Microsoft Team Blogs Update and Reminder

The OPML files containing the Microsoft Team Blogs Directory have been updated.   It was brought to my attention that there was a problem with the files posted on the 1st September.   This has been corrected and the updated files have been uploaded here.   There are currently 183 team blogs registered - check out the full list here Microsoft Team Blogs Directory.

Don't foget that you will find weekly and monthly postings on BlogMS with a summary of all new articles saving you time and effort keeping up to date! 

  • August Monthly Posting183 Microsoft Team blogs searched, 149 blogs have new articles. 877 new articles between 01-Aug-2008 and 31-Aug-2008.

  • Weekly Posting (25-Aug to 31-Aug): 183 Microsoft Team blogs searched, 87 blogs have new articles.  205 new articles between 25-Aug-2008 and 31-Aug-2008

You will also find some other useful resources and links on the left hand-side of the BlogMS site, including:

Finally, If you have any suggestions about how this resource can be improved, or the value of it to you, then please do not hesitate to e-mail or write a comment against this article.

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