Nascar and Microsoft Working Together – IT Time – TechNet Radio!


Pushing boundaries, going beyond what was once thought impossible and making it a reality. This is what NASCAR and Hendrick Motorsports is all about.

Join Blain Barton and Mike Downey as they take us through the fast lane of how Microsoft is helping drive innovation through technologies such as Windows 10 and Microsoft Azure in the world of motorsports.

  • [4:30] How did Microsoft first get involved with NASCAR and Hendrick Motorsports (HMS)?
  • [7:56] How does the Mobile Inspection App work exactly and can you give us some details into the technology behind this?
  • [12:25] How do you make a race car go faster? =)
  • [16:36] DEMO: NASCAR and Microsoft
  • [19:04] How does HMS use our other productivity tools like OneNote, Office 365 and Skype for Business?
  • [21:43] What about Microsoft Azure Stack? How are they using this during race day?


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