The One Word You Don’t Use to Describe Your Mission-Driven Company

Here’s the simple story of how a simple app in the Windows Store gained 10,000 users in just a few short weeks. It’s all about not being perfect. This blog post was written by Douglas Crets, Community Manager of The Microsoft BizSpark Program, a community of 50,000+ startup companies and their founders in 154 countries….


Interview with SiSense VP of Marketing Bruno Aziza: On Growth and Gain in Big Data

SiSense is one the newest big data analytics companies you might have heard about recently. Over the past few weeks, the company, a Microsoft BizSpark startup, was elected Top 10 Big Data Startup by CIO Magazine, Top App To Try by Inc. Magazine and was selected Top Innovative Company by the Under The Radar Conference. Their…


E-Commerce Hope for Your Skeptical Parents?

If you are like my parents — in their early sixties and living in a suburban area of a large Nortwestern US state — you refuse to shop online because you don’t have enough confidence in e-commerce. It’s a sad fact that a significant percentage of the population of people who could benefit from shopping…


First Person: Marios Karagiannis, Student Entrepreneur & Windows Phone Developer

What drives a successful start-up?  A lot of things, but it definitely needs a founder (or founders) who are really passionate about what the business is doing.  After all, when times are tough and sleep is scarce, having a strong belief in and love of what you are doing is going to help carry you…


Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure Announces Its New Class for 2013

The new class for Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure just launched. According to Scott Guthrie, a Corporate Vice President in the Microsoft Server and Tools Business, we started the first Azure Accelerator because we wanted to give promising startups full access to Azure, so that they can build and grow. We’re doing it again for the next…


Realty Mogul Closes $500,000 Round from Zillow Board Members and Serial Entrepreneurs

Realty Mogul, an online, equity crowdfunding platform for real estate is going live today and already has its first success story.  AH Capital, a real estate investment company in Los Angeles, raised $110,000 using Realty Mogul’s revolutionary platform for real estate fundraising.  The money was raised while Realty Mogul was in private beta and is…


Dave McClure at Startup Organizer Summit: Start With Many Small Experiments, Fail Fast

If you have not read Dave McClure’s thoughts on the 500 Startups business model, stop now, and go read it. If you are maybe looking for a bit of light reading that explains the whole theory, culture and practice of startups and why he does what he does, instead, go to his slide presentation given…


Bing Fund Welcomes Sonar — First East Coast Team in the Portfolio

Today Bing Fund and Sonar announced that Bing Fund has reached across this great land of ours to invite Sonar into its portfolio of startups. And they made at least part of their announcement via Vine. We think it really may be the first ever press release via Vine.  Sonar and Microsoft actually have a…