Phase 11–Wiring for Internet, HDMI Projector and Security Essentials


Here’s my office and the cable I ran for the TV and an extra one in case I get DirectTV (RedZone Football for the bar!) which takes one for each service. The blue wires are all CAT6 (4 CAT6 ports in wall with 12 outlets above counter) and the green box is the two-way intercom with LCD picture display and automatic door latch remote. I’m up 3 stories and 6 flights of stairs. This way I can let people in remotely after greeting them with the personal 2-way intercom and camera Winking smile 


You better run your PVC in the ceiling before you button it up!  This is for my projector system hanging from the ceiling and my HDMI cable goes back to the splitter for the receiver, XBOX 360 Kinect with Media Center and my cable box. Notice I put an outlet in the ceiling as well,  DON’T FORGET!


This is my security wiring hub for the 8 camera system with ADT monitoring protection.  It has a Leviton cable box that mounts to the wall.


This is the other part of my Security System, the fine “Lady Dagger” my girl - the biter.  Smile

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