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Business Process Management

BizTalk Adapter Pack
The “DataTypesBehavior” binding property in the SAP Adapter - 13-Aug-2008
Surfacing BizTalk Adapter Pack Adapters (WCF Bindings) as native BizTalk Adapters - 14-Aug-2008
Using the SAP ADO.NET Provider From SSRS 2005 - 15-Aug-2008

BizTalk Server
No new items


Outlook Mobile
No new items

Tablet PC
No new items

Windows Embedded
Tip of the Day: Database Timeout problem w/ complex filters - 11-Aug-2008
New CTP Downloads! - 12-Aug-2008
Tip of the Day: The Always Annoying 'Found New Hardware' Wizard - 12-Aug-2008
Tip of the Day: Changing FBA's System Font - 13-Aug-2008
Tip Of The Day: Hiding the Welcome Screen - 14-Aug-2008
Tip Of The Day: Rebasing Repositories - 15-Aug-2008

Windows Mobile
Which icon sizes should I use in my application? - 14-Aug-2008

Windows Vista
Video Demo: Identifying Security Vulnerabilities for Your Desktop Infrastructure - 14-Aug-2008


Dynamics CRM
MS Word Proposal for CRM Online - 11-Aug-2008
CRM Accelerators – Part II – eService Accelerator - 12-Aug-2008
New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Book - 13-Aug-2008
CRM User Group (CRMUG) Summit 2008 - 14-Aug-2008
Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise and On-Demand: What’s the Difference? - 15-Aug-2008

Dynamics NAV
No new items

General Operations
No new items

MSDN Subscriptions
Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 files are also now available - 11-Aug-2008

TechNet Plus Subscriptions
No new items

Windows Genuine Advantage
No new items

Environment - Software Enabled Earth
Where to Find Resources on Microsoft’s Environmental Business Practices - 11-Aug-2008
Unleashing Power Management Features in Windows Vista - 11-Aug-2008
Microsoft Australia: Advancing Environmental Sustainability through Software - 13-Aug-2008

MSDN Magazine
Data Points: The Entity Framework In Layered Architectures - 14-Aug-2008
A BizTalk Server-based EDI Solution - 13-Aug-2008
ADO.NET Data Services Basics - 11-Aug-2008
Patterns In Practice: Object Role Stereotypes - 15-Aug-2008

TechNet Magazine
Join me at IT Connections - 15-Aug-2008
September 2008 issue of TechNet Magazine - 15-Aug-2008

Microsoft Press Pass

Press Pass Press Releases
Microsoft Breaks New Ground in Helping Developers Build and Deploy Client, Web and Data-Driven Applications - 11-Aug-2008
Office for Mac: A Suite Deal on Student Productivity Tools - 12-Aug-2008
Microsoft and the Aga Khan Foundation U.S.A. Partner for Education, Health, Civil Society and Economic Development - 12-Aug-2008
Sheraton Hotels & Resorts Transforms the Hotel Lobby Experience With Microsoft Surface - 13-Aug-2008

Press Pass Top Stories
Microsoft Drives Innovation in Video, Graphics and Photography at SIGGRAPH - 12-Aug-2008
Microsoft Research Asia Celebrates Ten Years of Collaboration - 13-Aug-2008

Office Suite

Office Access
Two new Allen Browne (MVP) articles - 11-Aug-2008
Article: Create a tab form with video demo - 15-Aug-2008
The Contacts Template Redesign: Listen, Iterate, and Educate - 15-Aug-2008
Customer feedback to improve product design - 15-Aug-2008

Office Excel / Excel Services
Reading Excel Files from Linux - 15-Aug-2008

Office InfoPath
No new items

Office Outlook
No new items

Office Powerpoint
No new items

Office Project
New Help Content - July/August - 11-Aug-2008
Microsoft Project Infrastructure Update Webcast Slides - 14-Aug-2008

