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Unlimited possibilities for startups with the Windows Azure Platform

What is Windows Azure?

Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications and services.

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Build, host and scale applications in Microsoft datacenters with no up-front expenses and no long term commitment.

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Windows Azure for BizSpark members

Did you know that Microsoft BizSpark Members can receive Windows Azure?

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Why should a startup use Windows Azure?

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The Windows Azure platform makes it easy for startups to get a production ready solution up and running quickly so you can focus on building your business. Windows Azure offers a simple, comprehensive, and powerful platform for the creation of web applications and services. Windows Azure enables Start-ups to focus on their business logic, as opposed to operational hurdles, in creating compelling products.

Is the Windows Azure Platform right for your business?

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How to use Windows Azure?

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Introduction to Windows Azure Mobile Services

BizSpark members get Free Windows Azure Monthly Credits + Additional Discounts

Azure Monthly Credits:

As a BizSpark member, you get a $150 monthly credit* of Windows Azure benefits. You can use your Windows Azure credits for whatever services you want, including:

  • Virtual Machines
  • Websites
  • Cloud Services
  • Mobiles Services
  • Storage
  • SQL Database
  • Content Delivery Network
  • HDInsight
  • Media Services
  • And more!
Windows Azure Discounts:

Your credits will last even longer because BizSpark members receive discounted hourly rates of up to 25-33% for:

  • Windows Virtual Machines (33%)
  • Cloud Services (25%)
  • HDInsight (25%)
  • Reserved Websites (25%)

To provide greater flexibility, you may now use all the software included in your MSDN subscription inside your Windows virtual machines for no additional fee. This cloud use right applies to all software except Windows client and Windows Server**. You can also get access to preconfigured virtual machine images with your MSDN software, such as SQL Server and BizTalk Server.

For details, visit the Windows Azure benefit for BizSpark members webpage.

*The $150 monthly credit is in US Dollars.
**You can run the Windows Server operating system on Windows Azure Virtual Machines at a charge. Pricing details are available on the Windows Azure website. Check out the Visual Studio and MSDN licensing white paper for more information on cloud use rights.

For all new subscriptions, there is a $0 Spending Limit on your subscription so you do not accidentally exceed the monthly benefit shown above. If you use more in a month than the above amounts, you will exceed your $0 Spending Limit and your service will be disabled for that month. If you choose to turn off your Spending Limit, any usage each month in excess of the monthly benefit will be charged at the standard Pay-As-You-Go Rates.

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