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Consumer and Hardware Solutions

Response Point   Website | RSS Feed
TeleDynamics Expands Syspine Distribution Reach - 03-Sep-2008

Windows Home Server   Website | RSS Feed
10 Computers & 10 Users - 05-Sep-2008

Deployment and Service Management

Solution Accelerator Assessment and Planning   Website | RSS Feed
Customer Stories for Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit - 03-Sep-2008
Webcast Alert - Increasing Business Opportunities in Challenging Economic Times with Microsoft Solution Accelerators - 03-Sep-2008
Special Edition of TechNet Magazine on VIRTUALIZATION - 04-Sep-2008

Desktop and Mobile

Windows Embedded   Website | RSS Feed
A Lesson in Multi-Threaded SQL Programming - 02-Sep-2008
Internet Connected Set Top Display - 03-Sep-2008
August 28th Chat Transcript Posted Live - 04-Sep-2008

Windows Vista   Website | RSS Feed
Update: Windows Vista and the Optimized Desktop - 03-Sep-2008
The New Windows Consumer Campaign - 05-Sep-2008

Development Shared Source Initiative

CodePlex   Website | RSS Feed
CodePlex in the Deep South - 05-Sep-2008

Reference Source Code   Website | RSS Feed
What's involved in preparing the .NET Framework sources for an RSCC release? - 03-Sep-2008
The Difference between RSCC and .NET Reflector - 05-Sep-2008


Dynamics CRM   Website | RSS Feed
Data Migration Manager Tips and Tricks - 02-Sep-2008
Managing a telemarketing campaign - 03-Sep-2008
Support for Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V - 04-Sep-2008
New Release of CRM SDK, V4.0.6 - 05-Sep-2008


MSDN Magazine   Website | RSS Feed
September 2008 MSDN Magazine now online - 01-Sep-2008
Office Space: Custom Auditing In SharePoint - 03-Sep-2008
Data Hierarchies With SQL Server 2008 - 05-Sep-2008

MSDN Subscriptions   Website | RSS Feed
Subscribers will have limited site functionality this weekend [COMPLETE] - 04-Sep-2008

TechNet Magazine   Website | RSS Feed
Hey, Scripting Guy!: Stay Connected with Your Toaster - 02-Sep-2008
Windows Confidential: Windows 95 Unplugged - 03-Sep-2008
The Desktop Files: Advanced Functionality in WDS - 04-Sep-2008
Mark Russinovich On Security, The Future of Windows, and Joining Microsoft - 04-Sep-2008

TechNet Plus Subscriptions   Website | RSS Feed
News about TechNet Plus Subscription DVD Shipment - 02-Sep-2008

Industry Solutions

Education UK Schools   Website | RSS Feed
Churchend Primary School goes virtual - 05-Sep-2008

Health   Website | RSS Feed
It's Time to Go Digital in America's Ambulatory Surgery Centers - 03-Sep-2008

Power and Utilities   Website | RSS Feed
Three Years Apart, Hurricane Gustav and Katrina Wrack Entergy - 03-Sep-2008

Installation and Update Services

The Deployment Guys   Website | RSS Feed
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI) - 01-Sep-2008
Firewalls, MDT and SQL - 02-Sep-2008
Logging All the Configuration Manager Task Sequence Variables (PART II) - 02-Sep-2008

Windows Server Update Services Support   Website | RSS Feed
WSUS: New and Updated Knowledge Base articles for 8-24 through 8-30 - 02-Sep-2008
WSUS: Windows Vista clients reboot automatically even though a user is logged on - 03-Sep-2008
WSUS: KB943729 detected as not applicable on Windows XP SP3 installations - 04-Sep-2008

Microsoft Advertising

adCenter Analytics   Website | RSS Feed
How Much Are You Investing In Analytics? - 07-Sep-2008

adCenter for Advertisers   Website | RSS Feed
Shortcut for navigating your accounts, campaigns and ad groups in adCenter - 02-Sep-2008
Sign up to test the adCenter Add-in Beta for Excel 2003 - 03-Sep-2008
How to Seduce the Cash-Strapped Shopper - 05-Sep-2008
ad:tech London 2008 - Microsoft adCenter Team Will See You There! - 07-Sep-2008

Microsoft Conferences and Briefings

Professional Developers Conference PDC   Website | RSS Feed
Have a question? Ask The Brain - 03-Sep-2008
Session Update Coming and Early Bird Discount Ends Soon - 04-Sep-2008
L.A. Insights: Mexican Food - 05-Sep-2008

TechEd   Website | RSS Feed
September 08 MSDN Magazine Available Now Online - 05-Sep-2008
October 08 TechNet Magazine Now Available Online - 05-Sep-2008

