Microsoft TV and Microsoft Mediaroom

Some interesting announcements this week from Microsoft Press Room newsfeed and IBC2008 Conference which are worth highlighting.  If you have never heard of Microsoft Mediaroom before let me share the summary from the teams website:

"The television is the best screen in the house for entertainment.   Where you can relax and watch your favorite channels and programs in vivid color with high-definition (HD) picture quality and amazing surround sound.   It is only natural that you would want all your personal media to be just as good and just as easy to access - music, photos, movies, and games.   With Microsoft Mediaroom it is.  Microsoft Mediaroom is a software platform which is licensed directly to the world´s leading broadband service providers so they can deliver you, the consumer the best TV entertainment experience." 

Read more about the Microsoft announcements:

One thing you may not know is that you can use your Microsoft Vista computer at home today and plug it into your TV.   Using the Microsoft Vista Media Centre capabilities (available in Home Premium and Ultimate editions) you can access your personal digital content and other online content direct from your TV.    You can even extend features around the house using Windows Media Centre Extenders such as the Microsoft Xbox.

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