31 Days of IaaS with Windows Azure – (Part 1 and 2 of 31 with running list) – Windows Azure IaaS and You and Building a Free Lab in Azure

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The team and I are delivering the 31 Parts for each day on Windows Azure – IaaS!

 Day 1: Overview of Windows Azure by Matt Hester

Day 2: Building Free Lab VMs in the Microsoft Cloud by Tommy Patterson

Day 3: Supported Virtual Machine Operating Systems in the Microsoft Cloud by Tommy Patterson

Day 4: Servers Talking in the Cloud (Networking Simplified in Azure) by Matt Hester

Day 5: Uploading a VM Image to the Microsoft Cloud by Keith Remde

Day 6: Windows Azure Feature Overview by Yung Chou

Day 7: Step-by-Step: Build a FREE SharePoint 2013 Lab in the Cloud with Windows Azure by Keith Mayer

Day 8: Setting Up Management by Brian Lewis

Day 9: Windows Azure and Virtual Networking – What Is It? by Bob Hunt

Day 10: Microsoft Cloud Virtual Networking Step-by-Step by Bob Hunt

Day 11: Running FREE Linux Virtual Machines in the Cloud by Keith Mayer

Day 12: Connecting System Center App Controller to Windows Azure by Kevin Remde

Day 13: Creating Azure Virtual Machines with App Controller by Kevin Remde

Day 14: Creating a Virtual Machine with Powershell in the Microsoft Cloud by Brian Lewis

Day 15. What does Windows Azure REALLY cost and how to SAVE by Dan Stolts

Day 16. Consider this: Reasons for Using Windows Azure by Matt Hester

Day 17. Step-by-Step: Templating VMs in the Cloud with Windows Azure and PowerShell by Keith Mayer

Day 18 – How to Delete VHD files in Azure by Brian Lewis

Day 19: Creating a Network in Windows Azure with PowerShell by Kevin Remde

Day 20: Extending On-Premise Active Directory into Windows Azure by Keith Mayer 

Day 21: Beyond IaaS and PaaS – A Great Explanation of the Strengths of Both Azure Services by Bill Wilder

Day 22- Using your own SQL Server in Windows Azure by Blain Barton

Day 23 - Utilizing PowerShell for Integrating Active Directory into Windows Azure Virtual Machines by Don Noonan

Day 24: Connecting PaaS(Platform as a Service) to IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service) in Windows Azure by Harold Wong

Day 25: Stored VM, A Prerequisite for Copying VM to Windows Azure (with System Center) by Yung Chou

Day 26: Built-In Monitoring and Troubleshooting Windows Azure plus Options by Blain Barton

Day 27: Use Windows Azure to Learn Windows Storage Spaces by Kevin Remde

Day 28: Windows Azure Add-Ons From the Azure Store Explained by Chris Avis

Day 29: Learning Networking Basics in Azure VMs by Don Noonan

Day 30: Learning Remote Desktop Service in Azure VMs by Tommy Patterson

Day 31: Authentication Mechanisms, Diagrams, and Technical Info for Windows Azure by Bob Hunt


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