Microsoft Online Services

Dynamics CRM Online   Website | RSS Feed
Have you tried the Print View yet? - 03-Sep-2008
Diagnosing Outlook Client Issues - 04-Sep-2008

Office Live Workspaces   Website | RSS Feed
A big thank you to our one million customers - 03-Sep-2008

Microsoft Press Pass

Press Pass Press Releases   Website | RSS Feed
One Million Strong Collaborating Online With Microsoft Office Live Workspace Beta - 03-Sep-2008
The Moment Is Now: At $199, Xbox 360 Invites Everyone to Play - 03-Sep-2008
Microsoft and Sony Celebrate Joint Video Team Standards Committee Primetime Engineering Emmy - 04-Sep-2008
Microsoft Showcases Windows Media Center Momentum at CEDIA EXPO 2008 - 04-Sep-2008

Press Pass Top Stories   Website | RSS Feed
Cisco and Microsoft Interoperability Efforts: One Year Later - 03-Sep-2008
Microsoft Kicks off new Windows Campaign with Star Power - 05-Sep-2008
Q&A: What’s Next for BizTalk Server - 05-Sep-2008

Networking and Remote Access

Microsoft Enterprise Networking   Website | RSS Feed
New Networking-related KB articles for August 18 - August 31 - 02-Sep-2008
Windows Small Business Server 2008 released to manufacturing - 04-Sep-2008

Network Access Protection   Website | RSS Feed
System Health Agents (SHAs) that are available from Microsoft - 03-Sep-2008
What is the NAP client doing? - 06-Sep-2008

Office Suite

Office Access   Website | RSS Feed
Sagekey Access runtime installations discount offer - 04-Sep-2008
Open source spell check for the runtime - 04-Sep-2008

Office Excel and Excel Services   Website | RSS Feed
Video Tip: Conditional Formatting and Data Validation - 05-Sep-2008

Office InfoPath   Website | RSS Feed
Are you ready to join the InfoPath dev or test team? - 03-Sep-2008
Do you have what it takes to define the future of InfoPath? - 03-Sep-2008

Office Outlook   Website | RSS Feed
Where is the Mail control panel in 64bit Vista? - 05-Sep-2008

Office Powerpoint   Website | RSS Feed
September is Alive with Presentations - 07-Sep-2008

Office Project   Website | RSS Feed
New Quick Reference Guide for Project Server - 04-Sep-2008
Confusion - what is a CU or an IU versus a SP??? - 05-Sep-2008

Office Word   Website | RSS Feed
Pasting Tracked Changes - 05-Sep-2008

Partner Resources

Startup Zone Emerging Business Team   Website | RSS Feed
Windows Server support for Amazon EC2 - coming soon - 03-Sep-2008
Green IT and The Future of Collaboration - 04-Sep-2008
TechCrunch50 actually over 200 startups - 05-Sep-2008
Shiny Chrome Often Used to Cover Up Ugly Realities - 05-Sep-2008
Qik announces support for more Windows Mobile devices - 07-Sep-2008

Product Support

Hotfix Support The Hot Blog   Website | RSS Feed
August 25 - August 31 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows Legacy Products - 01-Sep-2008
August 26 – September 1 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows 6.0 - 02-Sep-2008
August 27 - September 2 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release – Developer - 03-Sep-2008
Note, there is no hotfix KB article for SQL Server this week. (August 28 – September 3) - 04-Sep-2008
Note, there is no hotfix KB article for SQL Server this week. (August 29 – September 4) - 05-Sep-2008

SysInternals   Website | RSS Feed
Interview with Mark Russinovich: the future of Sysinternals, Security, Windows - 02-Sep-2008

Research and Labs

Microsoft Research Downloads   Website | RSS Feed
MikroKosmos: A Verification-Oriented Model Implementation of an STM in C# - 02-Sep-2008
Microsoft P2V - 02-Sep-2008
Woodpecker: A Linguistic Evaluation Platform for Machine-Translation Systems - 05-Sep-2008

Microsoft Research News and Headlines   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Touts Functional Programming with F# - 03-Sep-2008
Novel Genetics Research Advances Possibility of HIV Vaccine - 03-Sep-2008
AutoCollage: Summarize Your Adventures with a Click - 04-Sep-2008

Microsoft Research Publications   Website | RSS Feed
Multi-PIE - 01-Sep-2008
Recognition of Low-Resolution Faces Using Multiple Still Images and Multiple Cameras - 01-Sep-2008
Refinement Types for Secure Implementations - 01-Sep-2008
Automating Software Testing Using Program Analysis - 01-Sep-2008
Data Randomization - 01-Sep-2008

