Microsoft Team Blogs Directory and OPML files – 183 team blogs registered

The Microsoft Team Blogs Directory now has 183 blogs.  BlogMS will post a summary weekly (each Monday) and monthly of new articles keeping it simple for you to keep up-to-date.

The OPML file has been updated with the full directory - Microsoft Team Blogs OPML Files. You will also find individual OPML files for each category in addition to the OPML file with all blogs.  Don't forget to subscribe to BlogMS in order to keep up-to-date with changes.

Thirty-three blogs have been added to the directory in the following categories:

Desktop and Mobile  
  Ultra Mobile PC Project Origami RSS
  Windows Embedded Point of Service for dotNET RSS
  Windows Genuine Advantage RSS
  Windows SideShow RSS
Development Shared Source Initiative   New Category
  CodePlex RSS Moved from Web / Development
  Open Source News Feed RSS
  Reference Source Code RSS
  XPS XML Paper Specification and Open Packaging RSS
Microsoft Advertising   New Category
  AdCenter Analytics RSS
  AdCenter API for Developers RSS
  AdCenter for Advertisers RSS
Microsoft Conferences and Briefings   New Category
  Bluehat Security Briefings RSS
  MIX The Next Web Now RSS
  Professional Developers Conference PDC RSS
  TechEd RSS
Microsoft Online Services  
  Dynamics CRM Online RSS
  Office Live Workspaces RSS
  System Center Online RSS
Networking and Remote Access  
  DHCP Windows Enterprise Networking Group RSS Moved from Server / Infrastructure
Microsoft Enterprise Networking RSS
  Network Access Protection RSS Moved from Server / Infrastructure
Network Monitor RSS
Research and Labs  
Ad Centre Labs RSS
  Microsoft Application Threat Modelling RSS
  MSRC Ecosystem Strategy RSS
  Microsoft Connected Information Security Group RSS
  The Security Development Lifecycle RSS
SQL and Business Intelligence  
  Project Astoria Next Generation Data Programability RSS
  SQL Server Reporting Services RSS
Web and Development  
  PopFly RSS
Windows Live  
  Live Alerts RSS
  Live Favorites RSS
  Live ID and Identity Gateway RSS
  Live Photo and Video RSS
Live Search Webmaster Center RSS
  Live Sky Drive RSS

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