Office Sustained Engineering
August 2008 Update Release - 12-Aug-2008

Office Visio
No new items

Office Word
Out in the field (code) - 15-Aug-2008

Office for Mac
No new items

Product Support

Support Lifecycle
No new items

No new items

Daylight Saving Time & Time Zone FAQs
Daylight Saving Time and Time Zone update for Windows now available (August 2008) - 16-Aug-2008
Advisory: Daylight saving time coming to Mauritius in October 2008 - 16-Aug-2008
updateD: Hot Topics for Daylight Saving Time changes page - 17-Aug-2008

Hotfix Support - The Hot Blog
Aug. 4 - Aug. 10 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows Legacy Products - 11-Aug-2008
August 5 – August 11 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows 6.0 - 12-Aug-2008
August 6 - August 12 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Developer - 13-Aug-2008
August 7 – August 13 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - SQL Server - 14-Aug-2008
August 8 - August 14 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Messaging Server - 15-Aug-2008


Microsoft Security Response Center
August 2008 Monthly Bulletin Release - 12-Aug-2008
Security Bulletin Webcast Questions & Answers - August 2008 - 15-Aug-2008

Security Bulletins - Advisories
Microsoft Security Advisory (954960): Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Blocked from Deploying Security Updates - 8/12/2008 - 12-Aug-2008
Microsoft Security Advisory (953839): Cumulative Security Update of ActiveX Kill Bits - 8/13/2008 - 13-Aug-2008

Security Bulletins - Comprehensive
MS08-033 – Critical: Vulnerabilities in DirectX Could Allow Remote Code Execution (951698) - Version:2.1 - 12-Aug-2008
MS08-022 – Critical: Vulnerability in VBScript and JScript Scripting Engines Could Allow Remote Code Execution (944338) - Version:2.0 - 12-Aug-2008
Microsoft Security Advisory (954960): Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Blocked from Deploying Security Updates - 12-Aug-2008
MS08-040 – Important: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft SQL Server Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (941203) - Version:1.6 - 12-Aug-2008
Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for August 2008 - 12-Aug-2008
MS08-051 – Critical: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft PowerPoint Could Allow Remote Code Execution (949785) - Version:1.1 - 13-Aug-2008
MS08-050 – Important: Vulnerability in Windows Messenger Could Allow Information Disclosure (955702) - Version:1.0 - 12-Aug-2008
MS08-049 – Important: Vulnerabilities in Event System Could Allow Remote Code Execution (950974) - Version:1.0 - 12-Aug-2008
MS08-048 - Important: Security Update for Outlook Express and Windows Mail (951066) - Version:1.1 - 13-Aug-2008
MS08-047 – Important: Vulnerability in IPsec Policy Processing Could Allow Information Disclosure (953733) - Version:1.1 - 13-Aug-2008
MS08-046 – Critical: Vulnerability in Microsoft Windows Image Color Management System Could Allow Remote Code Execution (952954) - Version:1.0 - 12-Aug-2008
MS08-045 - Critical: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (953838) - Version:1.0 - 12-Aug-2008
MS08-044 – Critical: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office Filters Could Allow Remote Code Execution (924090) - Version:1.1 - 13-Aug-2008
MS08-043 – Critical: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Excel Could Allow Remote Code Execution (954066) - Version:1.1 - 13-Aug-2008
MS08-042 – Important: Vulnerability in Microsoft Word Could Allow Remote Code Execution (955048) - Version:1.0 - 12-Aug-2008
MS08-041 – Critical: Vulnerability in the ActiveX Control for the Snapshot Viewer for Microsoft Access Could Allow Remote Code Execution (955617) - Version:1.0 - 12-Aug-2008
MS07-047 - Important: Vulnerabilities in Windows Media Player Could Allow Remote Code Execution (936782) - Version:2.0 - 12-Aug-2008
Microsoft Security Advisory (953839): Cumulative Security Update of ActiveX Kill Bits - 13-Aug-2008

