There Is No Signal In Your Signal Anymore: Why Startup Marketing Needs a Six Step Social Marketing Methodology

Many of the startups in our 50,000+ membership roll have asked our team for some advice on social media marketing. Many of the founders ask, “How can I get more visibility for my startup?”; “What are some tricks for rapid social media or viral marketing?” Douglas Crets is the Community Manager for Microsoft BizSpark. He…


Our Daily Facebook Community Feed Generated by Tint

Here’s all the action from today’s Facebook Community discussions at Microsoft BizSpark, brought to you by Tint. Tint, a social media widget


Doing Stuff with TechCocktail — Be a Pal, Go to Their Party at SXSW This Year

Many of you have probably heard of the great things that Frank Gruber and Jen Consalvo do with TechCocktail, the rapidly growing entrepreneur evenings that are spreading across the nation. We certainly noticed them. That’s why we recently partnered up with them to be at a few of their events.  Tech Cocktail is a media company…


This Open World MMORPG Is One of BizSpark’s New Gaming Startups in Italy

Meet DiXidiaSoft’s newest creation, Realms of Swordfall, a MMORPG. They are our first online gaming company in Italy.  Right now they host their gaming servers on Azure, as well as some of their internal management tools, but they have not fully launched yet. For now, we will have to wait to play.  According to Siro…


A Coming Flud? With Death of Print a Reality, It’s Time to Get Granular and Social

Andrew Sullivan is right about the death of print. Newsweek print may be a dead beast in the muck – and for the good. What it means for digital, though, is extremely important. Digital media is about delivering people to people, rather than delivering people to a platform where they have to then imagine their…


Join the New York City 500 Startups Demo Day — Streaming Today on BizSpark

The best way to get information that can help your startup is to watch Demo Days like the one we’re running right now on this blog for the 500 Startups Demo Day in New York City.  Too bad we can’t be there right now.  500startups on Broadcast Live Free


Today’s Important Quote: Microsoft Congratulates Soluto for Winning BizSpark Partner of the Year

“Microsoft is pleased to recognize Soluto as its BizSpark Partner of the Year,” said Mark Relph, senior director, strategic and emerging business, Microsoft. “As one of the largest users of Windows Azure in the BizSpark community, Soluto is focused on helping small businesses better manage their desktop system and offering their service on a global…


Rockstart Accelerator Demo Day, Startups Pitch to Over 300 Investors

The Demo Day is the sweaty palms and bust your gut finale that many startup founders and developer teams have grown accustomed to looking forward to.  It’s like a mini-graduation, only in this case, you are only a handshake and some term sheets away from getting your business funded, which is a whole hell of…