Office Labs   Website | RSS Feed
Thanks for all the great pptPlex feedback! - 02-Sep-2008
Community Clips wants to hear from you! - 04-Sep-2008
NEW: Request a Video on Community Clips! - 05-Sep-2008


Microsoft Connected Information Security Group   Website | RSS Feed
How To: Detect Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities using XSSDetect - 01-Sep-2008
Doing What You Want, Not What You Have To! - 05-Sep-2008
Checklists and Mnemonics - 05-Sep-2008

Microsoft Malware Protection Center   Website | RSS Feed
Helpful Suggestions to Protect You From Game Password Stealers - 03-Sep-2008
Infected Hardware Myth or Reality? - 05-Sep-2008

Microsoft Security Response Center MSRC   Website | RSS Feed
September 2008 Advanced Notification - 04-Sep-2008

Security Bulletins Comprehensive   Website | RSS Feed
MS08-022 – Critical: Vulnerability in VBScript and JScript Scripting Engines Could Allow Remote Code Execution (944338) - Version:2.1 - 03-Sep-2008

Security Products Forefront

Forefront Intelligent Application Gateway IAG   Website | RSS Feed
Performance Degradation in eGap 3.6 after apply Windows Server 2003 SP2 - 04-Sep-2008

Forefront Server Security   Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft support policies and recommendations for Forefront Security products in a Hyper-V virtual environment - 05-Sep-2008

Forefront Threat Management Gateway ISA Server   Website | RSS Feed
New Articles on Tales from the Edge - 04-Sep-2008

Server and Infrastructure

Active Directory Services   Website | RSS Feed
Aktives Verzeichnis (Sagen Sie Hallo!) - 03-Sep-2008
New Functionality in Windows Server 2008 Terminal Service Licensing - 05-Sep-2008

Clustering and High Availability   Website | RSS Feed
Share Subdirectories, Where Hast Thou Gone? - 03-Sep-2008

Commerce Server   Website | RSS Feed
Visit us at – booth #207 - 02-Sep-2008
Upcoming Commerce Server Training - 04-Sep-2008

Engineering Windows 7   Website | RSS Feed
Product Planning for Windows...where does your feedback really go? - 03-Sep-2008
Organizing the Windows 7 Project - 05-Sep-2008
Reflecting on a few recent threads… - 06-Sep-2008

Platforms Performance   Website | RSS Feed
Two Minute Drill: Troubleshooting Name Resolution - 02-Sep-2008
IE8 and Privacy - 05-Sep-2008

Storage   Website | RSS Feed
Backup and Restore Center featured on Mojave experiment - 04-Sep-2008
How do you use DFSDiag.exe? - 05-Sep-2008

Windows Auditing and Security Logging   Website | RSS Feed
Minimizing Directory Service Audit Event Noise - 04-Sep-2008

Windows Powershell   Website | RSS Feed
Get-Constructor Fun - 01-Sep-2008
Speeding Up PowerShell Startup - Updating Update-Gac.ps1 - 02-Sep-2008
Text Output Is Not a Contract - 04-Sep-2008
Join Me Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast - 04-Sep-2008
OMG - Check This Out (Data Visualization with PowerShell) - 06-Sep-2008
Hate Add-Member? (PowerShell's Adaptive Type System to the Rescue) - 06-Sep-2008

SharePoint Groove Search

Enterprise Search   Website | RSS Feed
How to: Mine the ULS logs for query latency - 03-Sep-2008
SQL Index defrag and maintenance tasks for Search - 03-Sep-2008

SharePoint Designer   Website | RSS Feed
SharePoint Conference - Building a SharePoint Designer Mashup (Part Deux) - 06-Sep-2008

SharePoint Products and Technologies   Website | RSS Feed
We'll miss you, Patrick. - 05-Sep-2008

SQL and Business Intelligence

Project Astoria Next Generation Data Programability   Website | RSS Feed
Interim Release: Making SL2 Beta 2 Clients Work With .NET Fx 3.5 SP1 RTM Servers - 03-Sep-2008
0 to 60 With ADO.NET Data Services - 05-Sep-2008

SQL Server Development Customer Advisory   Website | RSS Feed
IIF Function Query Hints in SQL Server Analysis Services 2008 - 04-Sep-2008

Systems Management

System Center   Website | RSS Feed
Configuration Manager 2007 R2 Is Released - 02-Sep-2008

