Find out what your SYSVOL on DFSR is doing

(Updated 16-9-2016: reference to new post, updated the script with better error checking and a bugfix) This is part 1; continue at part 2 here: All of you out there should be running your SYSVOL on DFSR by now. This is the new default since Windows Server 2008 from the previous decade. If you…

Find out if your AGPM archive needs updating

For those of you out there using Advanced Group Policy Management a.k.a. AGPM, I have a question: how do you know that your AGPM archive still reflects the reality in Active Directory? Thought about it? Good. There is a thorny issue here that caused a lot of problems already. AGPM flat-out assumes that its archive…


[提供: 株式会社スタイルズ] ■ownCloudとは ownCloud はオープンソースオンラインストレージのリーディングカンパニーであるownCloud社(アメリカ/ドイツ)が提供するオンラインストレージ構築パッケージです。2010年より開発が始まり、2016年3月にVersion 9.0がリリースされています。   ■ownCloudの特長 無料・商用での利用が可能なデュアルライセンスを採用したオープンソース製品。 クラウド環境やよりセキュアな自社サーバー等、設置環境を選びません。

Who can add workstation to the domain

Hello It’s Rafal Sosnowski from Microsoft Dubai Security PFE Team. During my numerous Security Audits and Assessments I deliver to customers, I usually discover too wide permissions and user rights configured in Active Directory. One of them is “Add Workstation to the Domain”. There are 3 items that might influence who can add computer to…

Office 365とのID連携パック

[提供: アジュールパワー株式会社] クラウドと既存環境の橋渡しをシステム/利用者双方の視点からサポート ① ID連携/認証サービス ② Office 365運用サポート

Active Directory 環境構築・連携パック

[提供: アジュールパワー株式会社] AD関連でご要望の多いサービスをパッケージ化してご提供 ① AD構築サービス ② Azure AD構築サービス ③ AD → Azure AD連携サービス

How to prevent the creation of GPOs from outside AGPM (Advanced Group Policy Management)

During my interactions with Premier Microsoft customers I have found out that the main reason for not using AGPM (Advanced Group Policy Management) in order to enforce change control procedures on Group Policy management is the lack of information on how to prevent GPOs from being created or edited outside of AGPM. Basically their experience…