Security Vulnerability Research and Defense
MS08-050 : Locking an ActiveX control to specific applications. - 12-Aug-2008
MS08-043 : How to prevent this information disclosure vulnerability - 12-Aug-2008
MS08-042 : Understanding and detecting a specific Word vulnerability - 12-Aug-2008
MS08-041 : The Microsoft Access Snapshot Viewer ActiveX control - 12-Aug-2008
MS08-049 : When kind of authentication is needed? - 13-Aug-2008

Windows Vista Security
No new items

Microsoft Malware Protection Center
MMPC @ Gamefest 2008 - 11-Aug-2008
MMPC Encyclopedia Top 5: Mostly Vundo - 14-Aug-2008

Security Products (Forefront)

Forefront Client Security
Tools anyone? - 11-Aug-2008

Forefront Product Suite
No new items

Forefront Server Security
Forefront for Exchange SP1 Rollup 3 has been released - 11-Aug-2008

Forefront Threat Management Gateway (ISA Server)
No new items

Forefront Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG)
No new items


Active Directory
No new items

Active Directory Services
MCS Talks Infrastructure Architecture - 11-Aug-2008
Event Logging policy settings in Windows Server 2008 and Vista - 12-Aug-2008
Network Properties in a hurry - 13-Aug-2008

Clustering and High Availability
No new items

Commerce Server
Microsoft ranks as the Leading Top 500 Provider AGAIN! - 13-Aug-2008
Retail Systems Research (RSR) publishes 2008 benchmark report - 13-Aug-2008

DHCP - Windows Enterprise Networking Group
No new items

Network Access Protection
Blog for the Microsoft Enterprise Networking Support Team - 11-Aug-2008
Great blog post on NAP from Blue Ridge Networks - 15-Aug-2008
The "RADIUS client is NAP-capable" check box - 15-Aug-2008

Platforms Performance
Two Minute Drill: Enabling Print Queue Logging - 12-Aug-2008
DST Reminder – August 2008 Cumulative Package for Windows - 15-Aug-2008

Routing and Remote Access
No new items

Server Core - Ask the Core Team
How can I find out why the Cluster Resource Monitor dumped? – Access Violation - 14-Aug-2008

Small Business Server (SBS)
Windows Service Pack 2 for Windows Small Business Server 2003 - 11-Aug-2008
Reminder: New Security Updates to be released tomorrow - 11-Aug-2008
Get Ready for the Windows Essential Server Solutions Launch with Technical Training Series - 12-Aug-2008

Why is my staging folder so big? - 15-Aug-2008

Windows Core Networking
No new items

Windows Powershell
When NOT To Use "WHERE" - 12-Aug-2008
PowerShell Abstractions & the Community - 12-Aug-2008
Some WMI instances can have their first method call fail and get-member not work in PowerShell V1 - 12-Aug-2008

Windows Server Division
Pixar uses Windows HPC - 12-Aug-2008

Group Policy
No new items

Windows Auditing/Security Logging
No new items

Engineering Windows 7
Welcome to Engineering Windows 7 - 14-Aug-2008
Guidelines on Comments - 14-Aug-2008

Advanced Windows Debugging and Troubleshooting
Transcript of Windows NT Debugging Blog Live Chat - 14-Aug-2008
New Facebook group: “Escalation Engineers” - 11-Aug-2008


Enterprise Search
Announcing Faceted Search v2.5 - 12-Aug-2008

Enterprise Content Management
No new items

No new items

Records Management
No new items

SharePoint Designer
Plugging Web Controls Into The Property Grid - 16-Aug-2008

SharePoint Developer
No new items

SharePoint Products and Technologies
Announcing Faceted Search v2.5 - 12-Aug-2008
SQL Server 2008 Support for SharePoint Products and Technologies - 15-Aug-2008

