Adnan Cartwright gets “The Ultimate Road Warrior” for covering 16 Florida stops for Windows Server 2012 as well as Windows Azure. Read on……

Adnan Cartwright earned “The Ultimate Road Warrior” for hitting the roads in Florida and I mean he was really covering some ground.  As the Florida Windows Server MVP Adnan evangelized the 16 road shows covering our “Private/Public Cloud Series”. Thank you Adnan for your excellence and execution in what you do everyday in helping IT Pros understand what’s going on in the IT world today. Below Adnan is presented with “The Ultimate Road Warrior” from myself as a personal gift. Nice work man, you earned it.   Also thank you Herve Roggero MVP for Azure for also contributing to the first 8 road shows in the series as well.


You can get Windows Server 2012 downloads at

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