Microsoft Azure and O365 Integration Roadshow – Last Stop in West Palm Beach 5/8! Signup here…

Integrate Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365! 

5/8 – Thurs - West Palm Beach – Keiser University – Register Here

As we move through the cities in Florida to our last stop in West Palm Beach, enjoy hearing from  Jeffery Mitchell from Bit-Wizards (Partner) and Adnan Cartwright (MVP) as they show you what’s “hot” with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 integration with Windows, iOS and Android including Active Directory Federated Services, Single-Sign On, and Password Sync.  IPADS can now run Microsoft Office as well and what about their integration with OneDrive? Explore SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Windows Intune as well as setting up your own Microsoft Azure and Office 365 TEST/DEV up and running!  All you need to do is bring your own computer.

Look at Microsoft’s Public Cloud options when considering your current infrastructure or perhaps for migrating or building your next new endeavor. We’ll cover both on-premises integration as well as Microsoft Office 365 solely in the cloud. Get prepared for the event by setting up your Microsoft Azure Subscription by completing the small lab at (credit card for Windows Azure registration required).  In the lab you will set up a Windows Server 2012 R2 instance and start working in your lab today!

Remember, if you are just learning Windows Server 2012 R2 – Get a head start with the Early Experts program at:

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