See the future of the Microsoft Platform at PDC2008!


Have you heard that PDC2008 is the place to see the coolest new technology? That's right, at PDC2008, you'll discover what is in store for the future of ASP.NET. Have some fun with XNA and game development, or go in-depth with IronRuby. Other topics include: Live Mesh, Office Communications Server, SQL Server 2008, FAST, Silverlight, Oslo, Visual Studio Team System, Virtualization, SharePoint, Dynamics, Windows 7 and more! You can also network with top developers hang out with your friends and colleagues, and have fun in the L.A. sun!

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Here are just a few of the exciting sessions you can attend at PDC2008!

Come see the roadmap for the next release of ASP.NET. Highlights include: managing control IDs, displaying images using the new Dynamic Image control, better ViewState management in GridView and ListView, and more control over the CSS markup of ASP.NET server controls.

Learn about this exciting new technology that makes business applications for RIA (Rich Internet Applications) much easier to build. Discover how we've made n-tier application development as simple as traditional 2-tier, and more.

"Oslo" is the family of new technologies that enable data-driven development and execution of services and applications. Come and learn how to use "Oslo" directly to drive the execution of deployed applications.

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PDC2008 Dates and Location

October 27-30, 2008
Pre-cons October 26, 2008

Los Angeles Convention Center



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