Part 31 of 31 – Windows Azure Hybrid Cloud Authentication and Access Architectures – Discussion (31 Days of Windows Servers (VMs) in the Cloud (31 days of IaaS)

Today’s post is a guest post from Ira Bell, the COO of Nimbo

Throughout January, some really bright people have come together to touch on several topics around Windows Servers (VMs) in the Cloud. We’ve seen things covering topics from the basics of creating Virtual Machines in the Cloud to more advanced PowerShell approaches for management of the Azure platform. The aim for these discussions has been centered on peeling the layers back to expose what’s capable with Windows Azure.

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In case you missed any of the series here is a list to all of the articles:

m and opportunity for learning.   Creating virtual machines in Windows Azure is a great platform for trying out functionality that would otherwise be hard or expensive to do in your own test lab or on your own hardware.

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