2008

Live OneCare   Website | RSS Feed
Consumer Security Strategy Update - 18-Nov-2008

Live Photo and Video   Website | RSS Feed
New publish plug-ins available for Photo Gallery and Movie Maker! - 17-Nov-2008

Live QnA   Website | RSS Feed
T Time with One Twisted Child - 19-Nov-2008
Conversational Questions on QnA - 19-Nov-2008

Live Search   Website | RSS Feed
'Tis the season for instant answers - 21-Nov-2008

Live Search Webmaster Center   Website | RSS Feed
PubCon 2008: Video Engines – New Kids Rocking the Web - 21-Nov-2008

Live Spaces   Website | RSS Feed
If I like my current font, how do I keep it when the next version of Spaces is released? - 18-Nov-2008
Coming soon: cleaner, better looking spaces - 18-Nov-2008
Keep in touch with friends and family with What’s New and Web Activities - 22-Nov-2008

Photosynth   Website | RSS Feed
Photosynth Guide: Viewer Keyboard Shortcuts - 18-Nov-2008

The following blogs/feeds do not have new entries between the dates specified:

BizTalk Adapter Pack   Website | RSS Feed
BizTalk Server   Website | RSS Feed
Windows Home Server   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft IT Showcase   Website | RSS Feed
Solution Accelerator Security and Compliance   Website | RSS Feed
Ultra Mobile PC Project Origami   Website | RSS Feed
Windows 7   Website | RSS Feed
Windows Embedded Point of Service for dotNET   Website | RSS Feed
Windows Genuine Advantage   Website | RSS Feed
Windows SideShow   Website | RSS Feed
Windows Vista   Website | RSS Feed
Open Source News Feed   Website | RSS Feed
Reference Source Code   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft dot com Operations   Website | RSS Feed
TechNet Plus Subscriptions   Website | RSS Feed
XPS XML Paper Specification and Open Packaging   Website | RSS Feed
Education US Specialist Team   Website | RSS Feed
Manufacturing and Resources   Website | RSS Feed
Power and Utilities   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Deployment Toolkit   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Update   Website | RSS Feed
User State Migration Tool USMT   Website | RSS Feed
Windows Server Update Services   Website | RSS Feed
Bluehat Security Briefings   Website | RSS Feed
TechEd   Website | RSS Feed
Dynamics CRM Online   Website | RSS Feed
System Center Online   Website | RSS Feed
DHCP Windows Enterprise Networking Group   Website | RSS Feed
Network Monitor   Website | RSS Feed
Routing and Remote Access   Website | RSS Feed
Windows Core Networking   Website | RSS Feed
Office Excel and Excel Services   Website | RSS Feed
Office InfoPath   Website | RSS Feed
Office Outlook Mobile   Website | RSS Feed
Office Natural Language   Website | RSS Feed
Office Sustained Engineering   Website | RSS Feed
Office Visio   Website | RSS Feed
Startup Zone Emerging Business Team   Website | RSS Feed
Daylight Saving Time and Time Zone FAQs   Website | RSS Feed
Support Lifecycle   Website | RSS Feed
Technical Rollup Mailings   Website | RSS Feed
adCentre Labs   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Research Publications   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Connected Information Security Group   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Security Response Center MSRC   Website | RSS Feed
MSRC Ecosystem Strategy   Website | RSS Feed
Security Bulletins Advisories   Website | RSS Feed
Security Bulletins Comprehensive   Website | RSS Feed
Security Vulnerability Research and Defense   Website | RSS Feed
Windows Vista Security   Website | RSS Feed
Forefront Client Security   Website | RSS Feed
Forefront Intelligent Application Gateway IAG   Website | RSS Feed
Clustering and High Availability   Website | RSS Feed
Server Core Ask the Core Team   Website | RSS Feed
Windows Auditing and Security Logging   Website | RSS Feed
Windows Server Division   Website | RSS Feed
Enterprise Content Management   Website | RSS Feed
Enterprise Search   Website | RSS Feed
Groove Support   Website | RSS Feed
SharePoint Designer   Website | RSS Feed
SharePoint Developer   Website | RSS Feed
SharePoint Products and Technologies   Website | RSS Feed
ProClarity   Website | RSS Feed
Project Astoria Next Generation Data Programability   Website | RSS Feed
SQL Performance Engineering   Website | RSS Feed
SQL Programmability and API   Website | RSS Feed
SQL Server Compact   Website | RSS Feed
SQL Server Development Customer Advisory   Website | RSS Feed
SQL Server Engine   Website | RSS Feed
SQL Server Express   Website | RSS Feed
SQL Server Manageability   Website | RSS Feed
SQL Server Protocols   Website | RSS Feed
SQL Server Query Processing   Website | RSS Feed
SQL Server Reporting Services   Website | RSS Feed
SQL Server User Education   Website | RSS Feed
System Center Data Protection Manager DPM   Website | RSS Feed
System Center Essentials   Website | RSS Feed
System Center Mobile Device Manager   Website | RSS Feed
System Center Operations Manager   Website | RSS Feed
Live Meeting Service Developers   Website | RSS Feed
Office Communications Server   Website | RSS Feed
Office Communicator   Website | RSS Feed
Speech Server   Website | RSS Feed
ADO dotNET   Website | RSS Feed
Application Consulting and Engineering ACE   Website | RSS Feed
Architecture   Website | RSS Feed
Expression Web   Website | RSS Feed
JDBC Driver   Website | RSS Feed
Jscript   Website | RSS Feed
Mobile Developer   Website | RSS Feed
Patterns and Practices   Website | RSS Feed
Popfly   Website | RSS Feed
RSS Web Feeds   Website | RSS Feed
The dotNET Endpoint   Website | RSS Feed
Visual Studio Code Analysis   Website | RSS Feed
Visual Studio Extensibility   Website | RSS Feed
Visual Studio Team Architect   Website | RSS Feed
Web Deployment   Website | RSS Feed
Azure Cloud Computing Tools   Website | RSS Feed
Azure dotNET Services   Website | RSS Feed
Azure Live Services   Website | RSS Feed
Azure SQL Data Services   Website | RSS Feed
Live Alerts   Website | RSS Feed
Live ID and Identity Gateway   Website | RSS Feed
Live Favorites   Website | RSS Feed
Live Mail Hotmail   Website | RSS Feed
Live Maps Virtual Earth   Website | RSS Feed
Live Messenger   Website | RSS Feed
Live Sky Drive   Website | RSS Feed
Live Writer   Website | RSS Feed

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