SQL and Business Intelligence

Office Performance Point Server
Creating Scorecards without Duplicating KPI Properties for every Column Member - 13-Aug-2008

SQL Performance Engineering
No new items

SQL Programmability and API
No new items

SQL Release Services
No new items

SQL Server Compact
Released - SQL Server Compact v3.5 SP1, SQL Server 2008 RTM, Visual Studio 2008 SP1, .NET Framework v3.5 SP1 - 13-Aug-2008

SQL Server Development Customer Advisory
No new items

SQL Server Engine
No new items

SQL Server Express
SQL Server 2008 Express is now live! - 11-Aug-2008

SQL Server Manageability
No new items

SQL Server Protocols
No new items

SQL Server Query Processing
No new items

SQL Server Security
No new items

SQL Server User Education
No new items

Date Ranges in SSAS 2005 and ProClarity - 14-Aug-2008
PAS Security Lessons - 13-Aug-2008

Systems Management

System Center
You Are Invited! On September 8th, Microsoft Will Launch it’s New Virtualization Products - 12-Aug-2008

System Center Data Protection Manager
Video - Technical Introduction of DPM2007 ... from Tech-Ed 2008 US - 12-Aug-2008

System Center Operations Manager
Infrastructure Planning Guide for OpsMgr 2007 SP1 - 13-Aug-2008
Console Task Execution with Flexibility - 14-Aug-2008

System Center Manageability
ConfigMgr 2007: Moving the Site Database - 11-Aug-2008
ConfigMgr 2007: Sample Configurations and Common Performance Questions DOC - 12-Aug-2008
Update for ConfigMgr 2007: Current issues with Wake On LAN (WOL) - 13-Aug-2008
Have you seen the new OpsManJam site? - 13-Aug-2008
OpsMgr 2007: DFS Management Pack Generates Bogus DFS Link Monitor Alerts - 14-Aug-2008
OpsMgr 2007: Infrastructure Planning Guide for OpsMgr 2007 SP1 - 14-Aug-2008

System Center Mobile Device Manager
No new items

System Center Essentials
Want to receive emailed reports from Essentials? - 13-Aug-2008
Using the Remote Assistance task with Vista and Server 2008 computers - 13-Aug-2008

Deployment and Service Management

Microsoft IT Showcase
No new items

Microsoft Operations Framework
No new items

Solution Accelerator: Assessment and Planning
No new items

Solution Accelerator: Security and Compliance
No new items

Unified Communications

Live Meeting Service Developers
API updates for Live Meeting 2007 Service Release 3 - 11-Aug-2008

Microsoft Exchange
Looking for participants for a research study on Exchange! - 12-Aug-2008
TechNet Webcast: High Availability in Exchange Server 2007 SP1 (Part 2 of 2): Disaster Recovery and SCR Deep Dive - 13-Aug-2008
Exchange Server Documentation Updates - August 2008 - 13-Aug-2008
Utilizing Time Zone Data Update Tool for Microsoft Office Outlook V3.0 functionality in the Exchange Calendar Update Configuration Tool V 2.0 - 15-Aug-2008

Office Communications Server
The Unified Communications Hosted Trial, sponsored by Microsoft & Unisys - 11-Aug-2008
July 2008 Communicator 2007 update - 12-Aug-2008

Office Communicator
No new items

Speech Server
No new items


SoftGrid: A folder on a mapped network drive appears to be invalid when a virtualized application is run - 12-Aug-2008
In or around London? Check out the new Microsoft Virtualization User Group - 13-Aug-2008
SoftGrid: Nortel Application Switch Technical Guide - 14-Aug-2008
SoftGrid: Sequencing best practices and anti-virus software - 14-Aug-2008

Terminal Services
How To: Extend the TS Session Broker to Support VDI (Part 1) - 13-Aug-2008

