BizSpark Member Zirtual Raises $2 Million from Tony Hsieh and Others To Ramp Up Virtual Assistants

BizSpark member Zirtual is in the news today with founder Maren Kate Donovan securing $2 million in funding from Zappos founder Tony Hsieh and others. We interviewed Maren some time ago for our success stories project. Here is some of that interview again. What was the most difficult challenge your business faced this year? Maren:…


SoundCloud: A Community Manager’s Perspective

We asked two members of the SoundCloud team to talk to us about product development and management of the platform in the context of culture and community. This is the second in that series of interviews. The first was with Matas Petrikas, a Product Manager for HTML5 apps. Here is Jami Welch, Community Manager, SoundCloud….


SoundCloud: A Project Manager’s Perspective

When I was in Berlin two weeks ago, I wanted to know how SoundCloud, the massively popular sound collaboration platform, managed its product development cycle. So, I asked Matas Petrikas, a product manager for html5 apps, some questions about his work. Here is the result: Interview with Matas Petrikas, product manager for html5 apps at…


SoundCloud: At the Intersection of Community, Product and Design

Soundcloud, the popular music-sharing platform, integrates community development with product development. This is something every startup in the web ecosystem — mobile or browser-based — should be thinking about. For many startups working in the developing markets, there is not a ready and web-hungry audience, so you have to think about creating the culture to…


In China, Building a Startup: PengFei Chen of Atom, Based at Microsoft Asia Pacific R&D HQ

This is our first interview with one of the participants of one of Microsoft’s international accelerators, which is officially called the Microsoft Asia Pacific R&D HQ. We talk with PengFei Chen of Atom, an Azure-based solution that offers corporate services to companies via the cloud.  We asked Chen, who was the CEO of MySpace China,…