Join BizSpark for a Studio Taping of The BizSpark Show with Special Guest Joni Cobb, PIPELINE CEO

Join a studio filled with Silicon Valley’s Microsoft BizSpark members via our Livestream on Monday, December 9, 2013 at 3pm Pacific. We will talk with Joni Cobb, CEO and President of PIPELINE, a community of entrepreneurs based in Kansas City.    We will interview Joni and some of our local BizSpark members and pay tribute…


Crowdnetic Builds a Mission Control for Crowdfunding

The current crowdfinancing environment got a huge kick of momentum earlier this Monday when the general solicitation rules for startups changed to allow them to ask publicly for money. The problem in this swarm of crowdfinancing options? Unless there is a well established and highly curated brand for this type of stuff, a potential investor…


Instagram Video and Facebook in Asia — We Chat Live with David Weekly, Facebook Developer Advocate

Douglas Crets is talking with David Weekly, Facebook’s Developer Advocate for Asia, at 3pm Pacific on livestream. You might know David from his time at HackerDojo, which he founded. He recently joined Facebook as their new developer advocate for Asia.  David Weekly is Facebook’s new Developer Advocate for Asia. He joins Facebook after an acqui-hire…


Up Global: Startup Weekend and Startup America Form New Partnership to Build Entrepreneurs in a Big Way

Startup Weekend and the Startup America Partnership announced today that they will join together to create UP Global, a new organization supporting the creation of vibrant entrepreneurial communities around the world. With generous support from The Kauffman Foundation, the Case Foundation, Omidyar Network, Google for Entrepreneurs, Microsoft and The Coca-Cola Company, UP Global will combine…


Prodibi: Swiss Rebels Give Due Respect to Web Photo Enthusiasts With Their BizSpark Software Innovation

While web-based video streaming and digital audio has become increasingly sophisticated, the quality of photograph images viewed online has lagged behind.  At the moment, if someone was to try to upload a high quality image for viewing on a PC, tablet or smartphone, the size of the image would compromise the delivery speed.  So, what…


Practice Your Music: Bringing Harmony to a Tech-Music Business

So what’s it like to launch an app, if your company is from completely outside the tech business?  This was the situation facing Spanish start-up Practice Your Music, as CEO and founder Unai Goikolea explains.   “We are from the music industry: we own a recording studio and run a music academy, so we aren’t…


Should You Work For a Startup That Displays Market Apathy?

Have you ever thought about market apathy? This is my phrase for a startup founder, or team, that is so focused on product that they forget or do not consider the emotional choices of the market they want to serve.  How can this be true? It’s a lot truer than you think.  This post was…


Tech Cocktail This Week: A Lesson in Humility

Every week we show you something that was amazing in TechCocktail., one of our partners. Here’s this week’s example, a talk on humility by David Crenshaw, a business coach. 


Three Pieces of Advice from Tech Cocktail

Through our partnership with TechCocktail, we have three pieces of advice for entrepreneurs building their own companies.  Video Alex Chang of One Technologies and his simple advice for entrepreneurs.  Since 2000, Alex has amassed considerable entrepreneurial experience to share with others who are hoping to start their own companies. He says one of the biggest…