Windows Virtualization
No new items


RTM is Finally Here! - 11-Aug-2008
Third Party Provider Support for the Entity Framework RTM - 11-Aug-2008
What's new in the VS 2008 SP1? - 12-Aug-2008
Entity Framework RTM Breaking Changes - 12-Aug-2008
Updated Entity Framework Samples for RTM - 12-Aug-2008
Introducing Table-Valued Parameters - Part 1 - 16-Aug-2008

Expression Blend and Design
How to Animate a Drawing Line - 15-Aug-2008

Expression Web
Microsoft sponsors uxweek - 12-Aug-2008
Getting started with the silverlight 2 media player in expression web 2 - 13-Aug-2008
Take the survey of web professionals @ a list apart - 14-Aug-2008

Internet Explorer
IE August Security Update Now Available - 12-Aug-2008
Check Out The “Engineering Windows 7” Blog! - 14-Aug-2008

Internet Information Services (IIS)
Application Pool Recycles from IIS 7 Setting Changes - 11-Aug-2008
Hacked! And I didn't like it - URLScan is Step Zero - 11-Aug-2008
Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 - 12-Aug-2008
Update for viewstate issues - 12-Aug-2008
System.IndexOutOfRangeException on a webfarm - 13-Aug-2008
More about the Olympics and NBC - 14-Aug-2008
Common Issue: Permission problems when using remote content - 15-Aug-2008

Visual Studio Code Analysis
No new items

Visual Studio Extensibility
Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Now Available - 12-Aug-2008

Visual Studio Team Architect
No new items

Web Deployment
No new items

New XSD Functionality shipped in Visual Studio 2008 SP1 RTM - 14-Aug-2008
Introducing the XmlPreloadedResolver - 15-Aug-2008

The .NET Endpoint
This Week in Downloads - WF & Services - 11-Aug-2008
Orcas SP1 Improvement: Asynchronous WCF HTTP Module/Handler for IIS7 for Better Server Scalability - 14-Aug-2008
WCF Request Throttling and Server Scalability - 14-Aug-2008
Screencast - Creating your First WCF Service - 13-Aug-2008

CodePlex Weblog
No new items

ACE Team - Security, Performance & Privacy
ASP.NET Performance: High CPU Utilization Case Studies And Solutions - 11-Aug-2008

JDBC Driver
No new items

Installation and Update Services

Microsoft Update
Things to Know about Windows Search 4.0 installation... - 15-Aug-2008

Windows Server Update Services
No new items

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
No new items

Windows Server Update Services Support
WSUS: Console shows update as Not Approved yet it's still installed by WSUS - 11-Aug-2008
WSUS: Taking control with scripts - 13-Aug-2008
WSUS: Clients fail to update with error code 0x80190194 - 14-Aug-2008

Windows Installer MSI
No new items

The Deployment Guys
Controlling Package Sequence with Multiple Roles in MDT 2008 - 14-Aug-2008
Documenting Your Task Sequences Automagically - 17-Aug-2008

User State Migration Tool USMT
No new items

Windows Live

Live Search
Get ready for SES 2008 - 15-Aug-2008

Live Maps / Virtual Earth
Subscribing to a KML file via RSS - 13-Aug-2008
Exploring the Geography of Georgia – helpful tip to leverage UGC - 13-Aug-2008

Live Messenger
No new items

Live OneCare
No new items

Live Writer
No new items

Live Spaces
No new items

Live QnA
It's "T" time for QnA - 12-Aug-2008
Recent changes to improve the community experience - 13-Aug-2008

Live Mail / Hotmail
No new items

Microsoft Online Services

Microsoft® Online Services
No new items

Microsoft Research

News and Headlines
No new items

No new items

No new items

Partner Resources

Microsoft on Independent Software Vendors (ISV's)
Leveraging Product Engineering focused System Integrators - 13-Aug-2008


Windows Home Server
The Eagle has landed...Or soon will 😉 - 12-Aug-2008
Why RAID is not a consumer technology - 11-Aug-2008


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