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IT Time: TechNet Radio–(Part 1 of 3) – Mark Heneen from the Office 365 Team talks about Office 365 Deployment Readiness Toolkit

Are you deploying Office 365 and need some questions answered? Then look no farther, because the Office 365 Deployment Readiness Tool is here to help! Join us for this multi-part series as Sr. Program Manager, Mark Heneen walks us through some common scenarios and tips for how to deploy Office 365 successfully and easily in your business environment.

Part 2 of 3 – IT Time:
TechNet Radio –
Mark Heneen discuss Office 365 Readiness Tool User Identity
and Account Provisioning


Part 3 of 3 – IT Time:
TechNet Radio
– Mark Heneen discussed the user experience with
Single-Sign-On in different locations and what requirements you need to know!

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