My “First Boot” with Windows Server 2012 RTM–Some things to consider–Installing Wireless, Snipping Tool and Camtasia

Today I set up 3 servers and  I notice there were a few things that I like to have in my environment. 

To start off, I use laptops for my demos in my events and I use wireless, which is not best practice for the server environment for obvious security reasons.

However, today I wanted wireless as well as the snipping tool installed so that I can do my upcoming blogs posts, screencasts while running Camtasia.

Here are some nuggets for you,

  • Installing the wireless feature
  • Installing the Snipping Tool   (One of my favorites by the way)
  • Installing Camtasia (DLL issue)

Installing the wireless feature

The wireless feature is not installed at first boot. You need to do this yourself.

Go into Server ManagerAdd roles and features


Review the following tasks.


Select -  Role-based or feature-based installation


Select your server


On Roles click NEXT


Here, select the Wireless LAN Service and reboot, you should get wireless, if not check your SSID and password.


Installing the Snipping Tool and Camtasia

For these tools you need to go into the User Interfaces and Infrastructure and check Desktop Experience and you should get the snipping tool and Camtasia should run properly.   Camtasia had a .DLL error that kept popping up but when I installed the desktop experience it was working fine,   Hope this helps.


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