Up Global: Startup Weekend and Startup America Form New Partnership to Build Entrepreneurs in a Big Way

Startup Weekend and the Startup America Partnership announced today that they will join together to create UP Global, a new organization supporting the creation of vibrant entrepreneurial communities around the world. With generous support from The Kauffman Foundation, the Case Foundation, Omidyar Network, Google for Entrepreneurs, Microsoft and The Coca-Cola Company, UP Global will combine…


Dave McClure at Startup Organizer Summit: Start With Many Small Experiments, Fail Fast

If you have not read Dave McClure’s thoughts on the 500 Startups business model, stop now, and go read it. If you are maybe looking for a bit of light reading that explains the whole theory, culture and practice of startups and why he does what he does, instead, go to his slide presentation given…


#SXSW Is About Getting It Done

What a thrill to land in Austin two days ago and immediately start answering tweets and text messages, setting up meetings and designating meetup spots for official and unofficial — business. When BizSpark travels, there is never a city we land in where there is not an entrepreneur, a partner organization or a awesome event…


BizSpark Member Zirtual Raises $2 Million from Tony Hsieh and Others To Ramp Up Virtual Assistants

BizSpark member Zirtual is in the news today with founder Maren Kate Donovan securing $2 million in funding from Zappos founder Tony Hsieh and others. We interviewed Maren some time ago for our success stories project. Here is some of that interview again. What was the most difficult challenge your business faced this year? Maren:…


A Startup Weekend Video Starring… Not Macs

Here’s what happens when you do a Startup Weekend at Microsoft.    A little bit about what happened at The Garage.  


The 54 Hour Journey — Startup Weekend Kirkland

Microsoft Technical Evangelist Steve Seow takes us through the 54 hours of glory that go into doing a Startup Weekend and coming out of it with something awesome.  And if no product, at least a bunch of great friends. You can get in touch with Steve on Twitter @SteveSeow. 


Embedding at Stanford: Microsoft Teams Jump Into the Fray at Startup Weekend

Very few things in the Silicon Valley tech scene are more refreshing than observing a group of gung ho, disruption-focused Stanford students waiting to share their idea to a group of 150 of the best and the brightest. But Microsoft was born this way, so, when we sponsored the last Startup Weekend at Stanford, we…


What is the Startup Weekend Global Startup Battle?

Developers have been asking me about what Microsoft BizSpark will do to get more developers and startup people together around the world. Well, it turns out our partners at Startup Weekend have more than we had bargained for. I didn’t know what it was, but I kept seeing this awesome graphic about the Global Startup…


Get Inspired with Startup Weekend Perth’s Team Gainspiration

How do you get inspired? Is inspiration random and accidental? I don’t think that it is. I think that if you can create a structure, or a source, for finding inspiration, you can then expose yourself to a potential inspiration, or inspirations, every day.  At its heart, an inspiration comes from matching a historical occurrence…