Microsoft Team Blogs Directory Updated to 150!

The Official Microsoft Team Blogs Directory now has 150 blogs registered.  Don't forget that BlogMS will post a summary weekly (each Monday) and monthly of new articles.   The following two blogs have been added to the directory:

 Web / Development  
Visual Web Developer RSS
 Windows Live  
  Photosynth RSS

In the interests of saving you time and effort here are the latest articles published since the beginning of August:

Web / Development

Visual Web Developer Website | RSS Feed
Silverlight Tips of the Day – Week 5
- 26-Aug-2008
Dynamic Data Wizard Preview 0806 for VS 2008 SP1 RTM is now available - 18-Aug-2008
Silverlight Tips of the Day - Week 4 - 14-Aug-2008
Debugging A Web Site With A Host Header - 13-Aug-2008
Multiple control selection tips/tricks/workarounds - 11-Aug-2008
Web Development Updates in Visual Studio 2008 SP1 - 11-Aug-2008
ASP.Net Tip of the Week Series - 09-Aug-2008

Windows Live

Photosynth Website | RSS Feed
Reach out and synth somebody?
- 27-Aug-2008
Unexpected outage - 26-Aug-2008
Your feedback - 26-Aug-2008
Synthing tips: How to synth a room - 25-Aug-2008
Photosynth needs 30 minutes of downtime tonight - 23-Aug-2008
Exploring cool synths - 22-Aug-2008
Keyboard shortcuts - 22-Aug-2008
Photosynth: Day 1 Recap - 22-Aug-2008
Check out these cool synths - 22-Aug-2008
Meet some of the Photosynth team - 22-Aug-2008
Photosynth Is Back... - 21-Aug-2008
Photosynth: Yikes! - 21-Aug-2008
Welcome to Photosynth - 20-Aug-2008

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