Paul Berry and RebelMouse Are Solving the Social Media Fragmented Identity Problem

A good, problem-solving approach to investment and company formation. That’s Paul Berry, former CTO of The Huffington Post, and current CEO of RebelMouse, a social curation tool / platform that makes your social media doings so much more cohesive and manageable.  Microsoft BizSpark, the free software and support program for startups, will be holding a…


Our Daily Facebook Community Feed Generated by Tint

Here’s all the action from today’s Facebook Community discussions at Microsoft BizSpark, brought to you by Tint. Tint, a social media widget


Hey Bro: The Three Startup Pitches That Will Have Investors Screaming for More

After seeing hundreds of startup pitches at startup competitions and Startup Weekend events, I’ve come to realize that there are three types of pitches that almost always win.  When I refer to winning pitches, I am being agnostic to the industry or technology and referring more to how the pitch is actually delivered.  Here are…


Facebook Promoted Posts: A Tool You Need In Your Startup Kit

After the IPO, what will $5 get you in Facebook? Turns out, plenty. After this months rocky but massively important IPO, we are really starting to see changes in how Facebook is trying to monetize their platform.  Many of you have seen an additional button on Facebook posts on your brand page that says “Promote”. …


Three Tips for Building Your Business Reputation Online — Some Recommendations from Brandify

Many executives in the marketing role may be uneasy withthe thought of tying lack of brand messaging control to a great reputation among consumers and audience, but the fact that the social web enables brands to speak to a variety of different consumers – to the individual — means that brand managers have to be…