Hot News Summary – w/e 24th August 2008

There were 169 articles from the Microsoft Team Blogs last week, here is my personal 'Hot News Summary' of interesting announcements:

·         Microsoft introduces world-wide availability of Microsoft Services Premier Ultimate:  For a fixed price, Premier Ultimate combines a “road map to IT health” — leveraging Microsoft’s expertise through pre-agreed proactive services with problem resolution support.  Read More.   You can learn more about Microsoft Premier here.


 ·        Microsoft announced changes to the licensing and support model for Virtualization.   Read the official announcement here.   BlogMS also posted some useful information here.


·         Microsoft announced the release of Photosynth:  This new application transforms the way you view regular digitial photos by transforming them into a three-dimensional, 360-degree experiences.  Read the Official Announcement, or more detail on the Live Labs Blog.


·         New Sysinternals Desktop Tool:  A new tool which allows you to create up to four virtual desktops and use a tray interface or hokeys to preview or switch easily between desktops.  Read More.  You can learn more about the full suite of Sysinternal tools here.


·         URLSCAN 3.0 for Internet Information Services (IIS):  In June this year Microsoft announced a beta version of this tool to help mitigate SQL injection attacks.  The final version has now been released. Read More. 

·         Windows Small Business Server 2008 Released to Manufacturing (RTM): This product provides many features used by larger companies, such as e-mail, internet connectivity, internal websites, remote access and support for mobile devices, file and print sharing, backup and restore – all at one affordable price.  Read More. 

·         System Center 2007 Cross-Platform Monitoring Pack – Beta 1 Refresh Released: This management pack allows companies to manage/monitor other non-Microsoft platforms including Solaris, HP-UX, Red Hat, SUSE, and now (with this beta refresh) AIX. Read More. 

·         Office Labs releases Prototype E-Mail Prioritizer:  This is an unsupported add-in which you could try.  This has been designed and developed to help people manage high-volumes of e-mail.  Read More 


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