Microsoft Team Blogs Directory Updated to 196!

Further research has identified seven more team blogs increasing the Microsoft Team Blog Directory to a grand-total of 196.   A list of articles published recently for each blog have been included below for your reference.   Don't forget to read BlogMS and subscribe to the BlogMS feed to receive regular weekly and monthly updates for all the blogs!

Consumer and Hardware Solutions  
Professional Photography RSS
  Working for Microsoft - JobsBlog RSS
Server and Infrastructure  
  Essential Business Server RSS
IIS and ASP dot NET Support RSS
  Windows Server Performance RSS
Web and Development  
  Architecture RSS
  Patterns and Practices RSS

Consumer and Hardware Solutions

Professional Photography   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Pro Photo Tools Update 3 - 08-Aug-2008
A Laptop for Photographers - 14-Aug-2008
ShutterSpeed – Art Wolfe - 20-Aug-2008
Photosynth For the World! - 21-Aug-2008
Photosynth - Mesa Verde National Park - 25-Aug-2008
Photoshop World – Las Vegas - 30-Aug-2008
New Version of Pro Photo Tools released - 18-Sep-2008
Photokina Preview - 21-Sep-2008
Photokina Press Day - 23-Sep-2008
Metadata Working Group Announced - 24-Sep-2008
Photokina Day 2 - 25-Sep-2008


Working for Microsoft - JobsBlog   Website | RSS Feed
Get your name out there - 25-Aug-2008
Take a cue from your interviewer - 27-Aug-2008
Does a failed startup on your resume count against you? - 28-Aug-2008
Tour the Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen - 29-Aug-2008
Microsoft's Green Geeks - 02-Sep-2008
View: Behind the Scenes - 05-Sep-2008
How do I get a recruiter? - 08-Sep-2008
A day at Microsoft's South Lake Union office in Seattle - 09-Sep-2008
What does an SDET hiring manager look for in a resume? - 11-Sep-2008
Resumes and Accomplishments: What, How, and Why - 15-Sep-2008
Interviewing Zen - 17-Sep-2008
I'm a PC - and I love my job - 20-Sep-2008
Microsoft’s Company Meeting - 23-Sep-2008
Get Hired @ MSFT, Episode 1: Write a Killer Resume - 25-Sep-2008
Standing in a career fair line? Need your resume noticed in 20 seconds or less? - 26-Sep-2008

Server and Infrastructure

Essential Business Server   Website | RSS Feed
Click Through Demo of EBS - 26-Aug-2008
The Unified Administration Console - 27-Aug-2008
Removing the guesswork from managing clients and servers - 28-Aug-2008
EBS Security Demo – TechNet EDGE - 02-Sep-2008
Tom Shinder speaks on Threat Management Gateway and EBS - 08-Sep-2008
Virtualization in EBS - 3 common scenarios - 13-Sep-2008
Windows Essential Business Server 2008 RTM - 15-Sep-2008

IIS and ASP dot NET Support   Website | RSS Feed
IIS6 - Caching of UNC content: Reverting back to the Last-Modified Time method - 05-Aug-2008
Configuring IIS to work around webpage display issues in Internet Explorer 8.0 - 05-Sep-2008

Windows Server Performance   Website | RSS Feed
Getting system topology information on Windows - 13-Sep-2008
Hyper-V and VHD Performance - Dynamic vs. Fixed - 19-Sep-2008

Web and Development

Architecture   Website | RSS Feed
Online Services Help Simplify Software Inventory - 09-Sep-2008
Going Live with IIS 7.0 - 09-Sep-2008
Rich Internet Application (RIA) demos - 09-Sep-2008
ASP.NET MVC: Building Web Apps without Web Forms - 09-Sep-2008
Introduction to Windows Mobile Device Development - 09-Sep-2008
Welcome To Live Mesh - 09-Sep-2008
“Zermatt”: claims-based identity in your applications - 09-Sep-2008
Composite Application Guidance for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) - 09-Sep-2008
Responsibility-Driven Design - 09-Sep-2008
Visual Studio 2008 SP1, .NET 3.5 SP1 improve responsiveness, stability and performance - 09-Sep-2008
Software + Services for Architects (webcast) - 09-Sep-2008
Michael Lehman talk about the Microsoft Blueprints program - 09-Sep-2008
SQL Server 2008: What's New - 09-Sep-2008
Architecting Solutions with Virtualization in Mind (TechNet Magazine Special Issue) - 09-Sep-2008
Inside Windows Server 2008 Kernel Changes - 16-Sep-2008
patterns & practices "Application Architecture for .NET" Is Coming Back!! - 16-Sep-2008
Maturity Assessment for the Enterprise Architecture Function - 16-Sep-2008
Connections in the Cloud - An Introduction to the Microsoft’s Internet Service Bus - 16-Sep-2008
High Performance SOA - 16-Sep-2008
Oslo (Codename): Making a New Class of Model-Driven Applications Mainstream - 22-Sep-2008
MultiTenant Data Access (MTDA) S+S Blueprint Released - 22-Sep-2008
Multi Tenant Data Access Blueprint - 22-Sep-2008
Tools for Agility - A White paper by Kent Beck, Three Rivers Institute - 22-Sep-2008
A 5' Screencast on the Upcoming Threat Modeling Tool 3.0 - 26-Sep-2008
Introduction to Windows Mobile Device Development - 26-Sep-2008
Enterprise Integration and Distributed Computing: A Ubiquitous Phenomenon - 26-Sep-2008
Building High Volume Web 2.0 Applications on Windows: the Case Study - 26-Sep-2008
Developing Parallel Programs - 26-Sep-2008
Windows HPC Server 2008 Just Released to Market: Get a Detailed Overview - 26-Sep-2008
Windows HPC Server Development: A New Interactive Programming Model for High Performance Computing Solutions - 26-Sep-2008
The Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL): Process Guidance - 26-Sep-2008

Patterns and Practices   Website | RSS Feed
Enterprise Library 4.0 and Unity webcasts - Now Available on Demand - 03-Jul-2008
Recent Release - Composite Application Guidance for WPF - 04-Jul-2008
Upcoming patterns & practices Summit - 09-Jul-2008

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