Got an hour? Build and publish your Windows 8 app and Keep the Cash! No coding required! – Online Event Saturday April 6th!



If I can build a Windows 8 App you can too!   My game is called GEEK TIME look for it in the Windows Store!

Got an hour? Build and publish your Windows 8 app and Keep the Cash!  No coding required!

Join us for the Gr8 St8 Student App-a-thon, a virtual hackathon on April 6th.  We will walk you through building an app with a template, and publishing it to the store - in less than an hour, so you can win $100 per app!  Instructors will be on hand via Skype/Email/Twitter to answer questions and help you along the way!

Thinking that writing an app for Windows 8 is hard? Overwhelmed with lots to learn? Not relishing long nights spent in Visual Studio?

At the App-a-thon, we are going to use Scirra's Construct 2 and some ready-made customizable templates to take advantage of the Windows 8 App Madness Challenge and the Keep the Cash campaign (details below), where Microsoft will pay you $100 for every Windows 8 App that you publish.  With the provided templates and instructions, you will be able to create and customize your apps quickly and easily.

Scirra's Construct 2 is a free, event based, game development IDE supporting Windows 8 and a few lesser known mobile platforms :)  We will show you how to build a fun game and take it all the way to the Windows Store. As an added bonus, all our virtual participants will be entered into a raffle to win an Xbox 360 and other great prizes.

Construct 2 will work with Windows 8 (preferably) or Windows 7.  You will need Windows 8 to test and submit your app, but Virtual Machines and instructions will be provided.

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