Backyard Data Science: An Inside Look at What You Can Do with Azure Machine Learning and Cortana Analytics

If you’ve ever wondered what Data Science is and how could it possibly apply to your daily routines and schedules then this is the video for you! Join Blain Barton and Buck Woody as they de-mystify some of the more commonly asked questions surrounding this hot and growing field in the business and technology sector.

  • [1:10] So, you work on the “Machine Learning and Data Science” team…what does that even mean?
  • [2:10] Just what is a Data Scientist? Is that just a buzzword?
  • [7:11] You mentioned Cortana Analytics --- what is that and what does it do?
  • [9:50] How is Data Science everywhere exactly? How is it used in sporting events like at NASCAR or the NCAA “March Madness” Tournament?

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