Microsoft Team Blogs Directory increased to 148!

The Official Microsoft Team Blogs Directory has been updated with eleven additional team blogs increasing the blogs and essential feeds total to 148!!   The directory now also includes the link for each RSS subscription so you can subscribe to blogs of interest to you. 

Don't forget that BlogMS will post a summary weekly (each Monday) and monthly of new articles from all 148 blogs.  You can then browse through this article saving you valuable time and effort.  When you identify articles of interest you will be able to click on the article link, and it will take you directly to the blog.

The following blogs have been added to the directory:

Consumer / Hardware Solutions  
  Microsoft Surface RSS
  ResponsePoint RSS
Partner Resources  
  Startup Zone - Emerging Business Team RSS
Research and Labs  
  Microsoft Office Labs RSS
  Microsoft Live Labs RSS
Sharepoint / Groove / Search  
  Sharepoint Products and Technologies RSS
Web / Development  
  RSS / Web Feeds RSS
  Visual Basic RSS
  Visual C++ RSS
Windows Live  
  Live Development Platform (SDK) RSS
  Live Mesh RSS


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