Over the next three weeks, the US IT Pro Evangelists will be running a blog series on extending your datacenter with Azure.  The "cloud" has become the next great location to host some (or all) of your IT infrastructure and there is a lot of "what-ifs" and "how-tos" that can make it complex.  With this series, we hope to shed some light on some of the more common usage scenarios and concerns you might be coming across as you explore how the cloud can work for the organization you support.

Look forward to posts from Yung Chou, Dan Stolts, Kevin Remde, Tommy Patterson, Blain Barton, Jessica DeVita and myself as we cover topics including infrastructure services, backup solutions, networking fundamentals and connectivity, remote access, SQL Server, Multifactor Authentication, Azure certification and more! This post will list the summary of all the post titles and links.





Yung Chou

Microsoft Azure 101 - Virtual Network Essentials


Yung Chou

Microsoft Azure 102 - Installing and Configuring Azure PowerShell


Kevin Remde

AD Domain Controllers in Azure... You Bet!


Kevin Remde

Backup/Recover Your Files to/from Azure Storage


Jennelle Crothers

Azure Storage Redundancy Options


Tommy Patterson

Connectivity from the datacenter to Azure: VPN, Expressroute, and Firewalls - Part 1