System Center Manageability   Website | RSS Feed
Now Available: Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2 - 02-Sep-2008
ConfigMgr 2007: Unable to open Configuration Manager Console, error: MMC Cannot Initialize the Snap-in - 02-Sep-2008
ConfigMgr 2007: Update on R2 Eval download - 02-Sep-2008
New and Updated Knowledge Base articles for 8-24 through 8-30 - 02-Sep-2008
OpsMgr 2007: Agent Push Installation Fails with Error 25211. Failed to install performance counters - 03-Sep-2008
OpsMgr 2007: Service Level Dashboard Management Pack v1.1 - 03-Sep-2008
ConfigMgr 2007: MPControl.log shows HttpSendRequestSync fails with status code 500 'Internal Server Error' - 04-Sep-2008
ConfigMgr 2007: Error [-2146232060] Invalid object name ‘ACT Databases’ when connecting to SQL server in Configure ACT Server properties - 04-Sep-2008
Moving the SMSPKGC$ share to a different drive - 04-Sep-2008

System Center Mobile Device Manager   Website | RSS Feed
What's coming in SCMDM SP1 - 02-Sep-2008

System Center Operations Manager   Website | RSS Feed
How to Delete an Operations Manager 2007 Managed Object from a Management Group using PowerShell - 03-Sep-2008
Actionable Alerts for Web applications in Operations Manager 2007 - 04-Sep-2008

Unified Communications

Microsoft Exchange   Website | RSS Feed
Building a Lab with Exchange 2007 on Windows 2008 Using PowerShell - 03-Sep-2008
Exchange Server Documentation Updates - September 2008 - 04-Sep-2008
Securing Exchange Data from Unapproved Mobile Devices (or how to block a phone or service from taking data out of your Exchange Server) - 05-Sep-2008
Exchange 2007 PrepareAD could interfere with Exchange 2003 mailflow when e-mail address space is ambiguously nonauthoritative - 05-Sep-2008

Office Communications Server   Website | RSS Feed
Running Communicator Mobile on a Virtual Machine - 04-Sep-2008


SoftGrid   Website | RSS Feed
App-V: Building your test lab - 02-Sep-2008
Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 RTMs! - 03-Sep-2008

Terminal Services   Website | RSS Feed
Specifying the TS Client Start Location on the Virtual Desktop - 03-Sep-2008

Windows Virtualization   Website | RSS Feed
The Validated Hypervisor - 03-Sep-2008

Web and Development

ADO dotNET   Website | RSS Feed
Devart's New Providers Support the ADO.NET Entity Framework! - 05-Sep-2008
SQLite's ADO.NET Provider Supports the ADO.NET Entity Framework! - 07-Sep-2008

Expression Web   Website | RSS Feed
Website accessibility lawsuit settled by Target - 01-Sep-2008
Composing a Webpage Layout Using Expression Design - 04-Sep-2008

Internet Explorer   Website | RSS Feed
IE8 Security Part VI: Beta 2 Update - 03-Sep-2008
Developer Tools in Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 - 04-Sep-2008
September Chat with the IE Team on Thursday - 05-Sep-2008

The dotNET Endpoint   Website | RSS Feed
Screencast - Self-Hosting WCF in Your Application - 03-Sep-2008

Visual Basic   Website | RSS Feed
Around the World with Visual Basic (Lisa Feigenbaum) - 02-Sep-2008
Visual Basic at TechEd South Africa 2008 (Lisa Feigenbaum) - 02-Sep-2008
Visual Basic at TechEd SouthEast Asia (Lisa Feigenbaum) - 03-Sep-2008
Visual Basic Developer Center Revamped! (Lisa Feigenbaum) - 05-Sep-2008
Visual Basic and CSharp IDEs Uncensored (Lisa Feigenbaum) - 07-Sep-2008

Windows SDK   Website | RSS Feed
How it works: Windows SDK Documentation Part 2 - 02-Sep-2008

XNA Games Development   Website | RSS Feed
Gamefest 2008 Presentations: Now Available on PC! - 04-Sep-2008

Windows Live

Live Mesh   Website | RSS Feed
Service update: new build available (0.9.3103.14) - 04-Sep-2008

Live QnA   Website | RSS Feed
Announcing Election Live QnA! - 04-Sep-2008

Live Search   Website | RSS Feed
Let your voice be heard - 03-Sep-2008

Live Writer   Website | RSS Feed
Technical Preview Triggers False Expiration - 04-Sep-2008

Photosynth   Website | RSS Feed
The joy of synthing: some suggestions for better results - 02-Sep-2008
How to synth an object - 03-Sep-2008
10 things you probably never thought of synthing - 04-Sep-2008
Secret surprise: a hidden feature for easier synthing - 05-Sep-2008

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