Microsoft Team Blogs Directory Updated to 203!

With the offical announcements of Windows 7 and Windows Azure Services Platform, and with some other additions there are now 203 blogs in the Microsoft Team Blog Directory.

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Desktop and Mobile     
  Windows 7 RSS New
  Windows 7 Engineering RSS Moved
Office Suite    
  Office Outlook Mobile RSS Moved
  Office Natural Language RSS New
Product Support    
  Technical Rollup Mailings RSS New
Web and Development    
  Jscript RSS New
Windows Azure Cloud Computing    
  Azure Cloud Computing Tools RSS New
  Azure dotNET Services RSS New
  Azure Live Services RSS Updated
  Azure SQL Data Services RSS New

Here are a list of articles published between the 1st October and 28th October:

Desktop and Mobile

Windows 7   Website | RSS Feed
Windows 7 Unveiled Today at PDC 2008 - 28-Oct-2008

Windows 7 Engineering   Website | RSS Feed
User Interface: Managing Windows windows - 01-Oct-2008
Follow-up: Managing Windows windows - 04-Oct-2008
User Account Control - 08-Oct-2008
Windows Desktop Search - 13-Oct-2008
Engineering 7: A view from the bottom - 15-Oct-2008
From Idea to Feature: A view from Design - 18-Oct-2008
Follow-up: Windows Desktop Search - 23-Oct-2008

Office Suite

Office Natural Language   Website | RSS Feed
English Grammar Checker, Fragments, and Settings - 22-Oct-2008

Product Support

Technical Rollup Mailings   Website | RSS Feed
October 2008 - Technical Rollup Mail - Manageability - 01-Oct-2008
October 2008 - Technical Rollup Mail - Internet - 01-Oct-2008
October 2008 - Technical Rollup Mail - SQL - 01-Oct-2008
October 2008 - Technical Rollup Mail - Platforms - 01-Oct-2008
October 2008 - Technology Rollup Mail - Security - 01-Oct-2008
October 2008 - Technical Rollup Mail - Unified Communications - 01-Oct-2008

Windows Azure Cloud Computing

Azure Cloud Computing Tools   Website | RSS Feed
Getting Started: Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio - 27-Oct-2008
Bookmarks: Windows Azure - 27-Oct-2008
Helpful Posts when Getting Started with the Samples and Tools - 27-Oct-2008
Submitting a Bug against the Windows Azure Tools and SDK - 28-Oct-2008

Azure dotNET Services   Website | RSS Feed
Welcome to .NET Services! - 27-Oct-2008

Azure Live Services   Website | RSS Feed
PDC Keynote and Live Services Sessions - 24-Oct-2008
Announcing the Azure Services Platform - 27-Oct-2008
Identity: Enabling Adoption of Services - 27-Oct-2008
Windows Live ID Becomes an OpenID Provider - 27-Oct-2008
Welcome to Live Services and the Live Framework - 28-Oct-2008

Azure SQL Data Services   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Announces Windows Azure and Azure Services Platform - 27-Oct-2008

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